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Netease koala wants to sell cross-border e-commerce, why should Xiaomi have a product?

However, Xiaomi has a firm stance on the road of “selection”. Compared with the “rural encircling the city”, Xiaomi has products in mature online shopping users, which strives for higher unit price and higher consumption level. Quality users. It is worth noting that Xiaomi has become the platform of choice for some smart hardware manufacturers to release new products. According to the introduction of Xiaomi’s products, some new products have.. Read More

AirPower, which Apple did not create, was implemented by third-party vendors.

In March of this year, Apple announced the cancellation of AirPower, a wireless charging device that has not been produced for a long time. It can be said that it was the first to die. However, Apple did not make it. Instead, some third-party accessory manufacturers learned the structural characteristics of this charging board and applied it to their own products. Recently, Zens from the Netherlands announced a new The.. Read More

The more live the live delivery, the closer the spring of the factory e-commerce?

The competitive nature of the second half of the e-commerce platform is the competition between supply chain aging and supply chain barriers. After the 618 E-Commerce Festival, many star nets, red rushing, Taobao live sales, driving the consumption boom, in the just-concluded Suning 818 shopping festival, Suning and the fast-handed collection of the top ten net red live delivery, the battle is still not Vulgar: After the rush at 18.. Read More

Why don’t consumers love to buy clothes?

Never change is that consumers will not hesitate to always “know” their products to pay Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “ LADYMAX” (ID: lmfashionnews), author | Drizzie. On the one hand, the consumerism boom of “buy and buy”, on the other hand, many consumers find that although fashion is more and more integrated into the modern lifestyle, people do not seem to love to buy.. Read More

28.3 billion, the Americans hunted the bottom of the United Kingdom, bought “Little Pig Page”

Who bought the “Pigpe”, which has been around the world. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “British Investor” (ID: buylondon) by Elaine. “Pigpe”, a global fire, was bought by Americans. On August 23, 2019, the listing company EntertainmentOne (hereinafter referred to as eOne) announced that the US toy giant Hasbro will spend 3.3 billion pounds < /strong>(About$28.3 billionRMB) to acquire all shares of eOne, the parent company.. Read More

This 95-year-old love is really clear.

From multiple reports, disassemble the data of single dimensions, mate selection, escaping, and love spending. “Weekend Play” is a weekend section on Internet big data. We will present the secret behind the data in a relaxed, easy-to-read and interesting way, and provide consumer guidance for Internet culture consumers. And social currency. The first issue, we focus on the love concept of young people. From the multiple reports, disassemble the data.. Read More

How do animations come out of France?

See the performance of Japanese cartoons in the French animation market from four media outlets: TV, film, disc and internet. Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “ three entertainment ” (ID: hi3wyu), of Wind. Recently, the term “animation goes out to sea” has been receiving much attention. Previously, Sanwen Entertainment made a summary of the situation of Japanese cartoons going to the UK (Review: “Japanese Animation in.. Read More

Frontline | Aiming at map traffic, WeChat Jiugongge new travel service entrance

Tencent is not willing to fall. WeChat’s Jiugongge entrance is getting bigger and bigger, and WeChat’s ambition to develop into the operating system has become more and more clear. Recently found that WeChat pays Jiugongge to add “travel service” entrance. After clicking, it will jump to “Tencent Travel Service” applet. According to Tencent Cloud and Smart Industry Group, the entrance is Tencent Smart Travel for C The one-stop integrated travel.. Read More

See how to solve the world’s marine plastic problem from a small island in Scotland

In the past 10 years, reports on the scale of world marine plastic pollution are common, and the amount of plastic entering the ocean each year is estimated to be between 8 million and 12 million tons. But in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, there is a small treeless island where recycling plastics is A lifestyle for locals. The plastic on the beach will be used by them to make.. Read More