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The latest advances in artificial intelligence: more serious than unemployment?

This article is from the public number:L Mr. said (ID:lxianshengmiao), author: Lachel, title figure from pixabay Liu Cixin has a short story called “Mirror” that tells a story: A software engineer at the Weather Bureau accidentally developed a simulation software using a superstring computer to simulate the process of a universe from birth to evolution. He experimented with more than a thousand universes, and finally, one night, inadvertently discovered a.. Read More

Unlocking the top four films of You Teng Mang, predicting the three major trends of the drama next year

The drama is broadcasted in a single series, and the multi-content is fully blossomed. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat The public number “Entertainment Business Watch” (ID: wenyushangyeguancha), text | Amu, is authorized to publish. In the recent past, Aiyou Tengman’s four major video websites have successively held investment promotion conferences, and a large number of heavy online drama network and other resources have also surfaced. Overview of the.. Read More

GitHub startup code permanently saves the program for at least a thousand years

The GitHub Archive Program protects open source software code for at least 1000 years by continuously storing multiple copies across various data formats and locations. Editor’s note: This article from “InfoQ” (WeChat public No. ID: infoqchina) , author: Zhao Yu Ying. The GitHub Annual Developer Conference GitHub Universe 2019 was officially launched. At the summit, GitHub announced a permanent code-saving program, the GitHub Archive Program, to protect open source software.. Read More

How to treat the loan business rationally?

This articleFrom the public number:Learning the economy (ID: KANDONGJINGJI), title map from : Vision China For the current hot issue, YinbaoThe heads of various departments of the Supervisory Committee responded one by one at the briefing held on the 12th. The chief risk officer of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the spokesperson, and the director of the office, Xiao Yuanqi, said at a recent meeting of the China Insurance Regulatory.. Read More

One and a half years of GDPR: achievements, controversy and enlightenment

This article is from WeChat public account:Economic Observer Observer (ID: eeoobserver), author: Liu Zichuan, from FIG title: Oriental IC The practice of a year and a half shows that GDPR is not just a set of conceptual principles, it is not an empty promise, but a practical tool to ensure the rights of citizens to protect data The Internet economy is subverting traditional business models and business thinking, and data.. Read More

Local new drugs achieve zero breakthrough in the sea: the first self-developed anti-cancer drug FDA approved

Baekje Shenzhou’s independent research and development of BTK inhibitor Zebutinib was approved by the FDA. In recent years, it has been a blowout period for new anticancer drugs. From 2014 to 2018, the FDA approved a total of 57 new anti-cancer drugs, covering 23 cancers and 89 indications. But unfortunately, none of them is developed in China. Now, this record is over. Hong Kong stock listed company on November 15,.. Read More

Apple executives talk about the new MacBook Pro, the original new keyboard is like this.

After the butterfly keyboard was squandered by some users, Apple introduced a new keyboard design based on the structure of the scissors. Editor’s note: This article is from Love Faner, the author is cold thinking. If a person doesn’t like a Windows laptop, then his reasons are mostly varied. The touchpad does not work, the system is not stable enough, the durability is not enough, and so on. But the.. Read More

Dong Mingzhu’s chip dream: Zeng Haoyan wants to spend 50 billion now depends on Sanan Optoelectronics

Can Gree core success? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Baker Street Prosecutor”(ID:bkjtag), author Chen Yimu, this article is the first to launch Tencent Technology. Ordinary netizens are busy with the Double 11 Shopping Festival, and Dong Mingzhu is busy spending a lot of money on a “shopping addiction”. Sanan Optoelectronics, one of the domestic semiconductor industry giants, announced in a double 11 night that it will.. Read More

Chinese cash loan fled Vietnam

It is capital nature to seek advantage and avoid disadvantages. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “A bear has something to say” (ID: Axiong19831983), author author: A bear, Thunder veterans. Mixed Vietnamese street (A Xiong photo) For many people, Vietnam is especially like China in the 1990s, a paradise for gold diggers and adventurers. In my opinion, the Vietnamese also have the characteristics of the Chinese in.. Read More

Southeast Asia’s “Double Eleven” game is uplifting. Who is the Thai e-commerce market?

11.11 The Global Shopping Festival plays an important role in accelerating the development of e-commerce in Thailand. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “7:5 degrees” (ID: Asia7_5), author 7:5 degrees. Next you will see: How big is the e-commerce market in Thailand Which players are participating? Problems and developments in Thai e-commerce “Double Eleven” is finally here! The creation of a “consumer day” by Alibaba’s “out of.. Read More