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The golden age of the unicorn is over? When will the next wave of Uber and WeWork arrive?

The era of unicorns is over? After the listing of Uber and Lyft, the global unicorn wave oscillated with the fall of the two stock prices, and then fell directly into the bubble on the beach after WeWork’s valuation was “two fold”. Industry sources said that there are still 413 unicorn companies with a valuation of more than $1 billion, including some popular companies such as Airbnb and SpaceX. Although.. Read More

Ten years of consumption: an accelerated shopping cart

This article is from the public number:Finance (ID: caijwj) author: Finance loudly Jun, from the title figure: Oriental IC In May 1986, the weather in Beijing was just beginning to heat up, and there were no dust storms and smog. That year, a young man was dressed in a long squat – and some said it was a farmer in northern Shaanxi.The head of the line – two trousers, one.. Read More

“I am in Israel, I am safe”

This article is from the public number:Nine Lines (ID: jiuxing_neweekly), author: old artist, title figure from: Oriental IC Before going to Israel, the people who talked to me most about it were “pay attention to safety.” mentionIsrael, the words we can quickly associate with are probably the high-frequency words that appear in the history books and TV news, such as the “Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” “Middle East war,” and “the Gaza Strip.”.. Read More

They are too difficult

This year, the opening remarks of how many conversations are this. There are not many days left in 2019, ordinary employees no longer look forward to year-end awards, and literary and art employees no longer look forward to the beginning of the year. Yes, the staff are still hesitating to go through the year to go. Bosses, it’s even harder. Sorry, I want to change the word again and again.. Read More

The horror movie dies: Say good to be abused, but sleep peacefully on the field

This article is from the public number:Entertainment Hard Candy (ID: yuleyingtang) author: Xie Minghong, original title “ horror movie history demise “, the title map is from the movie “Sparkling” The slogan of “The Clown’s Return to the Soul 2” undoubtedly symbolizes the obstruction of the resurgence of the old-fashioned horror film. After seeing several small partners grow up, they are still fighting the fear with the method of “collecting.. Read More

Papi sauce work day naked: you see free and easy, I only feel cruel

When Jiang Fangzhou gave a speech, he would encourage young people to try more mistakes, but now they dare not say such a thing. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “Slot value” (ID: caozhi163), the author talks about the president. What reason have you heard of your resignation? Thousands of money are far from home, I don’t know how to lead my colleagues, and the world wants.. Read More

Feng Lun: Liu Chuanzhi’s “Bachelor’s Heart Law”

It is also your responsibility to not participate in this matter. If I promise you, I can’t go, you still feel that it is a thing, but it is not good for you. I will pay attention to you. If there is a chance in the future, it is ok to communicate in individual time, but I will not formally participate in your organization. After this, there are one or.. Read More

The way the ancients make hot springs is more wild than you think.

This article is from the public number:China Science Expo (ID: kepubolan) author: Jing Bo, thematic map from: Oriental IC When did humans start to take hot springs, probably no one can answer clearly, the only certainty is that this kind of high-quality heat source, human beings will not miss it if they encounter it, after all, even monkeys

Drucker: I have 7 experiences to share with you about life.

Commemorating the “father of modern management” Peter Drucker. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Common sense of management” (ID: Guanlidechangshi), author Peter Drucker. November 11 is the festival of Mr. Peter Drucker, the “father of modern management.” Recalling the life of this master of management, he has written a column for the Wall Street Journal for 20 consecutive years and published 38 articles in the Harvard Business.. Read More

I am the one who bought nothing in double eleven.

This article is from the public number:Epoch Story Gallery (ID:epochstory2017) author: Chen mochi, title figure from: Oriental IC 欲欲 She said that “because I don’t have money to live double eleven”, it is more real than many others. Auntie lived in a boudoir in Hong Kong. It’s really a good pigeon cage. It’s difficult to turn around, but it’s still stuffed with stuff. She describes herself as “the sky is.. Read More