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New Energy Subsidy World Map: Once the sea was difficult for water, except that the subsidy is not a cloud?

Curved overtaking refers not only to industrial technology, but also requires advanced and reasonable policy synchronization to get twice the result with half the effort. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “autocarweekly” (ID :autocarweekly), author Wardrobe. A few days ago, foreign media reported that the German government plans to increase the existing electric vehicle subsidy by 50% and the subsidy ceiling to 6,000 euros per vehicle.. Read More

Yu Zhenghe’s “law of survival”

An independent screenwriter. The style of Yu Zheng in the early years is still not obvious. The works are both “I Love Hedong Lion”-style light comedy, and there are also martial arts drama IP adaptations like “Chu Liuxiang Legend”. Until 2010, Yu Zheng Studio produced It is “beauty plan” of the screenwriter. After the show was released in 2011, the show quickly won the top ratings of Beijing, Anhui and.. Read More

Is the culprit of the 737 Max accident a software design issue?

Redundancy is by no means superfluous. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: The Boeing 737 Max has shocked the world with two major crashes in a year. It seems that the flight time of the aircraft has not been determined after so long. Recently, the New York.. Read More

Social after 00: interest, hormones, secrets with friends

This article is from the public number: racing with silicon (ID: sv_race) , author: Lexie , title map from: Visual China The desire for social is the code written in our genes. This year is called the Year of Social Products, and countless entrepreneurs have followed suit to pursue the dream of a new generation of social networks. There are more than 50 social softwares in the year, but only

How can we make advertisements more special and decent?

The title map is from the “Mad Men” stills. This article is from WeChat public account:Yang is not bad (ID: yangbuhuai01), the original title “Advertising, Scene Customization” The situation in this area is not very good this year. Marketing is getting harder and harder, budget is also tight, and the pressure on commercialization of major platforms is very high. The advertising revenue from the media is also falling. In short,.. Read More

Peugeot, Jeep, Maserati become a family? The world’s fourth largest automaker is about to be born

This article is from the public number:2030 Travel Lab (ID: PHD2030MRL), author: San Antonio small mason, mechanical engineering graduate student at Buffalo State University of New York in reading. Main research areas: dynamics, control and mechatronics. The title map is from: Visual China, original title: “Magic Realism – FCA & PSA AllianceCome to guess” From May 27, 2019, FCA CEO McCain’s letter on “FCA and Renault Automotive Group will merge”.. Read More

The most tired consumer of Double 11 is the star-fighting girl who gave KPI a complete KPI.

The artist “fan economy” has become a new growth point in the eyes of merchants and e-commerce platforms. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “FUNJI melon base (ID: FUNJIdata), author FUNJI planted melon base. When advertising and pre-sales can’t fully stimulate consumption, how can a business’s full goal be achieved? As a result, the artist “fan economy” has become a new growth point in the eyes of.. Read More

In-depth information | New report: Mergers and acquisitions in the auto parts industry are strong, totaling $44 billion

According to PwC’s “Deep Integration of the Global Auto Parts Industry” report, it is estimated that the total global auto parts M&A transaction will reach US$44 billion in 2019. Text|Daily Business Highlights New report: Mergers and acquisitions in the auto parts industry are strong, totaling $44 billion The global auto parts industry M&A transaction activity continues its strong upward trend. PwC’s “Global Automotive Parts Industry Deep Integration” report states that.. Read More

The front line | iOS14 concept design exposure, iPhone12 is also on the way

“iPhone12 + iOS14” combination, will you pay the bill? The background disappears, the program flashes back, and the battery life collapses… Bug13 is definitely not a name. The BUG of iOS13 is still going out there, and the concept video of iOS14 has been exposed. Recently, the Hacker 34 released a video called “Meet iOS 14 Concept” on YouTube that shows a lot of new features that users have been.. Read More

Samsung Galaxy M30s experience: 1599 yuan, in addition to the 6000mAh big battery?

Samsung, the world’s No. 1 smartphone market share, launched its Galaxy M entry series at the beginning of this year due to the triumph of its competitors in order to maintain market share and hope to have more in more markets. Bright performance. However, half a year has passed, according to Strategy Analytics data, Samsung The market share in mainland China is still hovering around 1%, and it doesn’t look.. Read More