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How did LeBron James recover from the rest?

Rest is not only the source of restoring physical strength, but also the source of restoring mental power. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on science, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. . Editor’s note: The development of technology should have been liberating people, so that we can have more leisure time to rest, recharge and store,.. Read More

Where should the surveillance camera at home be placed? Panasonic calls you to stuff it into the floor lamp

Now, many people will put a surveillance camera at home. ▲ Sony monitoring device SNC-VB770, but you should not use this There are some to meet their security needs. Travelers who have been in the field for a long time can see the situation at home through the Internet. Some people also have pets at home, so installing a camera can also help them to see what these little animals.. Read More

Frontline | Some Macbook batteries have a fire hazard and are forbidden to take the plane

The last one to receive such treatment is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In June, Apple announced a recall plan for some 15-inch MacBook Pro computers because battery failure could cause a fire. The recall has now caught the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA said in a statement that the authorities have noticed Apple’s battery recall plan for some MacBook Pro computers and issued a warning.. Read More

Less than 10 months after its establishment, the company’s digital platform for procurement, Shangyue, completed the second round of RMB 58 million financing.

Yuanhao Capital led the investment, holding a capital, Huiyou Capital and Ginkgo Valley Capital, Saiyi Investment, Fengrui Capital, Dingju Investment and other old shareholders and investment. It has been learned recently that the enterprise digital procurement platform solution provider “Shangyue” has completed the RMB 58 million Pre-A round of financing. This round of investment was led by Yuanhao Capital, and one capital, Huiyou Capital and investment were simultaneously Ginkgo Valley.. Read More

When will cloud games become mainstream? Here is an answer from Touch Technology CEO Chen Yuzhi.

Future super content is also a trend. In the future, a cloud game product can support a listed entity and support the market value of tens of billions of dollars. Editor’s note: Because of the arrival of 5G, cloud games have become a hot topic. When cloud games will become mainstream, it has become a concern of many people. Regarding this issue, Chen Zhizhi, CEO of Beijing Touch Technology Co.,.. Read More

First-time | Big data service provider “Fully Technology” has received nearly 100 million yuan of Pre-B round of financing, focusing on the development of secure multi-party computing platform

Big Data Service Provider was informed that “Fully Technology” recently received nearly RMB 100 million in Pre-B round financing, and Datai Capital and Hongyun Venture Capital fund led investment, some old Shareholders and investment. Zhang Weiqi, founder and CEO, said that this round of financing will be mainly used for team building and research and development focused on secure multi-party computing platform(sMPC). Reported on Rich Technology. Rich Digital Technology was.. Read More

“I am 25 years old, and the shoes are filled into millions of dollars a month.” Is it a fresh air or a cut amaranth?

The shoe loop is risky and requires caution when entering the market. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Operation Research Society” (ID: U_quan), author of the Routine Editor. A pair How expensive is the shoe? At present, the most expensive shoe in the world is Air Yeezy2 (Red October), which is sold online for $17 million. How much can the price of sneakers go up? In 2017,.. Read More

Operating 1w+ WeChat Group, “School Fighting Insurance” provides insurance consulting and diagnostic services for middle-class families

Insurance protection is the foundation for the family to establish a pyramid of asset allocation. Since last year, the financial industry has been bleak, and de-leveraging has led to asset blasting. The game of funds and drums can not continue. In contrast, the development of the insurance industry seems to be unique. On the one hand, the people’s awareness of risk aversion has indeed improved, and the perception of “insurance.. Read More

Alipay receives 2 yuan living contribution red envelope Beiyin activity scan code 2 yuan payment red envelope

Alipay scan code directly to receive 2 yuan living payment red envelope Red envelope in the card package – card coupons to view the use, the actual measurement can be 0 yuan paid 2 yuan electricity bill. Only Alipay real-name users participate in the event until the end of 2011.18.18 Event address: Alipay scan code                                  

People in the workplace, to deal with the risk of “fired squid”

The key to being fired is not terrible. The key is to learn from it. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: People in the workplace, whether objective or subjective, may end up being dismissed. After unemployment, some people choose to fall, some choose to be discouraged, others.. Read More