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From assisted diagnosis to full-cycle solutions, “Thinking Technology” and “Toughening” Lung Cancer Results

In the matter of treating lung cancer, it is assumed that technology is more “real” than any enterprise. At present, lung cancer is still the most common and deadly among all cancers in worldwide. The data shows that about 1.8 million new cases of lung cancer worldwide each year, accounting for 13% of all new cancer cases worldwide; about 1.6 million per year People die of lung cancer, accounting for.. Read More

First launch | Black Ma Lanfeng million yuan investment, “True Fruit Technology” to provide digital financial solutions for enterprises

Hand over the business of industrial finance to industrial institutions and hand over innovative business to technology companies. Recently, it was learned that “True Fruit Technology” was at the beginning of this year. Acquired a million-yuan investment invested by the Black Horse Blue Maple Fund. True Fruit Technology was formerly known as Medical Chain Technology. This round of investment is also the third round of investment by Black Horse Blue.. Read More

Traffic star’s rout and restlessness

Say good to use electricity to generate electricity? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Communication gymnastics” (ID:chuanboticao ), author Zheng Zhuoran. The collapse of the word-of-mouth of “Shanghai Fortress” reflects the failure of the current film and television marketing routine. On August 9th, the second episode of the Chinese science fiction “Shanghai Fortress”, which was highly anticipated by netizens, was officially released. What makes people stunned is.. Read More

“Sexual invasion” for one year, Liu Qiangdong was robbed

After surrendering the Q2 transcript, Liu Qiangdong finally breathed a sigh of relief. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “AI Blue Media Exchange” (ID:lanmeih001)< /a>, author Wei Xiaohan Xiao Huang. After surrendering the Q2 transcript, Liu Qiangdong, who has been tight for a year, can finally relax. Just in the second quarter of 2019, the Jingdong Group released its revenues in excess of market expectations. The stock.. Read More

Focus analysis, mergers and acquisitions or shareholdings? Ali’s ambition to win koala can’t be hidden.

Ali looked at the koala, and the market pattern of Haitao was changed. Ding Lei’s idea of ​​recreating a NetEase with e-commerce will be difficult to achieve. According to many sources close to Netease, Ali will take Netease Koala (hereinafter referred to as koala) in the form of shares or mergers and acquisitions. Another Netease person said that Ali has entered the koala for due diligence. If the negotiation is.. Read More

The market value of the Silicon Valley giant is 100 billion, and the technology bubble is going to break? How should entrepreneurs spend the winter?

Four strokes teach entrepreneurs how to build walls and build food. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Silicon Valley Insight” (ID: guigudiyixian ), author LakeDai & Silicon Valley Insight. Will the winter come? If so, how should entrepreneurs spend? On the 5th of this month, the US stock market can be called a “black day”:   Not only has it suffered the biggest decline since 2019, but.. Read More

The historic rise of Chinese mobile phones: the strategic evolution from the edge to the future center

Building capacity, hitting the center, and finding the edge has become the strategic consensus of Chinese mobile phone brands. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Tencent Deep Network” (ID: qqshenwang), author Zhou Shujian Christoph Loch, editor Kang Xiao. Ten years, China’s mobile phone companies from weak to global leadership, what is the profound logic behind its historic rise? Tencent’s “Deep Network” has exclusive cooperation with business strategy.. Read More

Fashion magazines meet small programs, who can buy and buy in the electronic magazines that can be completed in a week.

How long does a magazine go out? There are ten years of far-reaching publications. The speed of the publication of the ten-year period is completely “Buddha”, and the evolution of the content also has the mark of the times. There is a weekly semi-annual publication, and the fast-changing content records our current life, art and culture. Fashion Bazaar’s e-newsletter is more flexible, although there are also publications and release dates,.. Read More

What is the meaning of Huawei’s “fast service” in one article?

Whether at home or on the go, on the road, in the office… all kinds of life scenes provide a seamless and intelligent life experience, which can be provided through our products and services. On August 8th, at the Huawei Developers Conference, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong mentioned the “smart life experience” in his keynote speech, and officially released his own operating system, the operating system. However, within the.. Read More