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Luxury e-commerce dilemma: Who is the next one to fall?

Luxury electricity business to the forks Whether luxury goods and e-commerce are in sync? Will the vertical e-commerce be the sunset? This is a topic that many insiders explore. A few days ago,, which focuses on the luxury goods field, suddenly announced “closed Zhang”. Many media began to notice the pre-existing privilege network, the product network, the Jiapin network, and the temple network that is still under low-key operation… Read More

There is no surplus of food for the winter, the new car can only be a dead life.

The car market is sluggish, and the “cold winter” that began in the second half of last year has not yet recovered significantly. On the one hand, the economic downturn and the cost of car use remain high, and consumers’ desire to buy cars is declining. On the other hand, many people in the early years bought cars in advance because of the policy dividend (half the purchase tax below.. Read More

Sea Daily | Singapore shared bicycle company SG Bike takes over the Mobility bicycle license; BIGO launches the to B solution “live as a service”

As well, Microsoft and India’s Reliance Industries subsidiary will cooperate in areas such as cloud computing; Singapore’s cross-border payment company Instarem will be IPO in 2022; Shun Capital and other institutions will lead India’s network of motorcycle startup company Rapido 50 million US dollars < H3>Southeast Asia Indonesia used car trading platform BeliMobilGue announced the appointment of former OVO wallet director Johnny Widodo as the new CEO. At the same.. Read More

Dajiang Lingbi mobile phone PTZ 3 evaluation: the price of 699 yuan, the best choice in the same kind of products

Dajiang has introduced new equipment to the vlog entry group. This time it is a new mobile phone accessory. On the evening of August 13, Dajiang released the third generation OSMO Mobile Lingbi mobile phone PTZ 3. This mobile phone stabilizer adopts a foldable and easy-to-storage design, which has not only been modified in appearance but also upgraded. Intelligent follow-up, motion mode, motion delay and many other functions. OSMO Mobile.. Read More

Indian fresh groceries in the eyes of a Chinese investor

What areas of India have opportunities? Why is there a chance? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “墨腾创投” (ID: MomentumWorks)< /a>, the author Yu Fei, Liu Wei. I went to India for the first time last summer, and it has been almost a year since now. In this year, I have thought a lot from the perspective of going to the specific field: What areas have opportunities?.. Read More

Dajiang new drone exposure, Mavic mini will be released tonight?

August 10th, Photo Information Blog PhotoRumors Exposed a model photo of a group of new UAVs in Xinjiang. This developing drone looks a bit like the Mavic series, most likely a small Mavic new product. PhotoRumors (PR) called this new machine Mavic mini, and attached Dajiang official Publish the link. But from the video showing the preview exposure, Dajiang’s video does not have much elements related to flight, aerial photography.. Read More

Harvard Business School Professor: How do you measure your life?

Choosing a career and succeeding is just a tool for achieving your goals in life. But if there is no goal, life will be empty and boring. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Changjiang Business School” (ID:Weixin_CKGSB), content selected from edited by Harvard Business Review, published by CITIC Publishing House “Management Masters Classic” series, written by Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School. Developing a life strategy.. Read More

Why don’t you go out for an interview even if you don’t change jobs?

The company has recently been recruiting designers. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Zhilian recruitment HR guild” (ID: clubhr)< / a>, author: Zhang and two II. 01 The company has recently been recruiting designers. A candidate came last week. After the interview, I communicated with the employer department. I feel that the candidates are good in all aspects and can give him an offer. But when the.. Read More

“Which” is the highest animated film in the Asian box office. When will domestic animations sail to the sea?

Behind the “champion”, Chinese animation still has a long way to go. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “drugs” (ID: youhaoxifilm ), author Chen Wei, Jiang Yuqi, editor Yi Dong. As of August 12th, the “Golden Boys of the World” (hereinafter referred to as “Where”) has exceeded 3.6 billion yuan, ranking fifth in the mainland box office list, from the front of the “Red Sea” Action (36.5.. Read More