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E-cigarettes and artificial meat, why the “addiction” innovation in the tuyere is different

The greater the social controversy, the faster the evolution of the business model? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “two said” (ID: chongershuo ), the author said. This year, the venture capital circle has gone down. The primary market is very cool. In the first half of the year, there were 2,787 financings, which is only equivalent to the level of 2014. Many founders have seen 3-digit.. Read More

“New Oxygen 2019 Medical Aesthetics White Paper”: “Millions of Doctors” created an average of 2.03 million, and doctors and doctors became popular occupations.

“After 80, spray Shenxian Shui, 90 after hydration light needle” On August 7, 2019, the “New Oxygen 2019 Medical Aesthetics White Paper” was released in Beijing. In the past five years, the New Oxygen Big Data Research Institute’s annual “New Oxygen and Medical Industry White Paper” based on platform consumption data has continuously recorded the great changes after the Internetization of China’s medical and beauty industry, and hopes to provide.. Read More

Daily New Registration Company Collection (2019.08.07) | Future Think Tank

Mining the latest companies in the primary market The registration of each new company may mean the beginning of a great entrepreneurial story, or it may mean the beginning of a high-return investment. In order to give readers more time-sensitive access to the most current entrepreneurial information and provide more evidence for business decisions, future think tanks are also trying to monitor business information and select new ones that may.. Read More

Focus Analysis | Facebook currency to survive, but dug a regulatory pit

Facebook’s involvement in digital currency may be just for transformation, but it has created a big problem for global central banks. Facebook is struggling in a difficult situation. It has just escaped: the Cambridge data analysis incident in early 2018 almost caused it to be split. In early July, the leak scandal came to an end with a US$5 billion fine from the US Federal Trade Commission. But in the.. Read More