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How to choose wireless noise reduction headphones? Here is the most comprehensive purchase plan

How to choose noise canceling headphones? This is a problem that disturbs people like noise: What form of noise-cancelling headphones to buy, choose to wear, hang shoulders or true wireless? Which form is more comfortable to wear and which one to use There are several types of noise reduction modes, which are active noise reduction and digital noise reduction; Whether the headphone noise reduction will affect stability, there will be.. Read More

B station score 9.7, explore the barbecue life behind “Life in a string”

Every night the neon lights up and he sells barbecues under the two characters “Art”. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Hedgehog Commune” (ID: ciweigongshe), author Zhao Siqiang, editor Shi Can. Authorized to reprint. B station score 9.7, playing more than 53 million. At 8 o’clock last night, the last episode of “The Strings of Life” was put on line B at the B station. So far,.. Read More

Samsung Note10 series released: one big one is just right, there is a new computer

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 has become smaller. This article, which promoted the concept of “big screen mobile phone” to the ultimate product line, made concessions on the screen size for the first time. There is a big Samsung Galaxy Note10+. In a sense, this is what we think Note10 should look like. Samsung opened the curtain of the new product launch with a large and a small mobile phone. Samsung.. Read More