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Chip avoidance guide in the era of science and technology

The science and technology board guides long-term capital to technological innovation, which is a key point for China to enter the technology dividend turning period. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “CV Intelligence” (ID: CVAI2019), author Yang Jianwei, editor Zhang Lijuan. Things are rare. The chip semiconductor industry, the capital market in China is such a “rare” existence. In Zhejiang, there are some private enterprises that.. Read More

Please pay attention to learning and creation, don’t always be distracted by entertainment

When you are alive, you should learn more about creation. Don’t always think about living and recreation. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Today, we are in an era of attention economy, which is also an era of attention scarcity. In this context, it is especially important.. Read More

Lu Qi: I have an important lesson when I bring Skype.

How to discover the track of the “cloud and mobile era” that you are in today, as well as your past experiences and lessons. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “YCombinator startup incubator” (ID: YCCN-startups). This is the sixth article by Dr. Lu Qi on the “Technology Driven Entrepreneurship Opportunities” speech. (Click here to first, Second, third article,< a data- href = "" target ="_blank">Fourth, fifth???? can.. Read More

New iPhone will be equipped with screen fingerprint recognition, Qualcomm is the best supplier

After forecasting the iPhones in 2019 and 2020, Guo Minghao released againReport, it is predicted that Apple will adopt screen fingerprinting on the 2021 iPhone. The more eye-catching thing is that after adding the screen fingerprint, Apple will continue to save the Face ID. Configuration. In other words, in addition to being able to “fingerprint” to unlock the phone, the user can continue to use the ultra-fast “brush face” recognition… Read More

In the second half, how does the Internet deeply fill the pit industry?

Methodology for Industry Convergence of the Internet Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Old lining (ID: fengqitalk), the author is old. 01 The “Internet Spring” of the Industrial Internet The biggest difference between Internet companies and traditional enterprises may be the speed of development. From start-up to listing, they have been fighting for 34 months, interesting headlines for 27 months, and Ruixing coffee for 17 months. Such.. Read More

E-commerce, content, finance…India’s popular track in the eyes of entrepreneurs & investors

Going to the sea (ID:wow36krchuhai) participated in the event as a top cooperation media. Organization: Deng Yunwei, Kong Lingchen, Wei Pei Lin, Huang Yumeng, Zhao Xiaochun On July 28th, the India/Southeast Asia Investment Summit co-sponsored by Fosun Ruizheng Capital and Yinxing Capital was held in Guangzhou. As one of the GMIC sub-meetings hosted by the Great Wall, the summit attracted top investors and celebrity start-ups from China, India and Southeast.. Read More

RPA: Two stories and the battle for China

Why does RPA represent an irreversible trend? Author | Funeral Court 伶 Figure | Unsplash RPA has caught the attention of the global venture capital industry, probably due to UiPath’s post-investment valuation of $7 billion in just two years. In 2018, UiPath handed over a beautiful transcript of $200 million in annual revenue, according to Consultation company Gartner released data in July this year, the entire RPA market revenue in.. Read More