He was too young at the time, and the gifts he didn’t know about fate were secretly priced.

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For media professionals, “Actors, Please Be Here” can be called a topic selectionDabao library.

If you want to criticize it, you can criticize Guo Jingming. If you want to be nostalgic, there is always an older actor for you.

The appearance of Cao Jun a few days ago caused a little discussion.

At the age of 32, he is ranked first in the market rating among all 40 actors.

In the comment section of the director, we can also see from Cao Jun’s nervous look that he has indeed been far away from the mainstream for a long time, and even his self-confidence is very low.

The sad reminder is that now many people remember him, the first label is: Lan Yingying’s ex-boyfriend.

The cool father and son in “New Shaolin Five Ancestors”

Like Cao Jun, after they grew up, even after adolescence, they quickly obliterated everyone, passing by like meteors, never realizing their talents.

Shi Xiaolong had few influential works after “Young Bao Qingtian”, and Hao Shaowen almost completely faded out, except for the supporting role in “The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years”, which made people exclaimed, “How cute was that? “It’s like this now”. Besides, I can only get mixed up in the Internet University.

As for Xie Miao, he can only play some unrecognizable roles in some TV series.

Xie Miao in “Master of Bagua”

1. Why did the child star fall?

In order to find the answer to the fall of child stars, we might as well take a long look and look at the fate of child stars in history and abroad.

Not long after the birth of film art, some small actors appeared on the big screen because of the needs of the film.

The first-generation child star was Jack Coogan in Chaplin’s movie “Finding Children and Encountering Fairy”. He completed his film debut when he was 18 months old and was electrocuted in “Liar’s Baby”. At that time, he starred in Chaplin’s first feature film “Searching for Children and Meeting Immortals” and became a hot child star at that time.

The 1930sZhong Zhu Shimao said: Making movies is also revolutionary work, how can you think of becoming famous?

After the reform and opening up, the People’s Daily officially recognized the first child star-Sun Good Star.

Even if you don’t know who she is, you must have heard the following singing:

“La la la ah plant the sun, la la la ah plant the sun”

“Ahahaha, ahBlack Cat Sheriff”

“No floral fragrance, no There are trees tall, I am a grass that no one knows” ——

The singers of the above “Plant the Sun”, “Black Cat Sheriff” theme song, and “Little Grass” are all Sun Jiaxing.

In addition, she has sung masterpieces such as “Flower Fairy”, “Jigong Living Buddha”, “The Smurfs Song of “Little Swallow” “Looking for Dad” “Little Red Riding Hood” “Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck” “Labor “The Most Glory” and so on, it has arranged a whole generation of elementary school music lessons and various themes of animation time.

When she was 11 years old, she released a solo album. She was the first and only teenager in my country to be included in the “Chinese and Foreign Popular Songs Appreciation Dictionary”.

Now carefully analyze, “Planting the Sun”

is a disaster film song about global warming

However, no matter ancient, modern, Chinese or foreign, these child stars will never be in The showbiz has achieved great success.

Coogan moved to the stage after several movie box office defeats. Deng Bo announced his retirement early at the age of 22, and has been working hard in politics since then.

Sun Jiaxing moved behind the scenes as an adult and never returned to the stage.

Why, no matter ancient or modern, Chinese and foreign, familiar child stars often appear at their peak when they debut, and then they continue to fall in the following years?

The reason is nothing more than the following:

1. Long disabled

Humans will love small things from the heart, and many people think children are “cute”.

This kind of cuteness is no different from the feeling of seeing a kitten or a puppy. Every little thing, every move, and every smile reveals a feeling of love and affection.

So it’s not a disadvantage to look ugly when I was young, and there may even be a clever, wicked and big-looking feeling.

But when I grew up, the cruel adult world came as promised, and my childhood did not work. Ordinary people claim that this is a face-seeing world, not to mention that there is never a shortage of handsome guys and beautiful women The film and television industry?

Even when he grows up, Jun Cao, who is still handsome and handsome, is considered too short, not to mention not so handsome when he was young.The reason was because they were too brilliant.

On the contrary, people like Lu Yi, Hu Ge, Yang Mi, and Zhang Yixing who have participated in film and television dramas, or made commercials and MVs, but did not impress people, are more likely to succeed.

5-year-old Hu Ge appeared in the theme song of “Zhengda Variety Show”

6 year old Zhang Yixing, starred in “Our People”

In 1992, Yang Mi once appeared in “The Monkey Baby” as a 囡囡

Even when reminiscing about the past, they used to talk about performances with little influence like Easter eggs.

Comparison between Shi Xiaolong and Hao Shaowen

However, coffee like Shi Xiaolong and Cao Jun are not so lucky. Their past success will only become a pressure on their future development.

When they return to the screen, the audience will use a microscope to observe One ​​frame Frame analysis of their changes, to compare the past, the farther from the past, the stronger the sense of disillusionment of the audience.

The impression they gave was always left in their childhood, and even in a certain role, any changes are unacceptable.

A more vivid example, as well as Guan Ling who played Jia Yuanyuan in “I Love My Home”:

And Qiong Yao’s former queen child star Jin Ming:

The two girl stars who were popular in the 1990s also had too much contrast between their adult images and those of the year, so they either faded out of the stage or changed roles.

Just like after Chen Kaige filmed “Farewell My Concubine”, whether it is “Mei Lanfang” and “Search” of acceptable quality, or “Promise” and “Demon Cat Biography” such controversial works, they will not Avoid comparing it with “Farewell My Concubine”, and then let out a sigh of Jiang Lang’s talent.

If Guo Jingming, who started with the “Little Times” series, shoots works like “Search”, people will definitely think that Guo Jingming has finally got the hang of it.

Zhang Ailing said: Be famous as soon as possible.

However, premature fame has also become a shackle on the child stars.

3. Juvenile’s worries

Throughout education in various countries, children will be protected to a greater or lesser extent. After all, many intrigues by adults make children who are immature and have not fully established three views see too much, which may not be beneficial to them. growing up.

But the child stars are not the case, the peers are still Ivory Tower when they were really naive Has entered Vanity Fair.

When other children are having fun, they begin to work hard.

Shirley Temple recalled that she has worked more than 5 hours a day since she was 6 years old.

Once my mother took her to see Santa Claus, and Santa Claus hoped to get her signature. This made her feel that she was not celebrating the festival, but receiving fans.

In addition, those who get flowers, applause, money, and fame too early are easily confused by all this.

Just like those poor people who have won the big prize are generally impoverished a few years later, a child quickly gains wealth that ordinary people can’t earn in a lifetime, let alone know how to deal with it.

In addition, they all entered puberty soon after becoming famous, and adolescent children are vulnerable, sensitive and rebellious.

Ordinary children may be the most overridden thing at this stage is playing truant and fighting, and when they are broken in love, they will be suppressed.

After all, the resources on hand are limited, so I can’t make waves.

The child stars are lucky, or rather unfortunate. They have long experienced “how lonely is invincibility”. If they want to rebel in adolescence, have money on hand and want to learn badly, there will be a bunch of people who teach you how to play. Don’t even talk about adults’ persuasion and education, children raised their necks:

I paid enough for you to earn several years for one appearance. How old are you?

Macauley Culkin, who is internationally renowned because of “Home Alone”, spent a lot of time in adolescence and eventually fell into the quagmire of drug addiction;

To tell you the truth, this kind of head-shaking gesture will make people feel cute if it is a child. But it is indeed against the peace for an adult to do so.

Now Lin Miaoke is studying at Nanjing University of the Arts, and from time to time she participates in some activities and filming of film and television dramas. She is still young and still has time.

But looking at Lin Miaoke’s right and wrong from 2008 to the present, the Academic Committee can’t help but raise a question:

Who chose to be “China’s No. 1 Child Star”?

From childhood to As a teenager, Lin Miaoke’s blog and Weibo were managed by his mother.

Communications with the media and seniors when participating in activities are also practiced by parents in advance.

When the storm was on the cusp, it was also his mother who refused to let Lin Miaoke quit. Behind the story of this child star, my will seems to be missing.

Ma Weidu once said in “Qiang Qiang Threesome”:

The person who first put Lin Miaoke on the front desk lacked morality.

3. The dream of a child star that never disappears

Taking an inventory of the child stars at home and abroad, you will find that they can make us remember our names, even if we’ve hurt ZhongyongChild stars are still very few.

This is a business of “one accomplishment and ten thousand bones”.

But under the temptation of huge fame and fortune, this cruel status quo does not affect parents who want their children to become child stars.

If Shi Xiaolong and Cao Jun are the early models of the domestic film and television industry beginning to market, they are “classical child stars.”

Then, now the already powerful and mature entertainment industry system has made child star manufacturing an existence like an assembly line.

The agent team is responsible for public relations, hype, control and evaluation, and publicity, and all-round investment, so that the children selected by fate can embark on the golden road.

TFBOYS, which has many “pro-mom fans”, is the most typical example.

Is your level not good when you first debuted?

It doesn’t matter, fans grow up with you, Walk together through the young years.

But at the same time, the mixed child star manufacturing industry has also used many parents to cut waves of leeks.

The Daily Figure once reported that there are thousands of child star manufacturing companies in Beijing alone.

The so-called broker assistants of these companies are like masters of fortune-telling on the street, and they are very good at listening to music.

After the “scouts” fooled the parents of the children, we can know how much the parents earn by talking about what fruits the children eat, what sports they like, and where to go to kindergarten. , How much investment can be given to the child.

Today, when all walks of life are very involved, parents in our country have naturally been bald by anxiety, for fear of their children losing on the starting line.

So, when a pie that can turn a child into a “star” appeared in front of them, they couldn’t hold it anymore.

And these star-making companies are also pretentiously arranging the first and second tests to prove that your children are indeed talented, but all children will pass.

After passing, it enters the most critical link of packaging and training——

Yes, it’s time to collect the money.

Chinese parents are particularly prone to anxiety. When they become anxious, they tend to endure pain and bleeding, and gamble for tomorrow.

So many people choose to grit their teeth at this critical moment. For the sake of their children, it is worth hundreds of thousands.

So, many children who are still in elementary school or even kindergarten have taken on the hope of the family with their immature shoulders, and they are pushed into the Vanity Fair by their parents.

Of course, I am not opposed to anyone realizing their ideals, whether the purpose is to pursue a dream or just for fame and wealth.

It’s just that I hope that both children and parents will understand:

Success is the privilege of the lucky few, and most people will become ordinary people.

So when a child is destined to miss a child star, please accept it and let him become a happy ordinary person.

Recalling the past many years later, it is good for children to feel happy during that time.

After all, childhood happiness cannot be copied.