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What should I do if my lower body is itchy?

Menstruation starts from the teenage years and ends in their 40s. This is something every woman needs to experience. During menstruation, if you do not do a good job of protection, your lower body will itch and fidget. So what should I do if my lower body is itchy when my period comes? Itchy lower body may be related to the brand and material of sanitary napkins. You can change.. Read More

Is stomach pain normal before menstruation?

When it comes to menstruation, women always have something to say. They waited before they came. After they came, they hoped that they could go quickly and get rid of the bad Emotions, quickly return to normal life. In fact, in addition to poor mood in life, there are some people who have stomach ache. Is it normal to have stomach pain before menstruation? Stomach pain before menstruation is normal,.. Read More

How to get rid of cold during menstruation

Every woman goes through a 7-day menstrual period. If you can’t take care of yourself, The complexion will get worse. During menstruation, there is a very important thing, and that is to get rid of the cold. After the discharge, the complexion will change and the body will become healthier. So how to get rid of cold during menstruation? 1. Drinking plenty of water can help to eliminate cold, especially.. Read More

How to regulate menstruation better

In life, some women have a normal menstrual cycle, which is within a few days before and after. There are also some women who have menstruation this time but cannot predict the next time. The time of menstruation, this is a common menstrual disorder, and it needs to be adjusted in time to make the menstrual cycle return to normal. So how should menstruation be better? The regulation of menstruation.. Read More

Can I drink honey grapefruit tea during menstruation?

< /p> At the time of menstruation, women’s physical condition is relatively weak, and they need to eat nutritious food to nourish their bodies. They need to pay attention to their diet to ensure adequate The rest time can maintain a good complexion. Many people like to drink tea when they come, so can you drink honey grapefruit tea during menstruation? You can drink tea when you are menstruating, but.. Read More

Causes of delayed menstruation after sheung ring

There are some men in life who don’t like to wear condoms. If they feel that they don’t feel in their married life, they will let their wives wear a ring. After wearing the ring, many women report that their menstruation is not on time before, and they are often embarrassed to postpone them. If you want to know the reason for the delayed menstruation after the upper ring, you.. Read More

What should I do if I can’t stop menstruation?

t;”>The amount of menstruation and the length of time have a great impact on the body. If the amount of menstruation is large, the time of coming is long, and the body will be in anemia. If the amount of menstruation is low, the time of coming is short. If the body cannot excrete toxins, some diseases will affect daily life. Therefore, once menstrual irregularities are found, women should go.. Read More

What is the cause of low menstrual flow and dark color

Normal people have more volume in the first few days of menstruation, but less in the next few days, the color is bright red, and it is dark red at the end of menstruation . However, some people have less volume in the first few days or in the next few days, and the color is still dark red. They want to understand the reason for the low menstrual volume.. Read More

What to do if there is not enough milk

Nowadays, more and more mothers choose to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is still more beneficial to their children. But for some mothers, the amount of milk during lactation is not large, so the milk is not enough for the baby, so they can only add formula milk powder to the child. So what should I do if there is not enough milk? 1, strengthen sucking If there is not enough milk, pay.. Read More

Fruits with low sugar content

The eating habits of pregnant women have a great influence on the physical development of the fetus. If the pregnant woman eats well, the fetus may grow well, but many pregnant women don’t understand common knowledge about diet. Especially do not know which fruits are suitable for pregnancy. So, what fruits are suitable for pregnant women with low sugar content? Banana is one of the fruits with low sugar content,.. Read More