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How much is normal on the fifth day of menstruation

Menstrual period is an old friend of women who visits once a month. Usually in the first two days, when there is a lot of menstrual flow, thicker sanitary napkins are needed. In the next two days, the amount of menstruation is relatively small, and the change is more diligent. You need to use a thinner hygienic or pad. How much is normal on the fifth day of menstruation? The.. Read More

Why is there black blood in the leucorrhea

Leucorrhea can be said to be a barometer of the female body. With the color and texture of the leucorrhea, it can be seen whether the female private parts are healthy. Women’s leucorrhea is generally white, and the amount is small, no smell, but some people are different, so why is there black blood in the leucorrhea? Blackened blood in the leucorrhea may be related to miscarriage, it is also.. Read More

Is the second day of menstruation a safe period?

For people without fertility needs, contraception is required. There are many methods of contraception, some people like to wear condoms, some people put a birth control ring in the uterus, and some people like to use safe contraception for contraception. So is it safe for the next day after menstruation? For women with regular menstruation, the second day after menstruation is a safe period and will not be pregnant. Because.. Read More

What is the best menopausal age for women

Menstruation accompanies women from the age of 10, and menopause does not occur until a certain age. Before menopause, women’s ovarian function begins to decline, and the amount of menstruation will change from more to less, or even disappear. For women, this is a normal situation. So what is the best menopausal age for women? The optimal age of menopause for women is around 50 years old. As people ’s.. Read More

Will women still have menstrual pain after giving birth?

When menstruating, women will feel abdominal pain, which is relatively normal. If you pay attention to your period, the pain will be reduced. In life, some old people often say that there are fewer cases of dysmenorrhea after childbirth, so will women still have menstrual pain after childbirth? There are two kinds of dysmenorrhea, one is primary dysmenorrhea and the other is secondary dysmenorrhea. If it is primary dysmenorrhea, women.. Read More

Menstrual blood black blood residue what is going on

Menstruation comes once a month and reports on time every time. It is kindly called “good friend” by people. In normal menstruation, the amount is higher in the first two days and less in the next few days. The color is red, but some women’s menstruation is not red. So what’s wrong with menstrual blood and black blood residue? There is some black blood residue in the menstruation, which may.. Read More

Can I check the pelvic cavity by doing b-ultrasound

For people, b-ultrasound is a common inspection method. During pregnancy, you can clearly see the development of the fetus. When you are not pregnant, you can clearly see the position of the birth control ring. Can I check the pelvic cavity with B-mode ultrasound? B-ultrasound can check whether there is fluid in the uterine cavity, or whether the uterine attachment is abnormal, which is a way to help diagnose pelvic.. Read More

What happened to black when menstruation came

For women, menstruation is like an old friend, visiting once a month. If you look closely, the color of menstruation in the first few days is different from the color in the next few days, and the amount is also different. So what happened when the menstruation first came black? Blood is black when menstruation is just coming, which may be caused by poor menstrual blood. In addition to color.. Read More

What is the reason for the menstrual color being white?

Everyone knows that the amount of the two days before menstruation is relatively large, and the color is bright red, but the careful women find that their menstrual blood is not much, and The color of menstruation is relatively light. I am worried about the impact of having a baby in the future, so I want to know what causes the color of menstruation to become white next time? Whitening.. Read More

What’s wrong with menstrual blood

When menstruating, women will experience slight pain and menstrual blood is bright red. However, many women in life have menstrual blood that is black and shaped piece by piece. They are worried about problems with their bodies, so they want to know what happened to the next menstrual blood piece by piece? Menstrual blood piece by piece, may be blood stasis, women will not only have rough facial skin, but.. Read More