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How big is the general uterine fibroids that require surgery

If a woman is diagnosed with uterine fibroids, the treatment process and methods are also more complicated. The overall treatment must be combined with the size, nature of the patient’s fibroids, growth position and growth speed, etc., to further select the appropriate treatment method for the patient. So, how big is the general uterine fibroids requiring surgery? Generally speaking, if the uterine fibroids are more than five centimeters, they are.. Read More

What to do if children like to lick things with their mouths

< /p> Children have different performances and needs at different stages of growth. For example, a child needs to suck, chew, and swallow to satisfy his desire when he is in the oral phase. Therefore, parents will find that even if their children are not hungry, they will often suck their little hands and even feet, as well as everything that can be held in their hands, to get a.. Read More

Normal people can draw blood several times a month

There is a lot of blood in the human body, which is the source of life. When everyone has a physical examination, a blood test is performed, which is the most common method of examination. However, many people are afraid of drawing blood and think that drawing blood will harm their health. So, how many times can a normal person draw blood in a month? Normal people can draw blood.. Read More

How long does it take for the second time after menarche

The first menstruation is a sign of the advent of female puberty. The normal menstrual cycle is one month, but after the menarche, some children’s menstruation is delayed, and they are worried about whether their body is normal, but they are embarrassed to ask the doctor or parents. In fact, most children experience delayed menstruation after menarche. So, how long does it take for the second time after menarche? After.. Read More

What’s wrong with my sprained hand for a month?

< /span> Bumps and sprains are common in life. Therefore, not everyone pays attention to them. For example, a sprain may be considered not serious by many people and does not affect normal life. Pay attention to it. Therefore, it often happens that the sprain will continue to hurt. Then what is the matter of the hand sprained for a month and still hurt? As the saying goes, it takes.. Read More

Is it normal for a twelve-year-old child to come

When girls reach a certain age, they experience uterine bleeding once every month, which is called menstruation, and the first menstruation is called menarche. Menstruation is a sign of female maturity and a sign of fertility. There are some women who do not know how to take care of menstruation, and they always find it more unlucky and troublesome. In fact, this is also something that women must go through.. Read More

How much urine can be produced in an hour

The kidney is a very important organ, and people’s kidneys belong to the body’s “purification factory” , It can filter the blood. When the human blood flows through the kidneys, it will turn metabolic waste, excess salt and water into urine and excrete it. So, how much urine can the human body produce in one hour? People can produce 1-2 liters of urine every day, so one hour will produce.. Read More

Can I give birth to a child after being unwed?

Nowadays, young people are more open-minded, so they will have children out of wedlock, mainly because they don’t know much about sex, and they are not responsible for raising the next generation. Consciousness, therefore caused such a situation. When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, sometimes for several months, abortion is not allowed at this time, and the hospital will not do induction of labor, so the child.. Read More

Normal people produce HIV antigen in a few weeks

Under normal circumstances, HIV infection is divided into several stages: window period, incubation period, and onset period. The specific time of the incubation period varies from person to person. When the human body is infected with AIDS, how long it takes to be detected is a very important question. In other words, how many weeks does a normal person produce HIV antigen? Normal people cannot be diagnosed with AIDS. If.. Read More

How do the fine lines of the eyes occur?

< /p> I believe that all women want their facial skin to be as wrinkled as they are young, but it is inevitable that various wrinkles appear when the human body is old. If you want to remove these wrinkles, It can only depend on careful maintenance on weekdays. So, how do the fine lines on the eyes come about? The following reasons may cause fine lines on the eyes:.. Read More