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Great Strong Congliang

Didn’t check it out yet. Don’t look at it, everyone. “The young man was furious, and he cursed when he left: “There is a mother who teaches me but my dad raises it, so I’ll do something sneaky. “Daqiang Dad didn’t like to listen to these words, so he rushed up and said angrily: “Who are you talking about?” “The young man was startled by the strong dad who appeared,.. Read More

Fan pony

Xiao Ma is a famous lottery fan and stingy. In addition to the lottery, he was reluctant to spend a penny. However, the pony has bought lottery for many years, but has never won a prize, even the least five dollars. But he still enjoys this, and he doesn’t even bother with the jokes made by his colleagues. Xiao Ma often says to colleagues: “Just wait and see, the grand.. Read More

Who said it

One day, Lao Zhang and Lao Li met on the street. The old man began to ask old Li for advice. Zhang: The rats in our house are in a disaster. Every night I dream that there are all rats stealing in our rice tank. Later, I heard the neighbor say that the rat poison of XX brand is good, but after I went back and used it, I found.. Read More


Tian Qihua drove for the leader. To be precise, he drove for the head of the Municipal Construction Bureau, Director Sun. The license plate number starts with the word “king”. Don’t underestimate the word “king”. Outsiders see it as a municipal agency. Your car, wherever you go. Driving such a car, as long as it is within the city limits, no one dares to check your car and fine you,.. Read More

Rose of the sea

The young girl has always been worrying about it recently. She fell in love with a young man, to be precise. But her heart was full of shyness, and she dared not tell anyone.    She still remembered that day, he just walked by her door, and her heart followed him.    Grandpa has always seldom spoken recently. He sometimes stares at the girl, sometimes bows his head in thought… Read More

Add two points

Director Ma’s nickname is “Ma Liangdian”.    His greatest achievement during his tenure was meetings. One-day small meetings, two-day meetings, and emergency meetings from time to time.    In every meeting, Director Ma must make a critical summary report at the last critical juncture. I saw him staring with narrow eyes and dignified gaze. He shot a round at the venue, and the venue was immediately silent. Then he cleared.. Read More

Collection of shoes

It took nearly 20 years for my son to go from the village to the county teacher training to work in the county party committee. The son finally had the opportunity to go to Beijing and did what he wanted to do the most and bought a pair of shoes for his mother. After returning, he immediately went home and gave it to his mother. The mother heard that her.. Read More

Bad officials make mom unclean

A group of retired old cadres under Nanhe Bridge were talking fiercely there. It turned out that they were talking about the new county magistrate. After a few hours of talking and enjoying themselves, everyone disappeared one by one. But this made Uncle Wu feel uneasy when he returned home. After thinking about it for a long time, he felt that if he didn’t write a letter to the new.. Read More

Force me to steal

Today is Sunday, my wife is going to work in the old county, and we live in the new county 20 miles away. Since she is a conductor at the station, the morning driver called to inform her to take the first bus. 4:50, the call came. So I got up and rode with her to the gate of Anxian Middle School, three miles away. Since I went home at.. Read More

Diaoyu Islands

The big picture.    In addition, China defines Okinotorori Island as a “reef.” The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly reiterated that Japan’s practice of using Okinotorori Reef as its base point and advocating large-scale jurisdiction over sea areas is not in conformity with international law of the sea and has seriously damaged the overall interests of the international community.    The Chinese side emphasized that the.. Read More