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The door to the university

   Dafa celebrated his birthday today, and his relatives came to celebrate his birthday, and his nephew Li Yong who went to elementary school also came. Dafa’s education level is not high. He doesn’t want Li Yong to be like him, so he educates him: “Li Yong, I have never gone to college, nor have I worked in a literate place like a university. You can’t be like me. Study.. Read More

Kiss match

   We in Changsha mouth-to-mouth, biting the tongue is called kissing. Actually, I like the kiss the most. Of course, the person opposite must be a woman. If it is a man, I have no interest in killing me.  I remember that I only learned to kiss this sport when I was in love with my wife. Only once, I became obsessed with it. This is not. I have maintained.. Read More

Flies do not bite seamless eggs

   Mencius said: A person who does not like to write articles is definitely a person who cannot fall in love. I said: The person who likes to write articles must be a narcissistic person. Sorry, I am a person who likes to write articles. Therefore, I am also a narcissistic person. I went to work on this day. Because I was notified in advance, the plaintiff would have a.. Read More

Untouchable warmth

  As soon as I went to work, Brother Jian, the cashier of the unit, told us that he would receive the firework fee.  I will forget this money almost every year, and I still feel very warm when I receive it when it is cold.   I asked, how much?   He said, 37.5 yuan.   I said, it’s impossible? Still so many?  He said, there are so many.  I.. Read More

Unable to verify

   A friend of mine likes to read novels very much. Almost a dictionary can be read for a day. In short, he is excited as long as it is a word, which shows how deeply he is obsessed with novels. Finally, one day my friend, he became indifferent between humans and ghosts. On that day, my relatives came to my home and said that he was in trouble. But.. Read More

Three stupid family

   Legend has it that a long time ago there was a family of three. Before lunch, the daughter was cooking and disturbing the group, and the mother was turning over the quilt. At this time, the daughter shouted from the stove: “Mom, thick.”  Mother said to her daughter, “Add water.” while flipping the bed.  Waiting for a while, the daughter shouted again: “Mom, thin.”  Mom said to her daughter:.. Read More

Kind heart

   There are three rich people in the small town. They wanted to go to heaven after death, so they went to the church in the small town together and found the priest.   They asked the priest: “How can we enter heaven after we die?”    The priest knew them very well. He knew that they were famous miser. He had never donated a cent to the church, participated in.. Read More

Obesity is also useful

   The fat boy talked about a girlfriend. Not only was the girl petite, but she also had a name that made her heart appealing: A Lian. The two of them held hands and leaned against their heads, coming and going together, their feelings were so good that they were jealous. Under the strong affection, the fat boy also made a bold move, putting three words on his fat breast:.. Read More

Master Huang tears up the notice

   There are two canteens in a middle school. The master in the canteen cooks for the students. In addition to cooking and stir-frying for the teacher, Master Huang in the small canteen also provides a small number of students with a small stir-fry because the parents have already greeted Master Huang when the school starts.  Later, some students were lazy and didn’t like to bring vegetables from home to.. Read More

My score for “Oh”

There are twins in my class, and neither of them has been smart since they were young. In fact, I had meningitis when I was young. Learning is simply impossible. After staying a few levels, it is still the same as the “nephew playing the lantern-as usual”. I have been in elementary school for five years and I am still in the second grade. Parents are also counseling at home,.. Read More