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Interview | Midea’s overseas warfare: acquiring Toshiba, making OBM’s own brand, and developing U-shaped window machine “explosive products”

Overseas markets account for more than 40% of its overall revenue. This year’s new crown pneumonia epidemic caused heavy losses to many companies, but for the United States, the diverse product matrix and overseas markets have kept it from the huge impact of the epidemic. From the first-half financial report released on August 31 this year, it can be seen that Midea achieved revenue of 139.7 billion yuan during the.. Read More

Why Internet companies always engage in activities inappropriate

Being scolded is not important. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “Xianren JUMP” (ID: xrtiaotiao), author Half Buddha fairy. 1 When I was in elementary school, a plain noodle manufacturer had a marketing campaign and sent a character card in the package. In order to prevent you from seeing which one it is, I will tell you that it was a character card from “Jin Ping.. Read More

Focus analysis | Why does Intel sell its NAND flash memory business?

It’s not easy for the elephant to turn around. Another acquisition transaction of nearly tens of billions of dollars occurred in the semiconductor field. October 20th, SK Hai Lux official announced news that will acquire Intel’s NAND flash memory and storage business, including Intel’s NAND SSD business, NAND components and wafer business, and its NAND flash memory manufacturing plant in Dalian, China, at a price of 9 billion US dollars… Read More

Jay Chou endorses the Hailan House, and Zhou Xun announces the perfect diary. Why does the brand look at the “old artist”?

Lin Xinxin chose Jay Chou, how about this move of Hailan House? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Star Number BRIGHT DATA” (ID: BRIGHTDATA), author : Xiaoyu, editor: Zhong Rui. “The young people who wore Metersbonwe at the time are now here to wear Hailan House< /a>’s old”, on October 20, after Hailan House claimed Jay Chou as the new spokesperson, some netizens expressed the above.. Read More

In addition to planting rutabagas, can “Dong Sen” run for president?

Biden wins votes in “Animal Crossing Friends Club” Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Competition” (ID: Coreesports) , author: Gui Zhiwei. Biden draws votes in “Animal Crossing Friends” Recently, the US presidential candidate Biden The campaign team showed the “Animal Crossing Friends Club” (referred to as : The official “Biden Island” in Dongsen) has attracted attention. Due to the COVID-19 global epidemic that has continued from.. Read More

OPPO releases 3 smart TVs: the lowest is 3299 yuan, the highest is 7999 yuan

The high-end OPPO TV S1 uses a 65-inch 4K quantum dot display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, supports a 120% ultra-wide color gamut, and has a maximum brightness of 1500 nits. OPPO releases 3 smart TVs OPPO TV products that have been warmed up for a long time recently appeared collectively. The first batch of OPPO TV released includes three products, covering two series, S1 and R1. The.. Read More

Douban youth pet cats alone?

A cat-shaped society is taking shape. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account” new economy boiling point “(ID: xinjingjifeidian) , author: Jun boiling point. There is a popular saying on the Internet, go to Douban is all literary youth, but Douban is not all literary youth. Interestingly, I recently discovered another type of youth in the Douban community-“cat-sucking youth”. First of all, a post attracted me to.. Read More extends the duration of Double Eleven event: 22 days, plus more live broadcast e-commerce

JD also announced the “Double Ten Billion Plan” consisting of tens of billions of subsidies and tens of billions of consumer vouchers. In addition to providing commodity subsidies to users, it will also provide local government consumer vouchers and various coupons. Jingdong extends the duration of the Double Eleven event On the evening of October 19th, Han Rui, vice president of Jingdong Group and head of the platform business center.. Read More

Overseas Daily | Pinduoduo and Indonesian government reach cooperation; South Korea’s SK Hynix acquires Intel NAND for US$1 billion

In addition, Pakistan lifted the TikTok ban and conditionally resumed its operations; Bangladesh’s B2B platform ShopUp completed US$22.5 million in Series B financing, setting a record for the country’s Series B financing. Welcome to follow the WeChat official account (ID: wow36krchuhai) to obtain cutting-edge information and understand new global trends in time. Scan the QR code at the end of the article to follow and join the overseas community to.. Read More

Simba, got flow sickness

Life is like a play, it all depends on acting Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Leopard Change” (ID: baobiannews ) , author: Zhou Ran, editor: Jiaxin. Relying on various hype, Simba, formerly known as Xin Youzhi, has rapidly risen in the world of Kuaishou short videos, but as Kuaishou goes to grassroots, the contradiction between Simba and Kuaishou has also been revealed. Internet celebrity Simba.. Read More