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Venture Capital Daily | “Love Number” received a new round of financing of 250 million yuan, TCL’s industrial Internet platform “Ge Chuang Dongzhi” won a 100 million yuan round of financing from Yunfeng Fund; and early projects worth paying attention to today

The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel, as well as early start-up projects in various fields we are focusing on. Image source | Pexels Please check the Venture Capital Daily on June 2. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel today, as well as early startup projects in various fields that we are focusing on, enjoy~ Technology Project report: IOT has.. Read More

What is the “selling shovel” industry of Gao Lian’s tens of billions of warehouses doing Foxconn’s business in the pharmaceutical industry?

How fierce can the industry of “shoveling” be? Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Yuanchuan Investment Review” (ID: caituandzd). Original title “What Do Big Brothers Buy | Gao Lian’s “Selling Shovel” Industry with Ten Billion” OF: Xu Mengling Editor: Director Huang Support: Yuanchuan ResearchSoMedicine Group This is the fourth in a series of “what do you buy”, review of the first three:

Using silk and diamonds, scientists have created new biosensors

​​Medicine is once again amazing to us: when silk, an ancient fiber, is used in conjunction with nano-diamonds, there will be such a breakthrough in the scientific community.   Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on the fields of technology, business, workplace, life, etc., focusing on introducing new technologies, new ideas, and new trends abroad. Editor’s note: This article introduces the medical experiments conducted by Australian scientist Khalid.. Read More

Tesla, the next BYD?

The new energy vehicle “catfish” Tesla is going to be a power battery. Author| Xu Yun Editor in charge| Egg Manager Produced | Bullet Finance Tesla CEO Musk swipes the screen again, this time because of another company he founded, SpaceX. On May 30, local time, the SpaceX dragon spacecraft completed the first commercial manned in human history. The task triggered a heated discussion around the world. If it is.. Read More

Forefront | The former Meizu CMO Yang Zhe joins Xiaomi and will serve as the CMO of Xiaomi China

Add another member of Xiaomi “Avengers”? This afternoon, there were rumors on Weibo that the former Meizu CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Yang Zhe would join Xiaomi as the CMO of Xiaomi China, and already had related Weibo topics. As of press time, the topic has read more than 1.9 million and discussed more than 1,000 articles. In response to this rumor, Xiaomi was asked to verify. As of press time,.. Read More

Can Yang Tianzhen create “Li Jiaqi”

One Heart Entertainment CEO Yang Tianzhen announced on June 1 Children’s Day that he would step down from all the artist brokerage business, challenge the live track, and “start a second business in One Heart”. Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “One observation entertainment” (ID: yiyuguancha) , of: hachiko. The “One Heart Entertainment Great Turmoil”, which has been circulating for a long time, is finally settled. In.. Read More

Gap, the most representative clothing retailer in the United States, may be closed down (below)

The consumption of brick-and-mortar stores continued to decline, and the epidemic further exacerbated the dilemma. The Gap brand seems destined to become history.   Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: In the United States, Gap is almost a must-have brand for ordinary people. The Gap brand has.. Read More

Do one thing, achieve a group of people | Light Talk X

Shence is a company with high ambitions. Although it is still a small thing today, it is hoped that it will leave a trace in the history of Chinese Internet in the future. Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” capital Morningside Morningside “(ID: Morningsidevc) , author: Light Talk. Shence Data is a professional big data analysis platform service provider. It is deeply involved in the field.. Read More