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“Working from home” boring and lonely? You should try these 16 remote collaboration artifacts

Today, the State Council officially announced that the Spring Festival holiday will be extended to February 2. However, for security reasons, some companies may choose to arrange employees to work from home in the short term. Aifan’s editorial department has offices in Guangzhou and Beijing, and online collaboration has always been part of daily work. Today, we will share the daily remote collaboration workflow and related tools of the editorial.. Read More

How does a 24 frame movie look like 60 frames?

An interesting point in the age of social media is that whoever is more aggressive and who speaks louder and louder will take the lead in public opinion. Xiaomi, an internet-born, naturally understands this. However, in the TV field, Xiaomi TV has always been in a situation where there is no direct opponent, so it has been relatively quiet. Huawei and Honor’s entry last year seemed like a catalyst, so.. Read More

“Aunt” broadcast online for free: the audience is happy, the theater is angry

The fate of the Spring Festival this year is more tortuous than the plot of several blockbusters scheduled to be released. In just a few days, several films of the Spring Festival file have undergone drastic changes from emergency file upgrades to all withdrawals. Overnight, Xu Ai’s “Aunt” suddenly announced that it would be available for free online, becoming the first domestic blockbuster movie to premiere directly on the Internet.. Read More

Abandoned by the Internet

This article comes from the in-depth report group of “Eye of the Wind” by Phoenix Network Technology, author Zheng Yuan, Ai Fanerjing Authorized release. Do your parents use smartphones? The answer of most people is-yes, they will call, they will send WeChat. When you’re using a mobile phone to get food, clothing, and accommodation, many parents won’t connect to Wi-Fi. For them, mobile phones have changed from “bricks” that can.. Read More

Prevention is more important than cure, Cook says Apple is developing more health risk detection features for Apple Watch

Health tracking has always been the main feature of the Apple Watch. From time to time, we can also see reports of the Apple Watch salvation incident. Apple obviously does not intend to stop the pace of research and development. CEO Cook revealed on Monday that they are researching similar to Apple Watch heart monitoring technology to detect health risks early. ▲ Picture from: 9to5Mac After receiving the award from.. Read More

ifanRank’s 10th Anniversary Special: Influencing the “huge little leverage” of the 2010s

The 2010 time has passed and we miss it. It puts us in a world that was unimaginable in the past, and shortens the resolution of “generational differences” from 30 years to 10 years. This may be the last generation we can understand. The 2010s witnessed the breakthrough of social networks and e-commerce to mobilize hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth, and also made us feel that smart phones.. Read More

Huawei and TomTom break through HMS overseas map service

Last August, Huawei announced at the developer conference that it would build its own ecosystem HMS, including Huawei Your own map service system to replace Google Maps that are not available abroad. Recently, news from abroad said that TomTom, a Dutch map maker, has reached an agreement with Huawei to provide Huawei with map data. Although the two companies have not confirmed the news, after the map engine was changed.. Read More

Transparent, curved, scrollable, future screens are changing human-computer interaction

As the first consumer electronics show in 2020, CES closed successfully in the middle of this month. In this exhibition, we saw brand new smart cars, folding phones, AI robots, and a variety of future products based on AI and vision technology. However this year’s CES highlights In addition to the categories mentioned above, I also see that the screen is being used in various Forms penetrate into every life.. Read More

Despite full earth, plastic production will still double

Do you know how much plastic humans have produced so far? Synthetic plastics were invented at the end of the 19th century and were originally used to make motion picture films. After entering the twentieth century, the output of this new material increased rapidly. Since the 1950s and nearly 70 years ago, 8.3 billion tons of various non-degradable plastics produced worldwide have been produced. However, now that everyone has realized.. Read More

Google CEO says artificial intelligence technology must be regulated

Since being appointed CEO of Alphabet, Google ’s parent company last December, Shandar · Sundar Pichai recently published a column in the Financial Times , calling on the market to establish reasonable regulations and implement better regulation of artificial intelligence technology. In his view, big companies cannot just blindly develop cutting-edge technology and then think about “determining how to use it through the market.” On the contrary, companies have the.. Read More