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A fully-charged laptop is still plugged into a power source. Will it damage the battery?

This article comes from WeChat public account “fruit shell” (ID: Guokr42), author zorange, love fan Authorized release. When using a laptop, we often worry about using the battery incorrectly and reducing its life. Can it be charged at full charge, do you need to recharge the battery after use … So how to use the battery to ensure its life? Too long to read the version Lithium batteries do not.. Read More

Another me on the network: Anatomy of the posterity of 00

This article comes from the WeChat public account “Tencent ISUX” (ID: tencent_isux), which is released by Aifaner with authorization . Life is a dramatic performance process, and people are the protagonists of this performance. Looking back, do you remember those carefully set avatars and interest tags? The time has come now, and the post-00s are already on the social stage. They have rich material conditions. They grew up with mobile.. Read More

Too many subscription services? Website membership, package year, music payment, these 3 apps are easy to manage for you

On the site AppSo I see some netizens Published such a comment: “Subscribe to everything. In addition to paying the rent and water grid fees, the end-of-month bill also needs to bring a long list of subscription lists for various software.” The subscription system allows developers to stabilize income and allow consumers to reduce software use The threshold, but the increasing number of software subscriptions does make us spend a.. Read More

The flying dream of the electronic house, a brief history of Microsoft flight simulation evolution

Since the Wright brothers built the first powered aircraft, humans have more than 100 years of aviation history. In modern society, people often travel by air. Flying has become an important mode of travel for human beings. However, due to the high price of aircraft and the high requirements for the quality of pilots, ordinary people often cannot see the beauty of the cockpit. How to realize the flying dream.. Read More

Honor 30S evaluation: Kirin 820 debut, mid-range 5G mobile phone race has begun

“The popularity of 5G is too fast. Even mid-range phones will be on 5G.” This is a netizen comment I saw on Weibo. Indeed, since entering 2020, support for 5G networks has become the standard configuration for domestic mobile phones. Roughly calculated, in the past few months, domestic leading mobile phone manufacturers have launched 12 5G mobile phones. But at the same time, the price war between mobile phones is.. Read More

Sperm reduction in men and more cases of infertility in women. Silicon Valley breaks your heart for your child

Time is infinite and human life is limited. Most people have heard Schopenhauer ’s famous saying, but not everyone knows that the following sentence is followed: “People have adopted the method of reproduction in order to compete with unlimited time with limited time. Let your life last. This is the instinct of human reproduction. Perhaps reproduction is really a human instinct. When people say they have to create something alive,.. Read More

Marshall Monitor II wireless noise canceling headset experience, an alternative evolution of the “monitoring” series

On February 19th, Marshall launched Monitor II ANC, the first wireless wireless headset with active noise reduction technology, in the Monitor series. To some extent, this Monitor II ANC can actually be regarded as an upgrade of the wireless version of Monitor, an alternative upgrade with noise reduction. In addition to the newly added active noise reduction technology, Monitor II ANC also improves battery life by 45 hours, and also.. Read More

Please answer, the three-body derivative universe

This article comes from the WeChat public account “Poison Eye” (ID: youhaoxifilm), author Wu Yinan, Ai Faner Authorized release. “Don’t answer! Don’t answer! Don’t answer!” “Natural selection number, forward four.” “Destroy you, what has it to do with you?” ▲ The barrage of “The Chapter of My Three-Body North Sea” at station B These classic lines are from Liu Cixin’s Three Body. This sci-fi classic IP was initially only popular.. Read More

Computer cooking may be the ultimate form of cyberpunk

This article comes from WeChat public account “Game Research Society” (ID: yysaag), author Shi Ye young, Ai Faner released with permission. Since entering the digital age, human life and working methods have been completely changed by computers. When its influence penetrated into every aspect of life, it also quietly set off a revolution in the seemingly unrelated cooking world. Personal computers can be disassembled and assembled freely, which has become.. Read More

“Squatting at home” triggered a data tsunami. Why do European Internet giants limit the flow and not expand?

This article comes from the public number brain polar body (ID: unity007), author Tibetan Fox, Aifanerjing Authorized release. After the epidemic in Europe is serious, it is gratifying that the masses finally started to consciously “squat at home”, but the operators began to worry again. Because of the increased demand for surfing, the European Internet has experienced severe congestion. Although Telefonica, Orange, Vodafone, Masmovil, and Euskaltel have stated that they.. Read More