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In the middle of the night, watch Pluto fight the “phoenix”

This article is from WeChat official account:nut shell (ID: Guokr42), author: haibaraemily, head Figure from: NASA At 1:50 am Beijing time on October 21st (20th US time), NASA’s first asteroid sampling return mission OSIRIS- The REx(translated as Pluto) probe, will usher in the most exciting moment of the probe-first attempt to land a small Sampling of the surface of the planet Bennu [1]. If all goes well, 4 and a.. Read More

Why are good employees not necessarily valuable employees?

author: people of God were excited, from the title figure: “Ordinary Glory” stills 1. When the company loses its spatial shapestate Some cognitions and habits of people, once changed, will never return to their original state. For example, remote office, it used to say that it affects efficiency, affects collaboration, has no atmosphere, and lacks trust in customers. But under the epidemic, after many companies were forced to “remote”, everyone.. Read More

Can Giant Network open up a new “journey” overseas

author: Left Bank, the original title: “Overseas market’s ability to defend the crown” giants “game journey? “, the title picture comes from: Visual China Although Playtika was acquired in 2016 in a “snake swallowing elephant” manner, the important task of Giant Network is still the last step-to incorporate it into the listed company system. But Shi Yuzhu also has his own plan B. Recently, there is news that Playtika has.. Read More

iPhone 12/12 Pro one week experience: Apple’s thin and black magic

Your device currently does not support playback In the summer of 2010, when I was in my first year of high school, I played fruit ninja with a classmate’s newly bought iPhone 4 during class. At that time, I thought this thing was simply awesome. 10 years have passed, when I touched the iPhone 12, I suddenly felt that youth was back. Because the small iPhone 12 mini of the.. Read More

Don’t call me an urban white-collar worker, I am a part-timer

This article is from the official account: Epoch story Kodate (ID: epochstory2017) , Author: mochi, the original title: “Ten years ago I Want to become a white-collar urban worker, ten years later, I know I can only be a worker”, the title picture comes from: Visual China New stalks of the Internet are coming and going like tides. Surfing is a little slow and will get soaked. People have been.. Read More

How to see if a boy is worth marrying?

What I want to tell you today is how to see whether a man is worthy of marriage. Now, you see the matter of marrying as a very single thing. It is completely deduced from a certain behavior. It is good if it appears universally. Then suddenly there is a little thing, and then this little thing may make you unable to accept it, and then you just Because this.. Read More

How did the “GG” in the game come from?

This article is from WeChat official account:Touch Music (ID: chuappgame), author: WANG Yi-like, from the title figure: vision China The “IQ Cup” is a water friend competition organized by a group of retired players from the “StarCraft 2” project. In the IQ Cup, veteran players often quit the game too quickly and forget to play “GG” at a disadvantage. At this time, the barrage will start to refresh the screen.. Read More

Compared with hot pot, small noodles are the soul of Chongqing

This article is from the official account: Fu Tao nine full (ID: futaojiufenbao) , Author: full brother, the original title: “In Chongqing, a small Why is the noodles in front of the hot pot? “, the title picture comes from: Visual China One eleventh holiday, holding a little partner to Chongqing, finally went crazy. According to incomplete statistics, during the November, the number of passengers at Chongqing Railway Station and.. Read More

Why can’t Zhengzhou, the provincial capital with strong traffic, retain talent?

During the National Day, Tencent Prism News issued a message stating that Zhengzhou’s house prices fell unremarkably, and the Agile No. 1 project is expected to lose 700 million yuan when it is sold out. Could it be that China’s housing prices are going to fall again? People often say that housing prices are an important indicator of the development of a region, because capital has the most sensitive sense.. Read More

Interpretation of the Three Highlights of the “Online Chapter” of the Law on the Protection of Minors

This article is from the official account: Tencent Research Institute (ID: cyberlawrc) , Author: Penghong Jie, Liu Yanjun, from FIG title: Visual China The new “Network Protection” chapter is one of the highlights of this unprotected law revision. There are 17 chapters in total. The provisions not only make targeted provisions on existing problems, correct the “technical determinism”, and systematically stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of families, schools, society,.. Read More