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After being short, the SEC fired another shot at iQiyi

The group THE9 has so far endorsed more than 20 brands. At the offline level, iQiyi also conducts offline marketing with the help of the IP of “China New Rap 2020” and “Trend Partners 2”. According to financial report data, in addition to advertising and membership, iQIYI’s content distribution revenue was 860.6 million yuan (approximately US$121.8 million), while other revenue reached 918.9 million yuan during the same period. As of.. Read More

​Why do humans release mineral water and milk to nature

This article is from WeChat official account: Earth Report (ID: diqiuren005) , Author: your alien aunt, title figure from: Vision China Guiping, Guangxi, on a slightly muddy river, men and women wearing life jackets are singing Buddhist scriptures religiously, while splashing the boxed pure milk in their hands in a not beautiful arc. You may have seen this news on social networks last month-a milk release campaign. The boxed milk.. Read More

Sub-Journal of “Cell”: Metformin is “planted” in the hands of intestinal metabolites this time!

>So how does imidazole propionate work against metformin? Next, the researchers did a long series of experiments to find the pathway of imidazole propionate, complex and full of the names of 800 strange kinases(eight hundred is an exaggeration, not so much), so here is a brief summary of this pathway. Metformin activates AMPK, which actually promotes the phosphorylation of AMPK T172. The researchers found that the phosphorylation of T172 promoted.. Read More

We went to Zhuhai Meite Civil and Martial Arts School, which was big and beautiful and turned into rubble

This article is from WeChat official account:jumping sea compound (ID: meerjump), author: Yuanban carbonate feces, from FIG title: description “I love Meite, it’s big and beautiful.” Every child in Guangdong must have seen this brainwashing advertisement for Zhuhai Meite Wenwu Arts School on TV. Although it now seems that the quality of the advertisement is like collage art of rice cake, the slogan “My son graduated from Meite and is.. Read More

Why does the vitality forest fire, but the once glorious domestic soda factory can only play memory killing?

This article is from WeChat official account:Du Shaofei (ID: shaofeidu), author: Du Shaofei, planning: Han Chi Mei Han, from thematic map: vision China Recently, the vitality forest is a real fire. “0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 card”, you can always see this advertisement in the elevators when you go to work, go to the supermarket, take the subway, and go to the mall. In the trash can on the street,.. Read More

In the past 30 years of inland rock and roll, the ideal summer of fading away

In clamor or deep talk. Now, we have also seen the opposite. The themes of rock music may be more diverse, not just focusing on social complaints. Rock music without much critical spirit should not be crudely defined as “pseudo-rock”, and the confluence of rock music and capital cannot be counted as a crime. After all, today, the form and quality of rock and roll works have far surpassed those.. Read More

IQOO who is not tough will die

Consumers bring first-class gaming experience. But in Feng Yufei’s view, iQOO’s gaming experience does not mean that iQOO is a gaming phone. “iQOO has to be a good phone first, and then an e-sports experience. The e-sports experience is only an ultimate scene that reflects the powerful performance of a mobile phone. The daily experience of the product is also very important. The foundation of iQOO products is powerful Performance,.. Read More

Xu Zhuoyun: The one sentence I fear most is, “We Chinese are excellent”​

In conjunction with the next lecture (“The World Pattern in the Sino-US “War”) to discuss the hostility between the United States and China, Trump must Make trouble for China, deny what China is doing, and shoot yourself in the foot. An abnormal leader, he will deny the severity of the disaster. Organized and manageable countries, such as Germany, quickly entered a state of epidemic prevention, mastering how to treat and.. Read More

Professor Tsinghua 4D Reply: The artificial intelligence issues you want to know are all here.

This article is from WeChat official account:qubit (ID: QbitAI), author: Xiao Xiao, Guhao Nan, fish, sheep, head Figure from: vision China The answers to various questions about “artificial intelligence” you want to know are all here. Professor Liu Yunhao from the School of Software of Tsinghua University spent dozens of hours to integrate the 2,000 questions about artificial intelligence from the students into 92 questions, and then wrote a 30,000-word.. Read More