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Hongkou District, Shanghai: Focus on the sale of the commanding heights of Puxi this year to ensure that good people can be found

On January 13, 2021, when Hu Guangjie, the mayor of Hongkou District, Shanghai gave a government work report, he stated that the main expected goal of the economic and social development of the entire district in 2021 is: general public budget revenue will increase by 6%, and foreign investment will reach 1.5 billion US dollars. The total investment in fixed assets increased by 10%, and the expropriation of old reforms.. Read More

18 mutated new coronaviruses found in a Russian woman, including 2 mink mutated viruses

Recently, Russian scholars have discovered 18 mutated new coronaviruses in a woman with low immunity. Some of the variants are the same as the new mutated viruses that appeared in the UK, and two of them are consistent with the mutated new coronaviruses carried by Danish mink. According to the Russian “Izvestia” report on the 12th, the woman is 47 years old and suffers from lymphoma. In April 2020, the.. Read More

New Year’s Eve train tickets are available today: sales will start at 5 o’clock, and train tickets will be available on the sixth day of the first lunar month

On January 13, 2021 New Year’s Eve train tickets were officially opened. The Spring Festival travel period of 2021 is from January 28 to March 8, a total of 40 days. National railways are expected to send 407 million passengers, an average of 10.18 million passengers per day. According to the arrangement of the train tickets being sold 30 days in advance, the train tickets for February 11 (New Year’s.. Read More

Huawei publishes “quantum key distribution” related patents: reducing complexity and cost

A few days ago, Pan Jianwei, a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his collaborators published a paper on Nature, officially announcing the verification of the technical feasibility of a large-scale quantum communication network integrated with the world. On January 12, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was authorized to publish a patent related to “a quantum key.. Read More

Long-term and medium-term loans for enterprises are assisted, and last year’s new RMB loans reached a record high of nearly 20 trillion

China’s financial data for 2020, including new credit and broad money M2, which represents broad liquidity, are fully announced. The latest data released by the People’s Bank of China on January 12 show that in 2020, RMB loans will increase by 19.63 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.82 trillion yuan year-on-year. This new data on RMB loans set a record for annual loans since the statistics were available. The 19.63.. Read More

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Insurance intermediaries shall not disclose insurance policies and personal information to affiliates in violation of regulations

The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission puts forward comprehensive requirements for the informatization of insurance intermediary institutions. On January 12, the China Banking Regulatory Commission published the “Measures for the Supervision of Informatization of Insurance Intermediaries” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”), which includes general provisions, basic requirements, and information systems , Information Security, Supervision and Management, Supplementary Provisions, 6 Chapters and 36 Articles. The “Measures” will come into effect.. Read More

Zhengzhou: Land prices are linked to housing prices, and annual housing land price changes are controlled within 5%

In order to further improve the efficiency of the land transfer organization, reasonably determine the land transfer price, and strengthen the regulation of the real estate market, the People’s Government of Zhengzhou recently issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Land Transfer” (referred to as the “Opinions”). The “Opinions” mentioned that the establishment of a dynamic control model for land supply provides a reference for land price decision-making, realizes.. Read More

Youzu Network: The actual controller becomes Xu Fenfen, and Lynch’s shares are inherited by minor children

On the evening of January 11, Youzu Networks Co., Ltd. (002174, Youzu Networks) issued a reminder announcement about the change of the actual controller and the change of equity, stating that after the completion of the equity change, the actual controller of the company will be replaced by Lin Qi changed to Ms. XUFENFEN (Chinese name: Xu Fenfen). The announcement shows that on December 25, 2020, the company’s original controlling.. Read More

The world’s first high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear fuel elements “shipped” from Baotou

On January 9, the first batch of products of the world’s first industrialized high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear fuel element production line with independent intellectual property rights in my country was shipped from China National Nuclear Corporation North Nuclear Fuel Element Co., Ltd. and sent to the high-temperature gas in Shidao Bay, Rongcheng, Shandong. The cold reactor nuclear power plant demonstration project provides fuel power for its subsequent grid-connected power generation… Read More

After the central bank cancels the upper and lower limit of credit card overdraft interest rate management, will interest rates drop significantly?

More than 760 million credit cards on the market ushered in major changes, and the central bank “relaxed” credit card overdraft interest rates. The People’s Bank of China recently issued the “Notice on Promoting the Reform of Credit Card Overdraft Interest Rate Marketization” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), in order to further promote the interest rate marketization reform, Starting from January 1, 2021, the credit card overdraft interest rate.. Read More