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Committee member Zhang Fuming: Chinese medicine education can learn from the model of juvenile classes and cultivate it systematically from an early age

In the fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine intervened early, played a unique role and value, and contributed “Shanxi experience” to the prevention and control of the national epidemic and the treatment of patients. Zhang Fuming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People ’s Political Consultative Conference and vice governor of Shanxi Province, believes that with the development and popularization of modern medicine,.. Read More

After the WHO suspended the trial, France also announced that hydroxychloroquine should not be used to treat new coronary pneumonia

On May 27, the French government revoked the decree authorizing hospitals to prescribe the prescription drug hydroxychloroquine for patients with new coronary pneumonia. Prior to May 26, the French public health supervision agency warned that hydroxychloroquine should not be used to treat new coronary pneumonia. According to the French state-owned television station France 24 reported on the same day, the French government ’s decision was made two days after the.. Read More

Book Excerpt | The Illusion of Growth: More is not necessarily better, do n’t blindly worship GDP growth

Due to the great uncertainty of the global epidemic situation and the economic and trade situation, China ’s development faces some unpredictable influencing factors. This year ’s government work report does not propose specific targets for the annual economic growth rate. Recently, experts such as Liu Shijin, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, also put forward proposals to no longer set specific targets for economic.. Read More

Why can’t the epidemic hit the industry that has the most money in Japan?

This article is from the Wealth and Wealth Research Bureau, header image source: IC photo To say that the current epidemic in East Asia is the worst in Japan. Not only has the Olympics organized by the nation’s efforts been canceled, but the national emergency has also been extended repeatedly. However, under such circumstances, the Japanese gambling establishment “Billiard Room” is operating as usual. When other physical industries are mourning,.. Read More

Kuaishou and Jingdong retail strategic cooperation: Kuaishou anchors will bring goods from Jingdong’s own products

More fast-handed “old iron” will bring goods to On May 27th, the short video platform Kuaishou Technology and Jingdong Retail Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will be launched in Kuaishou store ’s supply chain capacity building, brand marketing and data capacity co-building, etc. In-depth cooperation. Peng Pao reporter learned that in June 2019, Kuaishou e-commerce announced that it will connect to Jingdong. Users can jump.. Read More

Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Fund: optimistic about China because of the skills and character Chinese possess

On May 27, Rui Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s top hedge fund, said in a Weibo answer to a question from netizens that it is precisely because of the skills and character Chinese possess that they are optimistic about China. A netizen asked on Weibo: “Hello Mr. Rui Da Leo, I would like to ask: How does Qiao Shui make time and time again in the face.. Read More

Rents in first- and second-tier cities fell in April and house prices rose, “risk of real estate bubble is increasing”

On May 27, the Academy of Economics and Social Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the Weifang Comprehensive Index for April 2020. Data show that in April this year, the transaction volume and prices of second-hand houses in core cities (mainly first and second-tier cities) rebounded rapidly, and rents Decline faster. Housing prices in third- and fourth-tier cities fell overall. Zou Linhua, the leader of the big.. Read More

China Banking Regulatory Commission: Relaxing the conditions for issuers of capital supplementary bonds for investment in insurance funds

In order to further broaden the bank ’s capital replenishment channels and expand the use of insurance funds, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has relaxed the conditions for issuers of capital replenishment bonds invested by insurance funds. On May 27, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission website released the newly revised “Notice on Matters Relevant to Capital Supplementary Bonds of Insurance Fund Investment Banks” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”)… Read More

Jin Jiang Hotel established a company in China, set up “double headquarters” in Shanghai and Shenzhen

Peng Mei News ( learned from Jinjiang International Group that the Jinjiang International Group Global Hotel Management Committee China Conference was held in Shanghai a few days ago and announced the official establishment of Jinjiang Hotel China. The meeting clarified the strategic positioning, development goals and organizational structure of the Jinjiang Hotel China company, determined that the company is brand-oriented, the front-end implementation of the horse racing mechanism, and the.. Read More

As a VC, as long as your strategy is correct, you will always wait until it belongs to you!

Author: Ping Xiaoping, 24 new sound Head image from: unsplash Since joining Zhonglu in 2010 and now becoming the founding partner of Chang Lei Capital, he started to do analysis and analysis of traditional consumer industries and high-end equipment manufacturing industries, gradually transitioning to early investment in the TMT field, and gradually focusing on To B Investment in the field. He wrote an article “ SaaS field investment logic and.. Read More