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Huawei Yu Chengdong: Hongmeng OS upgrade users exceed 150 million, smart cockpit will be released

On October 22, at the Huawei Developers Conference, Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong revealed that Hongmeng OS has upgraded more than 150 million users and may reach 200 million users by the end of the year, making it the fastest-growing terminal operating system in history. Yu Chengdong said that it is expected that a smart cockpit equipped with Hongmeng OS will be released at the end of this year.. Read More

New momentum of China’s economy|The key to breaking “rigid demand” is to break “rigid supply”

Nowadays, a popular term is “just need”. The literal meaning is obvious. People often use the word “just need” to describe some things that people need in their lives but are “short”. In other words, “just need” describes the common situation, many things, even if the price rises a lot, you still have to buy, and you can’t significantly reduce the number of purchases. If converted to academic language, “just.. Read More

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange talks about the Fed’s turn: to carry out counter-cyclical adjustments in a timely manner to maintain the stability of the foreign exchange market

The conference site. State News Network map Faced with the repeated signals of monetary policy adjustments released by overseas central banks represented by the Federal Reserve, Wang Chunying, deputy director and spokesperson of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, introduced the top three of this year at the State Council Information Office on October 22 In the quarterly China’s foreign exchange receipts and payments, it was stated that, on the.. Read More

The Interim Association Solicits Public Opinions on the “Guidelines for the Internal Control of Futures Risk Management Companies”

The China Futures Association (hereinafter referred to as the “Mid-term Association”) publicly solicits opinions on the “Guidelines for the Internal Control of Futures Risk Management Companies”. On the evening of October 21, the Interim Association issued an announcement stating that it has studied and formulated the “Guidelines for the Internal Control of Futures Risk Management Companies (Draft for Comment)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines” ), and recently solicited opinions.. Read More

Securities Times Front Page Comments: Financial Real Estate Valuation Repair and Action and Cherish

On October 21, the Wind financial index rose 1.84%, and the real estate index rose 2.68%. In the context of the overall downturn in the A-share market, and individual stocks fell more and rose less, these two major sectors played an important supporting role. With the release of some positive signals, market expectations regarding financial and real estate valuation corrections have gradually increased, and the opportunity to repair low valuations.. Read More

Financial criminal case study ⑥The continuous renovation of mortgage fraud methods affects the implementation of the housing non-speculation policy

[Editor’s Note] As the absolute main force in the financial industry, the steady development of the banking and insurance industry has a bearing on the overall situation. According to a recent report by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, in the first half of this year, cases of bancassurance institutions continued to show a high incidence, involving a total of 49.580 billion yuan, and a total of 585 bancassurance.. Read More

Liu Mingkang: The carbon emissions trading market should appropriately introduce financial attributes and embed risk management and control

On October 19, the Shanghai Municipal Government website published the “Implementation Opinions on Shanghai’s Accelerating the Building of an International Green Finance Hub to Serve Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Targets” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Opinions”). The “Implementation Opinions” put forward that by 2025, Shanghai will basically build an internationally influential carbon trading, pricing, and innovation center, and basically establish its status as an international green finance hub… Read More

Coal “guaranteed supply and stable price” kicked off, coal companies and ports promised to play the role of ballast

With the implementation of a number of national policies for increasing coal production, ensuring supply, and stabilizing prices, coal production has gradually increased. On October 20, the coal supply of power plants nationwide was more than 1.1 million tons of coal consumption, and the amount of coal stored increased by more than 10 million tons compared with September, and the average available days was 16 days. Among them, the coal.. Read More

The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission replied: There is a big difference in the insurance rate of Huimin Insurance in various regions, and it is not ruled out that losses will occur

On October 21st, at the third quarter banking and insurance industry data information and supervision key work conference held by the Information Office of the State Council, a reporter from News ( asked: In recent years, the Huimin Insurance business has developed rapidly, but it is growing Some problems have also appeared in China, such as competition among multiple products in a city and higher compensation. I would like to.. Read More

Interpretation|Shanghai has launched 24 measures to build a green financial hub. What are the highlights?

On October 19, the Shanghai Municipal Government website issued the “Implementation Opinions on Shanghai’s Accelerating the Building of an International Green Finance Hub and Serving the Peak Carbon Neutrality Target” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Opinions”). In terms of measures, the “Implementation Opinions” mainly adopted 24 measures in seven areas to help the country achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, including strengthening the green financial market system Build.. Read More