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Lou Jiwei in conversation with Summers: Will the United States repeat the stagflation of the 1970s?

Inflation data in the United States continued to “explode.” In June, the consumer price index (CPI) rose by 5.4% year-on-year, a record high since 2008. However, the market has different views on whether the increase in inflation in the United States is temporary, long-term, and structural. Global Wealth Management Forum 2021 Beijing Summit Site On July 24, at the 2021 Beijing Summit of Global Wealth Management Forum, former Secretary of.. Read More

In 2021, my country will launch the second batch of 16 regional medical centers pilot construction

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, July 24th (Reporters Linlin Wang and Haitao Xu) To ease the difficulty of seeing a doctor for the masses, expanding the capacity of high-quality medical resources is the key. “This year the country will launch the second batch of 16 regional medical centers pilot construction, and will continue to plan to set up national medical centers, clinical medicine research centers, etc., to form key clinical specialty.. Read More

China Banking Regulatory Commission: The banking industry has prepared 46.2 billion yuan in disaster relief funds, and has issued more than 5.1 billion yuan

According to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the banking and insurance industries are stepping up efforts to support Henan flood prevention and disaster relief. Preliminary statistics show that at present, various banking institutions have prepared 46.211 billion yuan in disaster relief funds and 5.193 billion yuan has been issued. In terms of insurance, as of the 22nd, Henan insurance industry has received a total of 176,900 reports, with.. Read More

The China Securities Regulatory Commission notified the case of Zhongyuan Household’s stock price manipulation: the amount involved was more than 3 billion

On July 23, the spokesperson of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Gao Li introduced the progress of the investigation into the case of stock price manipulation such as “Zhongyuan Home Furnishing” and “Litong Electronics”. Gao Li said that from September 2020 to May 2021, Shi and other manipulating groups controlled dozens of securities accounts through continuous trading and reverse trading. The stock price of “Zhongyuan Home” Litong Electronics” was picked.. Read More

The car-hailing market is resurging: many companies burn money to pull new ones, and the pattern of one dominance has changed

As Didi Chuxing was removed from major application stores and other channels due to serious violations of laws and regulations in collecting and using personal information, the originally dominating online car-hailing market has revived. Recently, major online car-hailing companies have used “burning money” to attract users and recruit drivers in an effort to re-delineate the market. However, judging from the journey of the online car-hailing market over the years, the.. Read More

GF Securities executives change blood: 57-year-old Lin Chuanhui is appointed as chairman and four new vice presidents are promoted

The management of GF Securities (000776.SZ, 01776.HK) has undergone a big change in blood. On July 22, GF Securities issued an announcement stating that Sun Shuming had resigned as chairman and executive director of the company due to his age. Lin Chuanhui, 57-year-old general manager of the company, has become the new chairman. In addition, the announcement on the day showed that Luo Binhua and Yang Long, former deputy general.. Read More

After the heavy rain, the price increases, Zhengzhou Xi’an Hotel apologizes: all guest rooms will be opened for free

Since July 20, heavy rains in many parts of Henan Province have moved people’s hearts. In the night of the same day, several online travel platforms and hotel groups released news overnight to initiate emergency return and correction measures. At the same time, many local hotels in Zhengzhou received stranded customers for free. However, at the same time that several hotel groups announced that they would sell rooms at regular.. Read More

The Ministry of Commerce replied: The restoration of production order in various countries is a challenge and an opportunity for China’s foreign trade

With the global epidemic prevention and control gradually becoming normal, the trade demand for epidemic-related materials has weakened, and many manufacturing countries have restarted production. Will it exert structural adjustment pressure on my country’s foreign trade exports? How should we look at the next foreign trade situation? On July 22, at the press conference on business work and operations in the first half of the year held by the Information.. Read More

Cao Yuan, a genius young man born after 95, published the 8th Nature, which is the 4th this year

On July 21, 2021, Cao Yuan was the first author He and the corresponding author published a research paper titled: Pauli-limit violation and re-entrant superconductivity in moiré graphene in the top international academic journal Nature. The study found that magic-angle twisted three-layer graphene exhibits superconductivity, and this superconductivity persists under strong magnetic fields. This finding may lead to Advances in quantum computing. This is the eighth Nature paper of the.. Read More

National Railway Group: Zhengzhou-Xi’an High-speed Railway and Longhai Railway’s Zhengzhou-Luoyang section trains cannot pass

In the morning of July 21, the news reporter learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (China Railway Group) that due to the heavy rain in Henan Province, the Zhengxi High-speed Railway and Longhai Railway between Zhengzhou and Luoyang had flooded lines, collapsed subgrades, and collapsed roadbeds. The equipment is flooded and the train cannot pass; the transportation order of the Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, Xulan High-speed Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway,.. Read More