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Reproduction Biography|The health planner who accidentally broke into the insurance circle: We are not selling houses

[Editor’s Note] “Historical Records · The Biographies of Huo Shih” is the earliest historical book dedicated to narrating outstanding figures engaged in “huo huo” (commercial) activities. Economy is a pioneering work under the cover of the book.” The new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is reshaping the structure of the world economy and reconstructing the global innovation landscape. In this great change, all the stories of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs,.. Read More

This year’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference will focus on AI and brain science and set up nearly 20 academic forums

On June 21, the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office held a municipal government press conference. Wu Jincheng, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economic Information Technology, introduced the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference. The main features of this conference can be summarized by three “most”, which are the latest frontier direction, the most industry-wide ecology, and the best application experience. The latest frontier direction is reflected in three aspects:.. Read More

Evergrande sold 29.9% equity in Jiakai City and no longer retains its controlling shareholder status

The final settlement date of the horizontal competition with Evergrande Real Estate is about to expire Previously, Xu Jiayin chose to sell 29.9% of Jiakai City and ceased to become the controlling shareholder of Jiakai City. On the noon of June 21, Jiakai City (000918.SZ) announced that Guangzhou Kailong, the controlling shareholder of the company, has signed a “Share Transfer Framework Agreement” with Shenzhen Huajian Holdings , Intends to transfer.. Read More

Fell more than 4%! Gree “50% off” employee stock ownership plan, some investors are dissatisfied with the exercise conditions

On June 21, Gree Electric (000651) opened sharply lower. As of press time, the lowest was 51.01 yuan, a drop of more than 4%. On the evening of June 20th, Gree Electric presented a draft of the employee stock ownership plan. The capital scale of Gree Electric’s employee stock ownership plan does not exceed 3 billion yuan, and the scale of stocks does not exceed 108.4 million shares. The total.. Read More

Bull Market Morning Post | Central Bank Media: Unfounded so-called liquidity forecasts can be stopped

At the close of the market on June 18, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3525.1 points, down 0.51 points, down 0.01%, and the turnover was 446.297 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 14583.67 points, up 111.3 points, up 0.77%, and the turnover was 563.847 billion yuan. The city’s total turnover was 1.010145 billion yuan; the ChiNext index reported 3,239.23 points, an increase of 50.64 points, or 1.59%, with a.. Read More

Bank deposit interest rate quotation reform was launched, and some banks in Shenzhen lowered deposit interest

A working conference on the self-discipline mechanism for market interest rate pricing was held in Beijing recently, and the bank deposit interest rate quotation method was adjusted to “benchmark interest rate + basis point”, ushering in major changes. The reporter has been interviewing for several days and learned that many banks in Shenzhen have received notice from the head office and are proceeding with reform measures. Experts pointed out that.. Read More

Research | Survival samples of manufacturing companies during the epidemic: “multi-pronged” development

During the epidemic, small, medium and micro enterprises not only faced the challenge of reducing orders and revenue, but also faced difficulties in financing and increased operating pressure. In this case, how can SMEs break through the bottleneck? What role can financial institutions play? News reporters recently visited two private traditional manufacturing companies in Jiading District, Shanghai, to find out. “Multi-pronged approach” to develop sideline business Shanghai Zunyou Automation Equipment.. Read More

66 papers from SenseTime and its joint laboratory were selected as top international conferences in the field of computer vision

From June 19th to 25th, Eastern Time, the world’s top international conference in the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision, CVPR 2021 (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, International Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition) was held. With the continuous improvement of original technology innovation and the support of SenseCore SenseCore AI’s large-scale device, SenseTime and its joint laboratory led the CVPR 2021 again with 66 selected papers. Shangtang and joint.. Read More

A major breakthrough in shale oil exploration! PetroChina Proved China’s First Large Oil Field Over 1 Billion Tons

my country’s shale oil exploration has made a major breakthrough. News learned from China National Petroleum Corporation on June 20 that, after more than two years of concentrated efforts, PetroChina’s Changqing Oilfield has achieved significant results in the Chang 7 oil exploration in the Ordos Basin, with proven geological reserves of over 1 billion tons of shale oil preparation. Zhuangda oilfield has become the largest shale oil field with the.. Read More

Central Bank Media: Unfounded so-called liquidity forecasts can be stopped

The reporter noted that in early May this year, some market analysts believed that due to the traditional corporate income tax settlement and payment time in May, fiscal deposits would rise sharply, and the increase in local bond issuance would add to the market liquidity margin. Tight, and lead to increased interest rate volatility. Many financial market experts refuted this view, saying that there will be no significant fluctuations in.. Read More