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Dark marriage

Liu Daming received a call from his father and asked him to go home to help take care of his brother Liu Dajun’s wedding. Liu Daming’s brother Liu Dajun died of illness two years ago. According to the custom in Xingning, his hometown, Liu Dajun was a man who died before marrying his wife. He needs to be matched with “yin marriage.” “Yin marriage” is also called “unmarried man”. After.. Read More

Corpse man

After all, the family’s wife is even more worrying, but thinking about the 2000 yuan remuneration fee, Wu Hao hesitated. After all, in order to have a child, his wife has quit her job. The family’s life depends on Wu Hao. Not much, but for a poor doctor who hasn’t worked for long, it is a lot of money. After thinking about it, Wu Hao nodded and agreed. Putting away.. Read More

Lord Yama eats soil

It’s a mamian with a lively mind and a good face. I think it’s hard to do this, so I shirk and shirking? If this is the case, hum, see how I clean him up! That night, Lord Yan was enjoying “the offerings under the rule of the cow head” to his heart’s content, and the barefoot immortal walked in with the imperial edict of the Jade Emperor. When Yan.. Read More

Fright Rental

May 1, 2013, today is the last day of Labor Day, and the school’s three-day holiday has also come to an end. I came here a long distance from home to go to university. Due to the location of the school, we had to take a black taxi without a meter. These cars have all kinds of cars. The almost scrapped old Poussin is like a train. Booming vans, fake.. Read More

Knocking at midnight

When the woman was asked to open the door, a laugh came from the room. Li Zhongping was stunned immediately, a burst of blood rushed from the soles of his feet to his head. He quickly turned to the back window of the house and quietly licked the broken window paper. Seeing Yao Yue’e naked and tangled with a man, Li Zhongping’s neck suddenly turned red. At this moment, the.. Read More

Weibo Ghost Story

Weibo Ghost Story One: Handprints This little handprint on the baby’s body is very weird, but it is a pity that he never figured out what was going on. He was about to sign the abortion consent form, but suddenly his eyes went dark and he couldn’t see anything. After a while, his vision returned to normal. “Let’s go, let’s not do it.” After being frightened, he took his wife.. Read More

Final request

1. Bizarre death Anna is dead. She lay on the floor of the dressing room, as if she was asleep, not as beautiful as a real person. Next to him was a broken wine glass with bright red lips. At that time, Liu Xing finished listening to her last song and was ready to leave after drinking a glass of wine. As soon as he walked to the door of.. Read More

Dead soul

1 This weekend, his wife Yang Yue cooked a few more dishes during dinner, and Du Jiang sipped the liquor and drank beer alone. The more I eat, the colder the food, the more I drink the wine, the more lonely, my head hurts again. He flipped through the phone book over and over again with his mobile phone, looking for a friend to have a few drinks. However, in.. Read More

The secret of high heels

This is a rare and pleasant morning, which completely relaxes Zhang Zhi, who is very nervous at work every day. Standing on the balcony, he looked into the distance, opposite a school playground. He fixed his gaze on a young woman, knowing that young women who got up early are now as rare as a national treasure. The woman wears a ponytail, flicks and flicks, is well-proportioned, and runs very.. Read More

Cut Humanoid

The man took her hand and the two hugged each other. That kind of pro should only be seen in the boudoir, but now, on the street, just in front of the shop, it is blatantly displayed to the passing pedestrians. His heart is burning, and his wife is hugging a little white face in the street, which he cannot tolerate. From the night before yesterday, he felt wrong. The.. Read More