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Yu Yue’s funeral

In the endless darkness, Yu Yue woke up again from his sleep. After a long time, she slowly fell in love with her eyes and slept quietly. She has an illusion that dreams and reality are intertwined. She seemed to be real in her sleep, but after waking up, she didn’t know what she had dreamed of? Yu Yue is a college student. After school, he will dig into the.. Read More

Undead trading

An Lei has been confronting his own undead for several hours, and he always wants to stop talking… The wind in autumn is always a bit cold, and the undead seem to feel such a chill. , Turned around, quietly asked again softly: “What the hell do you want?” Looking at his sleeping wife, An Lei finally summoned the courage to say to the vague undead: “I want money!” The.. Read More

Bloodthirsty Butterfly

(1) This application is also hard work. Hu Xiaodie came out of Huaxin Company and felt as if he was cramped, and his body was sore and weak. She couldn’t see a flower bed in the distance, so she turned out a newspaper from her bag, put it on the stone edge of the flower bed, and sat down to rest. Looking around when no one is around, she raises.. Read More

Gui Yin

This is something that really happened to me. I don’t want to believe it. I have a friend whose grandfather got Alzheimer’s. He always said that someone was going to kill him. He always said that there were a man and a woman lying on the floor at home. Understand). He also said that someone always forced him with a knife and others thought he was talking about dementia. Because.. Read More

Sitting on your shoulders

Sitting on your shoulders, my sister (cousin) told me that it happened on the way home of her classmates after school! It was when they were 2nd high, and everyone went home after the evening self-study. Because her classmates lived near the school, they accompanied them and waited until the bus left. Because she must go through a black alley, the boy in her class patted her on the shoulder.. Read More

Daughter’s hair

Title: May the next life exist as your daughter… Text: My name is Xiaoya, I am 26 years old and I am a horse A successful wife. We have been married for more than a year and have very good feelings. Five months ago, I checked out that I was pregnant. I feel very happy. Ma Cheng is very kind to me, considerate and considerate, and he works hard to.. Read More

Do not stay

(1) Hu Nan stood up and bowed gracefully below. There was applause, and in front of the black piano, she smiled proudly at LEO. “Darling, you are awesome! Please give me the pleasure of having supper…” Finally, the show came to an end, LEO walked anxiously in front of her and kissed her face. Hu Nan laughed again: “My dear, I still wear an evening dress! Can I go backstage.. Read More

Perfect landing

A perfect landing. In your garden, I put away my wings. (1) Cultivation When I met Awei, I was just a fairy. One hundred years of practice have become a goblin, and nine hundred and ninety-nine years have been a goblin. However, as long as I practice for another year, I will become a fairy, a member of the flower fairy-gardenia flower fairy. When I met Awei, I was just.. Read More


1, Jie Fan asked me to eat. She was in a bad state and fell in love. For Ben San’s eldest girl, this is not only a matter of mood, but also a life-threatening problem. I hurriedly finished the manuscript and handed it to Li Rong. “Rong, I have an appointment with someone for dinner. You can show me again and help me fix the typesetting.” ” You go, rest.. Read More