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Still strength

In a village at the foot of Wuying Mountain, a poor child named Shitou lived. He gave cattle to the landlord Tan Hu to make ends meet. Tan Hu has a lot of strength, and he does evil all day long, and he beats anyone who is not pleasing to the eye. When the stone worked in the Tan family, his body was often blue and purple, and he was.. Read More

Stories of Liao Zhai: Different Chickens

In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a man named Ding Shicheng in Shandong who had been fond of cockfighting since he was a child and built a large house to raise cockfighting. There are many types of cockfighting, mainly Henan cockfighting and Shandong cockfighting. Ding Shi became a collection of cockfighting all over the world, traveling north and south, searching all over the world, and for more than ten.. Read More

Borrow money

I’m not a good person.Wang Gong of Ferry, I’m not in good shape recently. On this day, an officer came to take the boat. When he got off the boat, Wang Yangong found that there was a bunch of money in the bilge, and the string was wrapped in red paper with writing on it. Wang Yangong was illiterate, but he also saw that the poor officer had lost the.. Read More

Unfilial daughter-in-law

This is an incident in our village, and it is evil enough to say. I just finished the college entrance examination that year, so I wanted to go back to my grandmother’s home to rest for a few days. Not long after I got off the bus and walked into the village, I was suddenly grabbed by someone behind my back, “Help me! She is going to take me away!”.. Read More

Son night at the graveyard

At midnight, it was supposed to be a quiet environment around, but the small road in the village was different from usual. A man was rushing to the graveyard by night. Li Wei works outside to earn money all the year round, and rarely has time to accompany his mother. Therefore, after his mother died, Li Wei was always ashamed because he could not go home to visit her often.. Read More

Savior cat

When I was in junior high school, I went to school on foot every day, passing by an old abandoned house in the west of the village. One day, it was raining lightly in the sky. I went out early in the morning, holding an umbrella in my hand, and walking carefully. When I passed the old house, I suddenly saw a small white shadow next to the collapsed door.. Read More

Will the old man be out of his body before he dies?

At night, the drizzle was not heavy, but it was very annoying, because Da Zhuang was watering the wheat fields, and he mumbled: “What kind of bad weather is this? If you want to, you can make it bigger. I have to run to the fields to water the province.” Da Zhuang, wearing a raincoat, holding a flashlight, and a brazier on his shoulders, is patrolling the upstream water canal… Read More

Alcoholic Quit

Chen Erhu of Dazhangzhuang really likes the things in the cup. The drunk he has to drink every time is enough for him, so he has not gotten a family so far. Someone with a good relationship urged him to stop drinking and save some money to marry a wife in the future. But this Chen Erhu said: “I like wine all my life, and later I will marry a.. Read More

Grandpa does not save his granddaughter

At the end of Jingshan Road, under the shade of green trees, is a small and exquisite western-style building. Across the carved iron gate, I saw a young woman in the yard playing with flowers and plants. A four or five year old boy giggled and ran around his mother… The scene was very warm, but a piece of my heart rose. Desolate: Really changed the owner. The memories of.. Read More

Midnight Ghost Bride

No one knows anything about topics like gods and ghosts. Those who believe are faithful letters, and the nine cows cannot be pulled back. Those who do not believe live the same way. There are also some who will be suspicious, that is, he doesn’t believe in himself, but he doesn’t stand up to you. If you say that being a person is a bit of a good faith, he.. Read More