I walked up the stairs step by step, and the old woman was facing down like this, always facing me. The flickering light through the window made the old woman feel unspeakably gloomy. I feel a little hairy in my heart, but my self-esteem does not allow me to be frightened by an old woman, so I can only bite the bullet and continue to walk up. As the distance between me and the old woman got closer, I finally vaguely saw the old woman’s face.

I saw her wrinkled face, dry lips, and a pair of sunken eyes staring at me gloomily, without blinking.

“Damn, it looks like a ghost…” I muttered nervously.

I turned my eyes away from the old woman’s face, fearing that I would have nightmares at night. Soon I reached the end of this ladder, and I had to stop. Because the old woman blocked the stairs, it also blocked my way.

“Mother-in-law, can you please let me…” I said carefully.

“Hey…” The old woman grinned suddenly, her voice was sharp and harsh, like scratching a wall with her nails, she couldn’t help but get goose bumps.

All of a sudden, I almost didn’t get scared.

“Mother-in-law, it’s not fun for you to be scary like this.” I was angry and scared, but after all, it was impossible to bother with an old man, otherwise the medical expenses would be enough to ruin my family. Up.

The old woman stopped laughing and continued to look at me with sullen eyes, without any intention of giving way.

I can’t help her, so I can only carefully lie on my side and try to squeeze through the gap between her and the stairwell.

“Crack…” The old woman turned her head in the direction of me, and the sound made when the joints of the human body moved was as if her head had been rigid for a long time without moving.

I almost wiped my body and passed her. The distance between my face and my face was definitely not more than three inches at the nearest time. The weird thing is that I didn’t notice a faint of breath coming from the tip of the old woman’s nose, she was not like a living person!

“Isn’t it a ghost?” I thought fearfully, but then I comforted myself, how could there be such a thing as a ghost in this world. Finally, I finally passed by with the old woman, and I was finally relieved. I was about to continue walking up, but suddenly I felt a cold iron-like claw grabbing my arm.

I shuddered in my heart and looked down, but it was the old woman who held me. Her hands were skinny and skinny, almost like chicken feet, but they felt as powerful as iron tongs.

“Mother-in-law…” I said fearfully, and wanted the old woman to let me go.
I was shocked in a cold sweat.

When I went out, I found that the door god sticker I used to paste on the door fell on the ground for some reason. This morning, I have been in bad luck. I have taken a bus stop and had conflicts with colleagues when I went to work. My boss deducted my salary for a little incident. When I asked for a leave in the afternoon, I went to the temple to hire a master and burned some paper money for the old woman to make a payment.

I would like to tell you all from my experience, and I advise you…Don’t pick up money from the roadside-do you know that what you pick up must not be ghost money?