Unfortunate old people have their own misfortunes, and their fate is only the moment they were put on the hot search after they caused the doubt and curiosity of young people Are similar. This article is from the WeChat official account: new Weekly (ID: new-weekly) , author: oct small evening, the subject map from: TV series “Everything is Good”

Young people have their own wonderful things. Old people grow flowers and bring their babies and dance square dances. This seems to have become a consensus. When they are older, they are often charged with “restlessness”.

Among them, elderly people with “serious circumstances” will also be punished by “hot search” and accept criticism and guidance from young people on their actions.

For example, the group of elderly people in the picture above has caused a heated discussion recently.

They are not some “2020 Global Dryland Ice Hockey Championship players”, but a group of ordinary grandparents who are using homemade artifacts to pick up money behind the hearse.

The “location of the crime” Xu is an intersection near the local funeral home, because hearses often pass by. Eight or nine o’clock in the morning was the time for the young people to clock in and go to work. The grandparents also took the little Mazha and started the day’s work-the caboose waited for the steel.

According to many media reports, the custom of funeral and burial in the past was that every time you pass a bridge or a bend, you would throw a real coin of 35 yuan to the deceased. With the emergence of the “no money spreading” rule, the equipment of the old man picking up money has also been slightly updated.

Two hard plates clamp the magnet, and then use a round tube to support the edge of it. There is an artifact to pick up money.

Whenever a hearse passed by, their legs no longer hurt, their waists were no longer sore, and small trembling steps were taken, scrambling to rub the concrete pavement with the artifact.

According to an uncle broke the news, when they finished work at 10 o’clock, they were able to pick up a dozen coins in units of “horns” on average, and a total of about 3 yuan was drawn.

This figure, which is particularly insignificant in the face of today’s prices, has sparked controversy. The most incomprehensible place for young netizens is also here:

“Huh? The hourly wage for collecting tatters and placing QR codes for begging can be higher, right?” “Cars go to and fro, for this little money and life?” “Is it really poor or really poor? Are you boring to be idle?”

Looking at it from another angle, we always think that the old people on the hot search are absurd, perhaps because we have always only expressed our own conclusions, instead of trying to really understand them.

1. Tell a horror story: I’m getting older, but it’s a hot search at the meeting

Searching the old news, old people love to pick up money to buy roads, and it happened from time to time around 2009.

According to the Beijing News that year, Uncle Lu, who has been entrenched at the intersection of Shijingshan Road and Babaoshan Funeral Home in Beijing for many years, said that he has a monthly pension of more than 2,600 yuan and does not need to live by picking money. The death of a relative made him discover this place, and later he couldn’t sit still at home, he would come here to pick up money,Walk around.

An old man of the same age as Uncle Lu died when he was hit by a traffic vehicle while picking up money here.

I don’t know what kind of comments the netizens would give if this accident happened today?

In today’s public opinion field, “a single sentence to conclude” is the more mainstream rhythm. As for why the elderly do this, and how they do it, few people care.

Source: Zhongxin Video

For example, seeing an 80-year-old man running a marathon in 6 hours and playing difficult yoga, a large number of emoticons will appear in the comment area to express feelings and admiration. At most, he said: “Your uncle is still you Uncle.”

Or, seeing a 76-year-old man who was tortured for grabbing the steering wheel because he passed the station and asked the bus driver to stop, netizens would silently write out: “It’s not that the old man is bad, but the bad guy is getting old.” p>

A long lifetime, it’s like a transition from SpongeBob Squarepants.

The old people have become a group of people who have been searching hotly for three days, but are extremely speechless on the Internet.

Even the post-80s and post-90s who are in their prime of life have begun to call themselves “old people”, among which single people call themselves “lonely old people.”

Because they are not old yet, they can easily make jokes, firmly grasp the right to speak and not let go, and can pretend to be disadvantaged groups.

But is this “old” word really that far away from us?

Not long ago, the 14th Five-Year Plan was released, and the delay in retirement may become a reality.

As soon as the suggestion to postpone retirement came out, the news immediately ranked first in the hot search.

The change in the retirement age is on the one hand the urgent pension gap problem that is pressing. A research report from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences pointed out that by 2035, my country’s pension funds will run out of accumulated surplus.

On the other hand, who can take over these elderly people who have reached the retirement age? Enterprises certainly disagree. Not to mention working until the age of 65, some people will be laid off by big factories at the age of 35, and some will not even be able to enter the vegetable market at the age of 45.

The changes of the times will eventually fall back to every old man, and their overwhelmed joints are becoming increasingly fragile.

Source: Zhiyan Consulting

According to the research conducted by Zhiyan Consulting, my country’s aging population has reached 255 million this year and is expected to continue to rise. Among the 255 million elderly people, there are 120 million empty-nest elderly people and 30 million elderly people living alone.

The group of lucky ones who have not been retired from work, and managed to accumulate capital close to the middle class, what are the cuties doing, enjoying their rich and leisurely semi-retirement life. The hand of a silk scarf, dressed up the poetry of life; the hand of a heavy SLR, is their stubborn disobedience to the old declaration.

Maybe there are those who have barely saved some savings for most of their lives, and want to leave their children to buy a house, marry, and have children. These elderly people can best reflect the traditional virtues of thrift. In order to prevent themselves from getting sick and without spending money, they can even practice magical skills in the park.

Source: Douyin

The rest is not the old people who spend their days living a day count. After they get out of the golden age of labor, they also lose their value and competitiveness in the market. In sanitation, collecting and selling waste products, they can only follow the young people, picking them up and picking the remaining jobs to live.

Unfortunate old people have their own misfortunes, and their fate is similar only at the moment they were put on the hot search after arousing the doubt and curiosity of young people.

Second, who knows the elderly best

Over fifty, but not full of retirement. This should be the age at which people want to “know the destiny”, but it is accompanied by anxiety about getting old and the body getting worse every day, anxiety about their inability to create value again, fear of the future and the unknown, and varying degrees of severity. Menopausal syndrome, all kinds of variables, are making the elderly become more and more “weird”.

Who would bother to understand an eccentric old man?

Source: TV series “Everything is Good”

If a handsome young man asks for hand-ground coffee, would you think it is too much?

Not a friendly stranger. Most of their friendship with the old people can only stay in the action of the machine repeatedly giving up seats, helping across the road, or falling down on the road.

Nor will it be an expert. They often just put forward hypotheses and methodologies, not how individuals practice them.