The only unique thing that makes a person a person is his thought.

Editor’s note: To become a billionaire, you must first have a billionaire mindset. A few years ago, Buffett and Jay-Z were interviewed by Forbes. From the dialogue, we can find many similarities between the two. The original title of this article is “Jay-Z & Warren Buffett’s Interview Reveals-Billionaires Think Alike”.

Looking at his appearance, Jay-Z is a tall young black man who made his fortune by Rap.

Looking at his appearance, Buffett is not very old, he is old and white, he gets rich by investing.

The two sat together and interviewed Steve Forbes. One thing became more and more obvious: the appearance was deceptive.

At Buffett’s age, he can be Jay-Z’s grandfather; when lunch is over, they realize what it means to “gather together in groups and divide people in groups”. When they left, Jay-Z walked to Cadillac Escalade, and Buffett stopped him: “I will send you a ride, you and I sit in front. Rest assured, my price is very low.”

Buffett may be the most successful investor in history. He wants to give Jay-Z a ride just to understand his “brain”. Jay-Z may be the most successful Rapper in history, and he may accept Buffett’s advice. For the same reason.

Perhaps two people are tacit understanding. As the famous playwright McLeish said, the most beautiful quality of human beings can be boiled down to one sentence: “The only thing that makes a person a person is his thoughts. As for Everything else, you can find it on a pig or a horse. “

The qualities of a billionaire will be reflected in his way of thinking, not appearance. Talking is worthless. Thinking is the loudest voice. When you talk to someone, you are essentially entering his thoughts. Because of this, the “Inter” before the English “Interview” has the meaning of entering, and the view also has the meaning of opinion.

To put it simply, have a great Big thoughts are like people who sit on the same for the same reasonThe passengers of the train are heading to the same destination; we should not be surprised that two outstanding characters master similar principles and get rich.

The same formula for success

Buffett said: “Business doesn’t need too high IQ. I often say that if you have an IQ of 160, then give 30 to others, because you don’t need that much to invest.”

At first, I felt that the reason why Buffett said such counterintuitive words must be insincere. We all know that Buffett is famous for his frugality. He told the photographer at lunch: “When I reach out to pay the bill, you will see me posing.” It means to let the cameraman take pictures quickly. Of course, what Buffett said was a joke.

Buffett often talks about “emotional stability” and “independent thinking”. Before long, you will enter their world of thought, and Jay-Z will enter too. “Please follow the facts and your reasoning. It is a bit difficult for many people. But I seem to be born with it, so lucky.”

Steve Forbes seems to think he should dig a little deeper. He asked: “But what are those extra things?” Buffett opened the conversation. Compared with ordinary investments, what are his extra qualities?

Buffett smiled and said, “I didn’t learn it in school, nor did I learn it elsewhere. If someone disagrees with me, I won’t be bothered at all, as long as I know myself Just get the facts. “After a while, Buffett seemed to be humming music into Jay-Z’s ears, and he kept talking:

“There are a lot of things that I don’t know about. I stay away from them. I stay in a circle. I call this circle the “capability circle”. IBM founder Tom Watson has a good saying, he said:’ I’m not a genius, but I’m smart in some places, so I stay there all the time.’”

Jay-Z pricked his ears to listen. Buffett then said: “I follow some rules. The first rule is not to lose, and the second rule is to never forget the first rule.” Jay-Z’s eyes lit up. From day one, Jay-Z’s motto is like this: “I will not lose, because even if I fail, I can learn a valuable lesson, so winning or losing is the same thing for me.”

Jay-Z added: “When I listen to Buffett’s speech, I can find a lot of resonance.” Jay-Z talked about the similarities in the two thinking styles and added:”This is the key to becoming a recording artist. You tell your own story, or find your own truth.”

The more you go deeper into the brains of the two, you will find that the success equation for the two becomes clearer and clearer. To put it simply: Find what you do best; find a way to see how you can focus as hard as you can Pay attention to these things; let others pays for you and then you continue to hone your skills.

Buffett said: “I am a bit lucky and started early. My father happens to be working in the investment industry, so I will go to his office on Saturday.”

As for Jay-Z, he practised rap when he was very young. After he became an adult, he no longer needed to write down the rhythm. Because he has been training for many years, the neural connections in Jay-Z’s brain are already very strong. He doesn’t need a notebook, and he can jot down rhythms by memory.

Count the lucky first and then the money

Forbes hinted that “luck is an unquantifiable factor.” He didn’t know how the two would react when they heard this. Forbes was also very pleased to see them.

Buffett admitted: “There are many lucky places. For example, I was born in the United States in 1930. This is not my choice.” Buffett also said that he is very sensitive to capital allocation. If he was born in Nebraska 200 years ago Si, even if you are sensitive to capital allocation, it doesn’t make any sense.

There are many lucky elements in Jay-Z’s success. In his childhood, friends and family affectionately called him “lucky left-handed”.

“When I started my career, a man named Jazz fought with me. He signed an agreement with IEM and he was given the opportunity to go to London to record the album. I stayed with him for two months. It was in those two In May, someone was arresting him, and he was finally arrested and sentenced to 13 years. The reason why I did not embark on the sameThe main reason is that I have been making music. If it is not music, if there is no music to intoxicate me, my life is likely to become like him. “

Buffett added: “Jay-Z was right. He said he was dedicated to recording records, and then the money came. That’s it. I can do what I like. Nothing is more fortunate. “

During the conversation, the two repeatedly emphasized the need to seize the opportunity. Jay-Z’s mentor is called Jazz-O, and his stage name comes from this. Jazz-O brought Jay-Z the first opportunity. As for Buffett, he himself said this:

“I encountered all kinds of lucky things. For example, Harvard rejected me, so I had the opportunity to study under Ben Graham, and my life changed because of this.”

“Don’t fall into the present, this is a principle. Music and stocks are very similar.” Jay-Z found that Buffett’s thinking is very similar to himself, he is a bit like a believer of Buffett, and vice versa.

Two personsAt first sight As it happens, a few years later, it will open in the 40/40 Club of Jay-Z At the ceremony, the two attended the party together.

Billionaires always have similar ideas.

Translator: Xiaobinger