The reason for the low menstrual flow and the dark color

Normal people have more volume in the first few days of menstruation, but less in the next few days, the color is bright red, and it is dark red at the end of menstruation . However, some people have less volume in the first few days or in the next few days, and the color is still dark red. They want to understand the reason for the low menstrual volume and the dark color?

Lack of menstrual flow and dark color may be caused by endocrine disorders, or it may be caused by endometrium damage and intrauterine adhesions caused by uterine surgery . If it is the cause of endocrine disorders, menstruation needs to be adjusted and ovulation stimulation treatment is needed in time. If it is caused by intrauterine adhesions, we have to separate under hysteroscope.

Large menstrual flow will have a greater impact on the body. Pale complexion, dizziness, and fatigue will occur. Blood routine, blood coagulation, and B-ultrasound examination, and then treatment according to the examination results. In addition, everyone should pay attention to diet, eat more nourishing foods, pay attention to rest, and keep yourself in a comfortable state.

Normal menstrual volume is 50~80ml, and the cycle is seven days, individual The menstrual cycle is five days. During menstruation, everyone should not eat irritating foods, foods that are too cold, and eat more foods containing iron to promote local recovery. Everyone should also pay attention to hygiene in the private parts and change sanitary napkins frequently to avoid bacterial growth.