Problem description: During this period of time, I have always had difficulty breathing and coughing frequently. I was diagnosed with a pneumothorax by the doctor. Is the pneumothorax a pulmonary cyanosis?
Question date:2020-10-23
Patient information:Age: 43 Sex: Male
Pneumothorax is usually pulmonary cyanosis.
Pneumothorax is mostly caused by lung disease. It is also related to the trauma. In the early stage, the symptoms will be less obvious. However, as the disease worsens, it will cause pain in the chest. Some patients will also have symptoms such as chest tightness and breathing difficulties. If it is particularly severe, it is necessary Go to the hospital for oxygen inhalation to relieve, but also need to cooperate with antibiotics for treatment.
During the use of drugs, the diet needs to be adjusted, try not to eat spicy and greasy food, but also to quit smoking and alcohol to prevent serious aggravation.
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