Overtime at noon on weekends, my husband who had never been in the kitchen called and said he would eat his own fried eggs. I thought my husband was mature, but he didn’t want his “first time” to crash me. I fry an egg fried rice, my husband made nearly 20 calls to harass me, and one of these calls is more creative than the other, as follows:
  Phone 1. Wife, where are the eggs?
  Phone 2. Eggs are not used Wash? Where do I put the detergent if I want to wash it?
  Phone 3. Is the egg stir-fried in a smooth needle direction fried deliciously? Or is the egg stir-fried in a counterclockwise direction fried delicious?
  Phone 4. Where is the mop? I stirred the eggs in the bowl to the ground.
  Phone 5. When scrambled eggs, should I put the egg first or put the oil first?
  Phone 6. Where is the safflower oil placed? My hands are so hot that the oil hurts.
  Phone 7. The egg is fried, is there any egg at home?
  Phone 8. Oops, I made a fool and poured Zhenghonghua oil as salad oil into the pot. To make matters worse, I poured the freshly-boiled eggs.
  Phone 9. There seems to be no eggs at home. I want to borrow some from the neighbor’s house. Honey, what’s the name of my neighbor’s surname?
  Telephone 10. The borrowed eggs seem to be more aura and malleable than my eggs. Although I forgot to put salt, it was fried by me. However, I found that there is no ready-made rice at home. It is really “a hard time for a husband to cook fried rice without eggs”. Where is the rice? I cooked it myself.
  Telephone 11. How many kilograms of water do I need to add to cook three or two rice? Where is the scale at home? I use it to weigh rice and water.
   Phone 12. The rice has been out of the pot for more than three minutes, is the rice cooked?
   Phone 13. God, water vapor is hotter than oil, is there still safflower oil at home?
Phone 14. Oops, I don’t know if it’s too much water or too little rice, and it’s cooked into rice. It seems there is no way to fry the egg fried rice. I’ll cook the egg porridge.
  Telephone 15. The book says to order oil in the porridge when cooking porridge. What should I do with the oil? Use fire?
  Telephone 16. My God, my hand trembles when I order oil, and I order more. All the half bottles of oil were filled into the porridge.
  Phone 17. The taste of this porridge was okay when I ate it in my mouth. When I took the second spoon, I felt a bit tangled. Now I have the third spoon and I start to feel a little sick. Is it okay to feed the remaining dogs at home?
  Phone 18. It’s almost 3pm, I haven’t even eaten lunch yet. What’s the phone number for takeaway food downstairs?