See how a person will end his life in the end.
  If you don’t believe me, I can swear a decree to take an oath in the presence of civil and military officials. No matter which way you choose to die, I have nothing to say.
   A kind of snickering covered my face. In front of so many civil and military officials, you can’t even regret it.
   I wrote my own way of death on the paper with a pen in my mouth, and then looked at the thin piece of paper that proclaimed my destiny and sent it to Yunjun’s hand, watching him slowly open it, see Gradually, his face changed to the color of the liver, not to mention how happy it was in my heart.
  The pair of dead fish eyes stared at me tightly, the air suddenly solidified, and I was afraid that he would change his mind.
  Finally, a soldier came to open the shackles for me, and then I heard the voice of Yun Jun’s tone change: Gao Ze, you have a kind.
   I laughed in the sky, patted my sleeve, and drove away.
Behind   , the piece of paper that says “natural death” was torn to pieces and scattered with the wind…