On this day, Kong Jiakuan suddenly received a call. A person who claimed to be Zhong Awol said that he saw a ghost driving under the Anhui Bridge. Kong Jiakuan and Zhong Alang met in detail at a coffee shop outside Andingmen.

Zhong Alang is in his thirties and is a bookseller. He said that he lived near Wuluju and sent his six- or seven-year-old daughter to the Asian Games Village Primary School every day. Two days ago, while passing Anhui Bridge and waiting for the green light, her daughter Xiaoya suddenly pointed to a silver-gray Jetta and said, “Dad, look, there is a female ghost in the car driving.”

Zhong Awol didn’t believe it, blamed her daughter for not talking nonsense. The next day, at that time, Zhong Awol was still waiting for the green light at the intersection. The daughter suddenly pulled his clothes and said, “Dad, look at that gray car is coming again.” This time Zhong Awol looked at the driver’s cab deliberately. Sure enough, she saw a woman with long hair blocking half of it. The face, the other half of the face was dead grey, and the eyes stared at the front stiffly, and the hand holding the steering wheel seemed to be dark purple. What makes Zhong Awol strange is that there is a middle-aged man sitting in the back seat of the car, with a hair type and big eyes. The nose is a typical lion nose, a suit and leather shoes, and a senior white-collar dress. Just as he froze, the car drove past.

The daughter asked: “Dad, have you seen the female ghost?”

Zhong Awol is very scared After the daughter had finished, she called Kong Jiakuan. “Mr. Kong, I read the “Kyoto Ghost Talk” you wrote every time. Do you think it’s a hell?”

Kong Jiakuan said: “The face is dead gray, now there are many Women’s thick makeup, the powder is a few centimeters thick. The hands are black and purple, maybe people are wearing purple and black gloves. Are you sure, are you looking at the flowers?”

Zhong Awol shook his head again and again: “Impossible, my daughter saw it first, and then I saw it again. How could both of them be wrong?”

Kong Jiakuan said: “Well, I will wait for tomorrow, let’s check it again. What time do you see the female ghost?”

“Seven o’clock in the morning About 30!” Zhong Awol said.

The next day, Kong Jiakuan and Zhong Alang came to the Anhui Bridge at 7:15 and waited. However, until eight o’clock, there was no silver-grey Jetta car. Kong Jiakuan shook his head and said, “It may be that your father and daughter are looking at the flowers. Otherwise, why are we gone when we look at it together?”

Zhong Alang also flickered and said: “Mr. Kong, anyway, I pick up my daughter to school every day, I will pay attention to it later.”

After two days, Kong Jiakuan received a call from Zhong Awol again, saying that he and his daughter watched again It’s time for the car driven by the female ghost. And he also wrote down the number of that car-JB2044X.