An Lei has been confronting his own undead for several hours, and he always wants to stop talking…

The wind in autumn is always a bit cold, and the undead seem to feel such a chill. , Turned around, quietly asked again softly: “What the hell do you want?”

Looking at his sleeping wife, An Lei finally summoned the courage to say to the vague undead: “I want money!”

The undead turned around fiercely, with a face exactly like An Lei, but with a little blood, and it looked pale and grim in the dark, and the undead seemed to be interested in approaching and approaching He looked at An Lei’s face carefully, and of course An Lei could not feel its breath, because it was his own undead, but he talked to his own face and behaved differently. As if looking into the mirror to see another person doing different actions, it always seemed strange. Although hundreds of times after such a conversation, An Lei still turned his head a little in shock…

“Hahahaha, An Lei, you are afraid of me, you are afraid of your undead…” Undead began to laugh!

“Small point, you laugh so loudly!” An Lei looked nervously at his sleeping wife and said angrily!

“An Lei, why are you still not used to it, I am your undead, how many times do I have to tell you, of course, only you can see me! What a fool!”

An Lei sighed in his heart, why have he always forgotten that it was not the people standing at the window, but his own undead!

“What do you want money for?” The undead raised his head and kept his distance from An Lei!

“Fuck, what do I want money for? I want a bigger house. My wife wants to buy more clothes. The child is going to primary school. The large sponsorship fee has not yet been paid. It’s not all TMD that money solves!” An Lei cursed in his heart, but he didn’t dare to flash a trace of dissatisfaction, his own undead had been cultivated so that it would soon change from ghost to immortal, and it would be a great offense!