Recently, because of insomnia, Wen Li has been lackluster recently, and her dark circles have become more and more obvious.

When a colleague asked her if something happened, Wen Li always sighed helplessly, and finally remained silent.

After work that day, Wen Li returned to her home as usual and cooked her meals. After eating, she didn’t wash the bowls, so she lay on the sofa with her tired body and drowsiness. Here. Just when she slept dimly, the feeling came again, her neck seemed to be tightened by something, she wanted to yell, but she couldn’t speak, her limbs could not move, and Wen Li’s consciousness was sober, she knew Realized that this is not a ghost press. Unlike a ghost press, this is a feeling of being bound by a rope. After a long, long time, Wen Li finally fell asleep again. Until dawn, this awakening, Wen Li was more tired.

For this matter, Wenli also went to the hospital. After the doctor’s examination at, she said that she was nervous, and then prescribed a bunch of medicine for her. But every night at night, after Wenli took the medicine to fall asleep, this sense of restraint remained as usual.

In the evening a few days later, Wen Li was lying on the sofa watching TV, and she stayed on the couch, not sleeping. The screen was filled with a series of advertisements, and Wen Li didn’t pay attention to it, just to To keep herself from falling asleep, she turned the TV volume to the maximum, and she was afraid that she would fall into the feeling of being bound once she fell asleep. At this time, the sound of ticking came from the bathroom, Wen Li was very strange, the TV volume is so loud, why can you hear the sound of dripping water from the bathroom. Wen Li came to the door of the bathroom, turned on the light, and the faucet was tightly closed. There was nothing dripping. Suspecting that she had heard it wrong, Wen Li turned off the light and went back to the sofa to continue to lie down. However, just after lying down, the dripping, clicking, dropping, and clicking sounds sounded again. Wen Li checked all the places in the house again, but still couldn’t find the source of the sound. Finally, Wenli gave up, thinking that it was the sound of the upstairs, maybe the house above was dripping. All night, Wen Li didn’t sleep, watching TV until dawn, and then tired to get dressed to work.

After work that day, Wen Li unexpectedly met an old friend who had not been in contact for a long time, called Alian. They were former high school classmates and went to college After that, there was no contact, and after graduating from the United Arab Emirates, it happened to be assigned to a company near Wenli to work, and the two happened to meet. Wen Li did not have any special feelings for Ah Lian. When she met, she only spoke politely, and Ah Lian was the same. She even disgusted Wen Li. However, the two of them still left each other with contact information, and then quickly dispersed.

After being separated from Ali, Wen Li was caught in the memory of a high school event, which was a guilt for Ali. During the first year of high school, Wen Li and another girl named Xiao Shi secretly fell in love with Ban Cao Junhui at the time. Wen Li was very scheming, and Xiao Shi was innocent. Whenever Xiao Shi wanted to show Junhui a favor, Wen Li Can find a way to stop Xiao Shi’s plan, And seize the opportunity to get close to Junhui. The United League likes Xiao Shi but dare not confess. On one occasion, Xiao Shi made a package of cookies by himself, and wanted to give it to Junhui after school and confession, but because Xiao Shi was simple and could not keep the secret, the news also reached Wenli’s ears for a time. Wen Li also saw Junhui seem to have a kind of love for Xiao Shi on weekdays. If Xiao Shi confessed to him, Jun Hui would probably accept it. When he was going to class, Wen Li saw Xiao Shi hurried in. In the bathroom, she also followed in and took the broom in the corner to lock the door of Xiao Shi, when the class bell rang, Wenli returned to the classroom with pride, and began to pass notes with Junhui, the content became more and more Ambiguous, the teacher saw that Xiao Shi was not there, and said: “It is not appropriate to run around during class time. Who reminds me to call her to my office after class.”