What to do if static electricity occurs in winter

I believe that many friends have encountered static electricity in winter. For example, when they touch other people, or touch some metal objects, they will be suddenly electrocuted. After electricity, it will produce a slight tingling sensation. It is fine once or twice occasionally. If it is often charged by static electricity, it is not a good taste. Then why is there static electricity in winter and what to do if static electricity occurs in winter?

The reason why static electricity is easy to generate in winter is that the dry air in winter makes it difficult to conduct static electricity. In addition, winter clothes are mostly made of chemical fiber materials. The generated static electricity will be particularly obvious. If you want to avoid the troubles caused by static electricity, you can take two methods to prevent it.

Preventing refers to preventing the generation of static electricity. For example, in winter, you can wear pure cotton clothing, reduce wearing chemical fiber clothing, and pay attention to drinking water every day to maintain body humidity , Or apply moisturizer frequently. Note that not only the hands, but also the parts of the body covered by clothes need to be applied. Keeping the humidity in the room is also one of the important means. You can place a basin in the room or use it. A humidifier is also available.

Release refers to the release of static electricity from the body, which can avoid static electricity damage. For example, after watching TV or using the computer, you can wash your hands and face immediately, or touch the doorknob Before you touch the door, wall, cotton cloth, etc., metal objects such as faucets, etc. can release the excess static electricity in the body, so as to reduce the chance of being charged by static electricity.