A pale white fishbone bracelet with faint bloodshot lines on it. Zhuang Xiaoxian felt familiar, holding the bracelet in her hand, cold and seemingly not warm.

She was electrocuted suddenly and threw the fish bone bracelet out. The bracelet fell on the wooden floor and made a tinkling sound-she remembered seeing such a bracelet somewhere.

That was when she was finishing her remains in the funeral home, there was a dead Malay who left such a bracelet.

Some knowledgeable people say that in Malaysia, fishbone bracelets are a symbol of auspiciousness and protect the body. So Malays like to carry one with them.

However, Zhuang Xiaoxian thinks that this is not appropriate.

The Malay died in a car accident. His death was extremely miserable and completely unrecognizable. It seemed that the car rolled over him, turned around, and crushed his head.

The fish bone bracelet entered the crematorium with the Malays. However, the person was burned to gray ashes, but the bracelet was intact.

Some firemen were used to the deceased’s things and wanted to take this strange bracelet back. But as soon as he started, he put it aside and had the bracelet and the ashes put in the box and sent it to the storage room.

In his words, the bracelet was burnt in the fire, and it turned out to be cold, like a human being.

Zhuang Xiaoxian walked over and kicked the bracelet to the corner of the wall, and her heart became more stable.

This bracelet was brought up by the owner of the newly opened restaurant downstairs, who is also a Malay. Zhuang Xiaoxian thought, this Malay seemed to know the way of business very well. The day he opened his business, he sent small gifts from door to door to solicit business. www.guidaye.com

Thinking of this, Zhuang Xiaoxian felt that I should go to the restaurant once and taste the deliciousness there. At any rate, He and the restaurant are also considered as neighbors upstairs and downstairs. Although they don’t like the presents they give, they are also their hearts.