Today is Sunday, my wife is going to work in the old county, and we live in the new county 20 miles away. Since she is a conductor at the station, the morning driver called to inform her to take the first bus. 4:50, the call came. So I got up and rode with her to the gate of Anxian Middle School, three miles away. Since I went home at 5 in the morning when I was fighting the landlord a few days ago, I saw that the road she was riding on was very dark and there was no one. I suddenly felt that she was very unsafe. I thought that I hadn’t sent her off for more than a year. Guilt.
I think, fortunately, I often do good deeds. For more than a year, no one has robbed my wife!
I decided to send her off every morning in the future.
In the morning, I arranged for my 7-year-old son to do his homework and go shopping on the street. I saw new taro. Although it was expensive, I still bought 3 jin, and decided to cook taro ribs for both of them at noon. I am delicious. This is the main reason why my wife grew from 98 pounds when she married me to 127 pounds now!
When she came back almost at 1 o’clock, my taro-roasted pork ribs had already been waiting for her in the pot. I shoveled a large plate and put it on the table, I thought, their mothers would be very happy. I tasted it beforehand and it was delicious, especially the new taro with a great taste.
The son ate a piece of taro and spit it out, saying: It’s too unpalatable!
I smiled, what does this 7-year-old kid know?
The wife ate a few pieces and said: Which one is cooking ribs with taro? It is delicious when stewed with lotus root.
I said: Do you know how much a pound of new taro is? And how much is a catty lotus root? Don’t you think it tastes bad?
I was very disappointed when I heard her say these few words.
She said: Not so much, I can barely eat it.
After listening to these few words she said, I was eating very delicious taro-roasted pork ribs, without any pleasure in my heart. Don’t expect her to be affirmed for your labor today. Someone pays only a little at home, and his wife is full of praise; no matter how much I pay at home, she thinks it should! So many beautiful things ended up making me like a piece of shit in my heart. Could it be that my lover and I murdered her in the last life, so I have to pay her back so much in this life?
After waiting for a while, she said: The ribs are not cooked!
My question: Why?
She said: The meat around the bones is still red!
I am furious! A few months ago, I had a big quarrel with her about this matter. Why is it here again today? I called her stupid as a pig that time because she was too angry. I told her that you can disrespect me, but you can’t believe in science! The ribs are on the upper layer of the refrigerator, not frozen, so they are as fresh as they are on the market. Such fresh ribs have been boiled in a pot on high heat for more than an hour, would you say she is not cooked? Throw someone in, I’m afraid it will cook to death several times! Are you going to leave it on the table and retching?
I said: last time we all did thisScolded, why are you here again today? Saying that you are smarter than anyone else, I don’t know how stupid you are like a beast in this matter! I got angry as I said, and finally scolded her.
She was still talking uncooked words, throwing some ribs on the table, and spitting on the floor. Thinking that this little ribs had been burned in the pot for more than an hour, she was still there and said she was unfamiliar, I really wished that a rolling stick would kill her under the table!
I walked out angrily and walked back and forth on the embankment of Jili River outside Changxing Modern City in the residential area, trying to find a reason to let my anger disappear from my chest.
But after walking for more than an hour, I can’t find any reason to eliminate it!
In the end, I yelled at the deserted river beach a dozen or so with a single sentence, only to feel that I had retaliated fiercely against my wife and my mood calmed down. This sentence is: You are forcing me to steal people! Why do you force me to steal people! But I don’t want to steal people! ! !