A group of retired old cadres under Nanhe Bridge were talking fiercely there. It turned out that they were talking about the new county magistrate. After a few hours of talking and enjoying themselves, everyone disappeared one by one.
But this made Uncle Wu feel uneasy when he returned home. After thinking about it for a long time, he felt that if he didn’t write a letter to the new county magistrate, he would be sorry for everyone and himself. So he wrote several times, and a mature letter to the county magistrate came out.
After the letter was sent, he remembered all the contents. He wrote in the letter–
Dear County Magistrate XXX:
Nothing surprises the people of the county with your arrival. Why, because the county magistrate has changed too much over the years. Some leave in half a year, some leave in more than a year, up to two to three years, and those who can do it for ten or eight years have never heard of it. Presumably you are also “rushing” when you come, and “rushing” when you go.
I am a retired veteran cadre, and I want to say a few words to you. No matter how “rushing” you are, please be sure to benefit the people. How to benefit the people? It’s not about how much money you can fight for. You have to hire more big businessmen, so that the financial and working farmers will have real benefits. In the past seven or eight years, no county head has hired a business with an investment of more than 100 million yuan. How can he benefit the people?
If you cannot benefit the people, please do not disturb the people. Let them cultivate and rejuvenate, their wealth grows one centimeter by one centimeter, and only increases and does not decrease. Even if you don’t contribute a bit, you will be a great hero to the people of the county if you leave!
You must never hurt the people. If you want to do some political achievement projects on it, it will cost tens of millions to hundreds of millions, and you will squeeze the bone-marrow-like financial resources of all aspects of the county to do this, so that you can climb on your own in the future, then you are hurting the people. Yes, what you did was a terrible thing of conscience.
There have been a dozen county magistrates here in the past two decades. He is a good man and a bad man, and the eyes of the people are discerning.
Seventeen years ago, a county magistrate Ma came here. He loves to walk down the countryside to learn about the situation. One day, in the cold winter, he came to the place where the embankment was built. Like the peasants, he took his feet into the cold water to dig out the river with everyone. This matter has still made the whole county people full of praise.
Ten years ago, a county magistrate Zhu came here and asked counties, towns, villages, and groups to set up large-scale industries. At that time, hundreds of industrial enterprises were set up. Five years later, they all closed! As a result, the county owed a debt of more than 700 million yuan, and the people of the county could not pay it for 90 years. We are so poor now, and the country has given us many opportunities to increase wages. We have not longed for it, all because of this debt. And no one can tell how much money he took away. Anyway, he played mahjong with others only for one thousand yuan, and he won or lost tens of thousands of times without blinking. Fortunately, he was overwhelmed with a psychological burden after the increase, and he had cancer, which gave us a very happy breath!
County Mayor Ma has left us for so many years, we all call him Master Qingtian!
What about County Mayor Zhu? Maybe the whole county is 99% Of people scold him. Everyone around me, whenever they mentioned him, they scolded him for giving birth to him when he was a fucking bitch!
A retired veteran cadre August 28th