Tian Qihua drove for the leader. To be precise, he drove for the head of the Municipal Construction Bureau, Director Sun. The license plate number starts with the word “king”. Don’t underestimate the word “king”. Outsiders see it as a municipal agency. Your car, wherever you go.
Driving such a car, as long as it is within the city limits, no one dares to check your car and fine you, even if you speed, run a red light, or even hit someone, that is an understatement.
It seems that the leader is the leader, and the treatment is different. But what makes Tian Qihua not understand is that sometimes he is driving an empty car, and the leader is not in the car. The traffic policeman salutes the car he is driving. , He really can’t stand it! Why is this?
“Does it mean that you can get credit for driving to the leader? Isn’t this just like pulling the flag and pulling the tiger’s skin?” Sometimes Tian Qihua himself thinks so.
In fact, the traffic police recognize the car but not the person. How can they have the time to see if there is someone or no one in your car? A salute is just a respect for the leaders inside.