Editor’s note: Zhiming’s pursuit of Yingying failed. He drunk Yingying with wine, and then took pornographic photos. The pornographic photos spread all over the Internet. Yingying couldn’t stand the blow of rumors. She committed suicide by jumping off the building. My sister knew the truth. After bumping into walls, she used her own way to seek revenge on Zhiming, which is also a punishment for Zhiming. If you do bad things, you will be punished. The story is tortuous and emotional.


Zhiming got out of his Cadillac with a car full of women’s fragrance. Surrounded by mist in the shower, Zhiming leaned relaxedly in the luxurious bathtub, as if lying in the gentle town of some strange woman last night. He leaned against the bathtub with his head supported on one hand, and the woman who wanted to refuse and met at the Royal Nightclub that day was still wandering in his mind. This is a sexy and amorous woman who not only wants to enjoy but also wants to own it.

Zhiming’s father is a big boss, his father’s marriage is a typical business marriage, and his father really loves Zhiming’s mother. Although his father loves him very much, in the eyes of others, he is just a lover’s child, just a shameless wild species. In this way, Zhi Ming grew up amidst the doting of his father and mother and the rumors of others. Because of this, Zhiming wanders around all day and night, doing whatever he wants.

Poverty can destroy good human nature, while public opinion and social morality can destroy a good life, even life.

Although Zhiming wants to see her very much at this moment, he will not take the initiative to make requests to women. He has a tall and well-proportioned figure of a man’s standard, a handsome face, luxurious and decadent eyes, and a wealthy background. His heart is empty, but he never lacks women.

The phone on the sofa rang again, and it was another strange call. He was about to hang up again, but suddenly he remembered the charming woman who asked for his call.

“Hello, who?”

“Finally decided to answer my call, handsome Cadillac.”

“Miss me? Beauty.”

“If I just want to, can I call you?”

” Does that need me?”

“Beautiful, you, if you have time tomorrow, come and see my photography exhibition?”

“Is it right? Have your nude art photos?”

“Come on, you will know.”

“Okay, I will.”

“Waiting for you.”