It was almost noon that day before Ding Xiaoshan got up. He felt his head was a little flustered, but he opened the door of the room and prepared to start the day’s “business”. Suddenly, on the wall on the side of the living room, he saw a Only red eyes!

It was an eyeball painted on the wall, about ten centimeters in diameter. The white of its eyes was covered with bloodshot eyes, and the pupils were filled with dark red blood, which looked very strange. ! Ding Xiaoshan looked at it for a long time, and couldn’t help but fought a cold war. He helped his glasses and touched it carefully, but there was nothing strange. But where did this come from? The door was closed well last night! The more he thought about it, the more he was afraid, he hurriedly went to the community security.

Although this is an ordinary community, many people know that there is a “Master Ding” living here, and many people come to him for fortune-telling. He also calls himself a “national famous numerology master, Director of Chinese Numerology Association”! However, many people call him “Ding Banxian”. On this day, the security guard of the community suddenly saw Ding Banxian rushing to his room, saying that someone had entered his room last night, and asked them about their inability to guard against it. He also dragged them to the house, pointed to a wall, and said there were some paintings on it. “Red Eyes”. The security guards all looked at each other, because they saw that the wall was nice, there was nothing!

Ding Xiaoshan is in a hurry. With such a big eyeball on the wall, are these security guards invisible? He pulled a few neighbors to look at it, but no one said angrily that the wall was clean and there were no eyeballs! Ding Xiaoshan was about to call the police angrily, but he was worried that he would lose the face of his fortune-telling. At this time, the “clients” who came to him for fortune-telling had arrived in waves. He had to put the matter aside for the time being, and put out an unpredictable picture. Looks like, I began to test people’s prospects, criticize marriage, count the eight characters…

Most of the day has passed. Although Ding Shanshan’s “business” is very good, only he can see the one on the wall. But his eyes kept distracting him, and he always felt that something was looking at him, so that he almost missed his mouth in front of guests several times. After waiting for no one, Ding Xiaoshan closed the door to wipe off the eyeball, but he didn’t know what paint it was painted with. He couldn’t wipe it off with sandpaper! In the hectic, the phone on the desk rang, Ding Xiaoshan picked up the phone, and a faint woman’s voice came from inside: “Do you like my eyes?”

Ding Xiaoshan scared There was a shudder, the microphone almost fell to the ground! Who is this? He involuntarily glanced at the eye on the wall again, and felt that it was flashing with a strange monster light, and the blood-colored pupils were staring at him! He forced his composure, cleared his throat and asked, “Who are you? Where are you?” The voice on the phone said, “I’m on the wall, I’m waiting for you!”

A chill rose from the bottom of Ding Xiaoshan’s heart. He hung up the phone in fright. He looked around. The door was closed and the curtains were tightened. On the 12th floor. He is the only person in this room. He stabilized his mind and said his heart! In order not to see these bloody eyes in the room anymore, and fortune-telling is also easy for him, Ding Xiaoshan thought for a long time and agreed.

Two days later, there really is a person who looks like what the female ghost said, looking for Ding Xiaoshan to tell the fortune. The man in his fifties is a middle-aged man who is a bit old, with a majesty in his face, and the red mole on the left eyebrow is very conspicuous. The man said that because of some troubles recently, he had heard of Master Ding’s divine fortune, and heard that the master had just opened his heavenly eyes, so he wanted to ask the master for a fortune. Ding Xiaoshan knew that this was what the female ghost said. He looked at the middle-aged man for a long time, and then he asked for a price of eight thousand.

To tell the truth, Ding Xiaoshan shouted out the price, and his heart beat the drum. But the female ghost said that the price must be called, otherwise the person will leave. Sure enough, the middle-aged man listened to Ding Shanshan’s quotation. Not only was he not surprised, he smiled and nodded, saying: “Master Ding is really extraordinary, unlike some numerologists, who only cost two to three hundred yuan per opening. Is his life worth that little money?” After speaking, he took out a large pile of money from his briefcase, and before counting, he pushed it down in front of Ding Xiaoshan.