This is what the sixth person said. But I doubt its authenticity, it always feels like a movie bridge.

When the sixth child was in high school, there was a classmate in his class who liked pranks. In the second year of high school, the whole class lives in an agricultural base in the suburbs. Boys all try to jump out of the wall at night, no way, nature.

In contrast, the sixth child is a good boy. Never thought of it at all. But Jia, who likes pranks, will not let him go.

Finally one night, the sixth child was so excited that he followed a few people to climb the wall. The original project after going out was to go to the small shop in the town to buy food. (Xuenong base, there are 4,5 miles away from the town) But as we walked, Lao Liu and the others separated. The helpless sixth decided immediately and boldly walked back. If he couldn’t walk one mile, the sixth person felt there was something in the ground beside the road. The sixth child told himself, don’t watch it. But the more I think about it, the more nervous I get.

The sixth child finally couldn’t resist the temptation, so he glanced at it with the corner of light. There are white things floating in the ground. Suddenly, he seemed to find that the sixth child was looking at it, and he drifted towards the sixth child unhurriedly.

The sixth child started to move in a straight line at a speed that despised Liu Xiang. As for how to get over the wall, how to go upstairs, how to get back to the dormitory, because these processes are so fluid, so the sixth one does not remember. When the sixth man came back, he returned to the dormitory for more than half an hour. The sixth child needed comfort, so he told the students what happened just now. The strange thing is that almost every word he said drew a burst of laughter. The loudest laugh is the one who loves pranks.

This embarrassing situation was ended by the sixth sentence: “I saw two patches of white fog in the ground, and one followed me.” No one laughed. Up.

The next day. Both Lao Liu and Jia fell ill. The doctor diagnosed the fever as an external cold. Naturally, the sixth child learned a few days later that the white mist chasing him was a white sheet of Jia and Jia. What about the other one? There is no answer.

The sixth man told this story in our dormitory. In the end, he summarized the main idea of ​​the story: “Anyone who scares me will never end.”

I think the sixth person is now doing advertising, which is really right.