Lin Wensheng, a college student at school, a new star of horror literature, on the sales charts of major bookstores, his first book can be said to be out of stock everywhere, the first week , It achieved 1 million sales in one month.

A reporter asked him: “Where does Mr. Lin’s inspiration come from?”

“Heh! I really want to answer your question. But this should be regarded as my business secret. If someone secretly learns it, then I will have no food to eat.” Lin Wensheng replied.

The publishing house hosted a luxurious celebration for Lin Wensheng. After all, a book can be sold for millions of copies. It is an amazing achievement in Taiwan. The publishing house also Because of Lin Wensheng’s books, he became famous, and his wealth was rolling in.

It’s just that during this celebration banquet, a person looked at Lin Wensheng with a disdainful attitude, and he walked towards Lin Wensheng with two glasses of champagne.

“Mr. Lin, congratulations on the popularity of your book.”

“Thank you! Have we met each other?”
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“No! We haven’t met each other.”

“Which manufacturer are you then?”

Because this celebration banquet is a private banquet, only manufacturers and VIPs invited by the publisher can participate.

“I am not a manufacturer, I am…”

I saw the stranger approaching Lin Wensheng’s ear and whispered, “I’m a The poor man whose article was stolen.”

Lin Wensheng was startled, and the champagne in his hand sprinkled out unconsciously.

“Mr. Lin, are you okay.” The person next to him asked kindly.

“No, no…I’m fine.”

After Lin Wensheng wiped off the wine stains in his hands, he looked up again, the stranger The person is gone.

Lin Wensheng patted the people around him and asked: “Old Zhao, where is the person next to me just now?”

“Who “

“It’s just… forget it! It’s okay!”

When the celebration banquet was over, Lin Wensheng took the smell of wine with him. The satisfied look returned to the house he bought with the manuscript fee. When he sat on a leather sofa worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, the feeling made him scream out comfortably.

“Ah, you get what you pay for. High-end products are different when you sit up.”

He took out one from his arms. I flipped through this dilapidated notebook, and some of the contents in it were the articles in his book!

“Unexpectedly, the notebook I found in a broken room contains such a good article. When I read it myself, I was shocked at first, so many weird stories and superb stories. The writing style is really a treasure! I didn’t expect to just copy a few chapters in it and fill in the words of a book, so that the book will sell out, I’m rich, hahaha…”
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Just when Lin Wensheng was immersed in the fascinating fantasy, he suddenly heard someone talking in his ear.

“Stealing my article, and still being complacent over there!”

This sudden voice terribly scared Lin Wenshengyi. Jumping, I saw him hurriedly put the book in his arms and looked around: “Who? Who is? Who is talking over there?” Lin Wensheng looked around, but didn’t look at it.

Halfway through the figure, after looking around for a while, no sound was heard in his ears, so he had to comfort himself by drunk too much.

“Let’s stop talking nonsense. If you drink too much, you will have auditory hallucinations? Do you think you are making a movie!”

The strange voice rang in the ear again Bring a familiar voice, this time Lin Wensheng didn’t think it was a hallucination, could it? Did you really meet that stuff?

“Yes, not bad. I have strong judgment instantly, but unfortunately I refuse to accept the facts.”

Upon hearing this sentence, Lin Wensheng’s entire face It turned pale, but he didn’t expect him to meet a good brother.

“You…you…who are you…I…I didn’t mess with you…” Lin Wensheng asked, facing the empty room around him.

“Poor memory, I didn’t say at the beginning, you misappropriated my article.”

Lin Wensheng’s heart moved, could it be ? That notebook is…

“Yes! That notebook belongs to me, so I will retrieve it now.”

< br/> Get it back? What’s a joke, he finally made a fortune with this notebook, now he wants to get it back?

The thought that the opportunity to make a fortune would be taken away, Lin Wensheng became bolder.

“Big Brother Ghost… I found this notebook… Anyway, you don’t need it, can you give it to me? I… I promise I will burn more gold paper For you.”

“Oh! What does this mean? Do you want to use money to buy my notebook?”

Hearing that there seemed to be a little negotiable feeling, Lin Wensheng immediately drove a lot of attractive…attracting ghost conditions, such as Mercedes-Benz, house, golden paper servant, as long as you want itHe said that he wanted to burn it, and the exaggerated thing was that he also said that he wanted to burn a group of twelve golden hairpin beauties for the ghost brother to enjoy.

“Hehe! The conditions you offered are really attractive to me. I ask you, do you really want that notebook?”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Wensheng nodded frantically without hesitation.

“Then I will ask you one thing first, you must answer me honestly.”

“Ghost…Please tell me, Brother ghost. “

“Which pages of articles did you use? And, did you write anything on it?”

“This …I used the first few pages, and…I wrote my own name on the last page.”

“Oh! Hahaha…” After laughing wildly, a gust of wind blew, and Lin Wensheng couldn’t open his eyes at all. When Lin Wensheng opened his eyes again, it was not his comfortable living room.

“This…Where is this?”

Lin Wensheng’s question was quickly answered.

“Don’t you think the scenery in front of you is very familiar?”

After Lin Wensheng heard it, he looked at the scene in front of him, an antique building There are two stone lions missing their heads in the Sanheyuan, and the doorplate says “Feiyun Temple”… Is this? Isn’t this the scenery described in the notebook!

“Oh, people can scare people when they write ghost stories, but if ghosts write ghost stories, then it would be even more scary.”

“You found my book , You actually wrote your name, did you know? The protagonist in my book doesn’t have a name yet.”

“Now it happens. Now that you have written your name, let you Be the protagonist in my story, hahaha…”

As soon as Lin Wensheng finished listening, he collapsed on the ground. He had read the entire notebook and it was very strange. , Horror and blood, and the protagonist’s experience is even more miserable. Just after thinking about the content, Lin Wensheng’s stomach hurts suddenly, and tens of thousands of maggots burst out of his belly button. He remembered the first A story…

“No! Help…”

“Xiao Lin, have you bought the most recent book Huh?”

“Are you talking about that ghost story without a name?”

“Yes! That book is great Ah, the first-class writing and the story is special.”

“I bought it too! It’s just that the protagonist’s name in there is so familiar…”

“Yes! The protagonist is called’Lin Wensheng’, how do you think you have seen it somewhere?”

“Help! Let me out…ah…”