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Ghost festival

All kinds of poisonous gases on the ground like to eat it. Today, the world uses more gas and it should be properly handled. 35. Raksha Ghost: This is the general name of the evil spirit, with a black body and green eyes, extremely fierce. Female evil spirits are collectively known as Luocha privates, which are often the most beautiful women, and they are not known as evil spirits. 36… Read More

What are the scruples about ghost festival

July 14 is commonly known as the Ghost Festival. According to legend, the ghost gates of the underworld were opened, and countless ghosts swarmed to the sun for a holiday. During the ghost festival every year, traditional customs will prepare sacrifices to appease the ghosts, and hope that “they” will eat and get drunk and receive money and clothing. Human nature has righteousness, evil, good and evil, and seven emotions.. Read More

A rainy night

Are you listening? This is a real thing. That was when I was in junior high school, and I lived in the school dormitory. It was hot in the summer of the year! One night because of the hot weather, the people in the dormitory were out of water, talking and laughing noisily. I like to be clean, so I got up and walked outside to find a quiet place.. Read More

See if there is

In such a busy and busy life, few people will know that there is such a mountain village. There are only dozens of villagers in the whole village. Anyone who has died in the city must be cremated, but this village has always been Maintaining the old method of burial, Zhang’s eldest son went swimming in the pond a few days ago and was drowned. His family was heartbroken. On.. Read More

Remember to go home

It is said that only in extremely gloomy places will there be unclean things. But who can really understand this world? Perhaps behind you, there are eyes looking at you. Don’t scare you first, because there is a story, presumably you listen to it, you know. There is such a school, junior high school. The fame is not very famous. In terms of the current thinking, it is a wild.. Read More

Wraith under the elm tree

The summer in the countryside is always very lively, and the laughter of the children is always so happy. In the east of the village, there is a big elm tree that can’t be hugged by a few people. Under the tree is naturally the most popular place for people to go to. Although it is not necessary to cool off at night, listening to the sound of the wind.. Read More


My master was invited by some bosses in the wood rhinoceros garden to see Feng Shui and Cailu. It was her turn to show a female boss, the master was taken by her to her house (her house is on the 4th floor). When everyone was talking together, the master noticed that the mother of the female boss had a bad ear, but looking at the pattern of feng shui.. Read More

Masked ghost

1The little stone stood up, making the half bag of grain on the back more obedient. Looking at the road still far away, I stepped up my feet and secretly told myself that I must rush home in the dark. My family must be worried for myself and have been out for three days. In the past three days, I didn’t know how many times I went around. Had to.. Read More

Medical corpse

There was a mess in the dust. “Come in.” the owner of the house shouted. Yang Yi didn’t even think about it, so he ran a few steps and pushed in.