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Have you seen the shroud fashion show

This article is from WeChat official account:Road shop (ID: zailushangzazhi), of: clouds, from the head of FIG:” You Are 2 “stills Nowadays when the freedom of dressing is highly tolerated by the society, whether you are a social animal who has to bring two sets of clothes to work, or you will put on a wig and a dress with a wig to watch the transvestite from time to time.. Read More

Little feet old lady

I was woken up by the leader’s phone call before 6 o’clock in the morning, saying that I was leaving on time at 8 o’clock and I was going to the countryside for a medical work meeting! There was no room to struggle, so I hurried to assemble after washing up. I originally thought it should be an experience exchange such as consultation, but I didn’t expect to be taken.. Read More

Yuan Shikai gave three orders to defend Tibet’s sovereignty

  Yuan Shikai, a “thief of the country”, was once called a “traitor” because of the “21 Articles”. However, when he became the interim president of the Republic of China, he issued three orders to defend Tibet’s sovereignty.    On March 10, 1912, Yuan Shikai became the interim president of the Republic of China after Sun Yat-sen. On April 22, he clearly declared in the Presidential Decree: “Now the five.. Read More

Whose city, there is no unfinished building

“Unfinished building” is like a scab that occasionally itchy, maybe some people like its run-down, but more people are waiting for its salvation . This article from the micro-channel public number: City Telescope (ID: onecity1000), Author: King moonlight In an unfinished building, lunatic beggars gathered there. Lonely ghosts and a bunch of hobos. The owner of the building jumped from above twenty years ago. A businessman becomes a beggar and.. Read More

3D special effects artists can “off work”

This article comes fromWeChat Official Account: Qubit (ID: QbitAI), author: Jin Lei, Xiao Xiao, from the title figure: electronic screen waves Do you still remember the wave of SM Entertainment’s electronic screen that exploded a while ago? Manually making such special effects may cost…Well, after all, it is called “every drop of water is money contributed by fans”. But now, scientists such as DeepMind and Stanford have developed a graph.. Read More

This pair of Guangdong youths who have sold pirated copies will live in the hot search this summer

This article is from WeChat official account:one (ID: yitiaotv) author: Chen Zaiwen On July 25th, “Summer of the Band 2” was broadcast. That night, “Wu Tiaoren laughed to death” topped the top search rankings. The next day, “Wu Tiaoren responded and was eliminated” went on top searches again. Five people perform at the “Summer of Band 2” After the show, PeopleSoft comforts the filming director: It’s okay, you can find.. Read More

Will fast charging of mobile phones explode?

Zhongqi Wan Duo Huang Yang from the concave temple Goose bench | public account ebandeng Recently, major mobile phone manufacturers seem to have suddenly become aware of battery charging, with 100W or even 125W taking turns to refresh the screen. The big goose shed tears silently looking at the laptop charger in his early 60W. On the one hand, there are frequent reports of charging technology, and on the other.. Read More

Station B launches “Must Cut” App, benchmarking Douyin “Cut Ying”

Station B version “Cut Ying” is online. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618) , Author: Chen Qiaohui. Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) Head image | IC Photo Bilibili Station B launched a mobile video editing tool for the first time. Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) was exclusively informed that recently, Bilibili released an app called “Be Cut”. Its product positioning is aimed.. Read More