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Shenzhen’s new real estate is still “squeezed”, and I want to see the house without a deposit of 800,000 yuan.

Source|CCTV Finance(ID: cctvyscj ) Head image|IC photo In the first half of this year, the transaction price of second-hand housing in Shenzhen led the country. At present, the average price of commercial housing in Shenzhen is 20% higher than that of Beijing and 16% higher than that of Shanghai. It is based on the principle of “no real estate speculation, one city, one policy” , On July 15, the “New.. Read More

Do you sleep enough every day? Take a look at the sleep patterns of 50 global celebrities

Most famous people sleep less than 8 hours a day The Translation Bureau is its translation team, focusing on science and technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing foreign new technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: When it comes to sleep time, everyone basically regards 8 hours of sleep a day as a standard. Some people believe that enough sleep time can maintain vigor the.. Read More

This Douban 9.4-point drama tells the delusion of the Japanese Internet

This article is from WeChat official account:AppSo (ID: appsolution), author: Lee extraordinary, from the title figure:” half Ze Naoki 2 “ After 7 years, the drama “Naoki Hansawa”, which set the highest ratings record in Japan in the Heisei period, has finally returned. It is still a familiar taste, and Douban’s 9.4 score is even higher than the first season. The story tells that Naoki Hansawa was “distributed” by the.. Read More

Can this e-sports drama break the circle?

Source|Poison Eye(ID : DomoreDumou) Author|He Runxuan Recently, there is a lot of mainstream news about e-sports. For example, Station B and Riot Games jointly announced the strategic cooperation of League of Legends global events, officially obtaining the exclusive live broadcast rights of global events in mainland China for three consecutive years. For example, the 2020 and 2021 League of Legends global finals will be held in China, and even Tencent.. Read More

Internet face dealer: I can help you steal anyone’s privacy

This article is reproduced from “New Weekly (ID: new-weekly) “, author: Ying Bao, title figure: vision China On July 13, Xinhua News Agency disclosed the phenomenon of “scalping human faces”. On the e-commerce platform, there are a number of shops that resell illegally obtained facial information and “photo activation tools”. The seller stated that these faces can perform operations such as “blinking, opening mouth, nodding”, etc., and pass facial recognition.. Read More

Why is the fifth-tier city Kashgar tied with Shenzhen?

This article is from WeChat official account:City Telescope (ID: onecity1000)< / span> , author: King moon, chart title from: vision China The billion-year-old glacier looks down on the thousand-year-old Kashgar From loneliness to excitement From lively to calm again – The author: King moonlight On July 24, an academic discussion in the Proceedings of the Chinese Academy of Sciences sent four cities to hot searches. “How to optimize my country’s.. Read More