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No obvious discomfort, take blood and check the liver

Description of the problem: There is no obvious discomfort, and the liver index is too high for a blood test.Date of the problem: 2020-09-05 Patient information :Age: 37 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, from the uploaded inspection results, the values ​​of alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase High, consider eating too greasy diet recently, excessive staying up late, fatty liver, viral hepatitis, etc. Guide suggestion: It is recommended to pay attention.. Read More

In the middle of the night, watch Pluto fight the “phoenix”

This article is from WeChat official account:nut shell (ID: Guokr42), author: haibaraemily, head Figure from: NASA At 1:50 am Beijing time on October 21st (20th US time), NASA’s first asteroid sampling return mission OSIRIS- The REx(translated as Pluto) probe, will usher in the most exciting moment of the probe-first attempt to land a small Sampling of the surface of the planet Bennu [1]. If all goes well, 4 and a.. Read More


After Liu Ming’s death, his soul came to the underworld and was locked in a dark room by the bull head. Although it’s not bright in the room, you can see the outline clearly. Liu Ming saw that they were locked in this room together. Besides him, there were two other people. One of them was fat and big, weighing two hundred catties to say less; the other was very.. Read More

Asymptomatic dizziness, what should I check?

Problem description: Female, 62 years old, frequent dizziness, normal blood sugar, normal blood pressureDate of problem:2020-09-05 Patient information: Age: 62 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Hello, from the described condition, frequent head dizziness occurs. If the blood pressure and blood sugar values ​​are normal, consider The elderly are caused by insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, high blood lipids, Meniere’s syndrome, cervical spondylosis, and cerebrovascular disease. Guide and.. Read More

Wrong body in the dark night

Heping Garden is a newly developed community. I am a sales lady in Heping Garden. This day I took a new client to see the showroom. Halfway through the house, the client signed a purchase agreement with me. This is the thirteenth house I sold this month. It happened to be the day when I was paid, and I received a heavy red envelope. I smiled at the handsome manager.. Read More

Can I take Yuting contraceptive pills after having sex at the age of 14

Question description: Can I take Yuting contraceptives after having sex at the age of 14? Past medical and surgical history: Yes, I am picky about resectionQuestion date: 2020-09 -05 Patient information:Age: 14 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, if your situation is contraception In the case of medicine, this will have an effect, and it is usually the case that the cabinet affects your irregular menstruation. Guidance suggestion: You should pay.. Read More

Interview | Midea’s overseas warfare: acquiring Toshiba, making OBM’s own brand, and developing U-shaped window machine “explosive products”

Overseas markets account for more than 40% of its overall revenue. This year’s new crown pneumonia epidemic caused heavy losses to many companies, but for the United States, the diverse product matrix and overseas markets have kept it from the huge impact of the epidemic. From the first-half financial report released on August 31 this year, it can be seen that Midea achieved revenue of 139.7 billion yuan during the.. Read More


After receiving a call from Meizi, Jiang Youming can’t wait to return to his hometown. Meizi is his first girlfriend, and he has always loved her deeply. However, for some reason, he has been away from home for three years and has not been in contact with her. Now Meizi is getting married, he should go back anyway. After a 6-hour drive, Jiang Youming got out of the car and.. Read More

There is something like a pimple on the side of the male penis, which is a bit itchy. May I ask what

Description of the problem: There is something like a pimple on the side of the male penis, which is a bit itchy. What is the situation?Date of the problem:2020-09-05 Patient information:Age: 24 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, the photo shows verrucous vegetation, and you should consider flat warts , Molluscum contagiosum and other problems. Guide and suggestion: Please indicate whether you have unclean sex, whether you have the longer, the.. Read More

Why are good employees not necessarily valuable employees?

author: people of God were excited, from the title figure: “Ordinary Glory” stills 1. When the company loses its spatial shapestate Some cognitions and habits of people, once changed, will never return to their original state. For example, remote office, it used to say that it affects efficiency, affects collaboration, has no atmosphere, and lacks trust in customers. But under the epidemic, after many companies were forced to “remote”, everyone.. Read More