How does nuclear radiation harm people

Radiation is harmful to the human body. This is a truth that everyone knows. After a nuclear leak, nuclear radiation will cause irreversible effects and damage to the local area, which makes many people feel more afraid of nuclear radiation, and some people think that nuclear radiation is not as serious as it is said. How does nuclear radiation harm people?

The harm of nuclear radiation should not be underestimated. Nuclear radiation can cause damage to human DNA and proteins. If damage exceeds a certain level, it can cause cell cancer. If germ cells are damaged, the disease may be passed on to offspring. This kind of damage is particularly serious, and everyone must pay attention to nuclear radiation.

In addition, nuclear radiation can also cause damage to DNA and other molecules in cells, which is more serious. Under normal circumstances, the probability of ordinary people being exposed to nuclear radiation is relatively low. But there will also be certain radiation on household appliances, such as commonly used computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances will produce certain radiation.

You can’t underestimate the radiation in life. If you use electrical appliances frequently after pregnancy, you may be affected by radiation and may even cause fetal malformations. Usually, you should try to play with your mobile phone as little as possible, and don’t watch TV too close, so as to avoid the influence of radiation on the body to a large extent. If you don’t want the fetus to be affected by radiation after pregnancy, you can also wear radiation protection suits.