Recently, GoPro submitted a device registration application to the Federal Communications Association FCC . The new device registered this time is likely to be an update to GoPro HERO7.

Based on the camera information blog PhotoRumors coverage, GoPro This registered machine model is “SPJB1”.

As you can see from the registration information, this new GoPro machine supports Bluetooth and 5G Wi-FI. The standard is similar to the previously released GoPro HERO7 Black, so this new machine codenamed SPJB1 may be GoPro HERO series. The updated version does not exclude the new series of new machines from GoPro.

In addition to rumors related to the new machine, GoPro officially integrated the camera control app GoPro and video editing software into one GoPro App, which supports shooting, video processing, and sharing.

At the mostIn the new GoPro App, users can turn GoPro camera control and video editing into demand. You can shoot videos through the GoPro App first, then use the GoPro App to copy them to your phone. Once the clips are complete, you can post them directly to Quik Story for sharing.

In addition to this, GoPro also adds the ability to edit multiple clips at the same time on the GoPro App, as well as the filters that come with the built-in filters. Previously, multiple software was used to complete the transfer of GoPro to mobile phones, as well as video editing. Now GoPro wants to use a GoPro App app to meet all the needs of users from shooting control to sharing.

In other words, GoPro chose to update its own app in early August and may have other implications.

According to GoPro’s previous new product release rhythm, they generally update the GoPro HERO series from August to September, and the release of HERO6 and HERO7 is also during this time. GoPro updated its app in early August, probably for new devices.

Apps are adapted in advance, and users can use them immediately after purchasing a new machine. The operation of the new software is also used.The user has to apply for a certain amount of time. These seem to be preparations for the new machine to be released in advance.

Moreover, GoPro specifically emphasized the integration of “from camera control to clip sharing”, which means that the new machine may also use this feature.

▲ Sony Alpha6400, E-mount micro-camera with viewfinder and self-timer flip screen

This is the same as Sony released the Alpha 6400 and updated the wireless transmission application ImagingEdge Mobile. Sony chose to launch the ImagingEdge Mobile app that transmits video at that time, in order to match the selling point of the Alpha 6400’s main Vlog.

GoPro’s approach is now very similar, with the introduction of feature updates before the new product, which may also be prepared for certain features of the new device.

From GoPro HERO7 BLack At the beginning, GoPro has become more and more popular and civilian.

It is no longer just the exclusive equipment for extreme sports enthusiasts. Many users will take it to take daily videos such as Vlog or do some special positions. After the color change of the shooting, the pressure of the color is also less than before, and users who are less likely to contact the video color can use it well.

Now, GoPro integrates transmission and video production, and I believe it will be more convenient to use. If this is one of the characteristics of the new product, then I believe that the new machine can also attract many new users to use.

It is unclear which machine this “SPJB1” represents, and GoPro HERO8 and GoPro Fusion 2, which were previously rumored to be rumored.

Just, the new software update only mentions the content of ordinary video production, and has nothing to do with GoPro Fusion’s main panorama shooting. From this point of view, the GoPro Fusion update rate is not as big as the GoPro HERO series.

But now, in early August, there is still about 1-2 months from GoPro’s regular release time, and the new machine is not so fast. Want to know more about the new machine, it is estimated to wait for a while.