Another look at Ruixing.

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “New Retail Business Review” (ID: xinlingshou1001), author : Yan Kai. Original title: “Luckin is not dead, what is the biggest “political correctness”? 》

“Luckin’s brand equity value is still there, but isn’t it a good business card?”

Is Ruixing still a treasure topic in the Internet world?

Some people talked about it, saying that it is the light of the nation. The company only took 18 months from its establishment to the market. It cut a handful of “foreigner” leeks, and also played the banner of “coffee equal rights” in Starbucks’ nest. Please drink coffee to the “Chinese proletariat”.

Some people talked about it and said it was a capital scam. The founder invested only 1.4 billion yuan in equity and debt financing of 17.3 billion yuan, and its market value exceeded 85 billion yuan at its peak.

Some people also talked about it, saying that it is a new retail species and created a new category of coffee-Internet coffee, using The short, flat, fast traffic style has opened more than 4,000 stores in just a few years.

And these are “previous” topics.

The drastic changes of Rui Xing began with the exposure of his family ugliness, followed by forced delisting and huge fines. Seeing him rising from a tall building, seeing his banquet guests, seeing his building collapsed! Regarding Luckin, there may only be some “already cool” words. It is no longer a “treasure”.

Although, the eyes of the masses are sharp. However, the retailer can report to you responsibly: At present, Ruixing’s store operations seem to be “all normal.”

Outside the store, Luckin’s Christmas cute coffee-“Gingerbread Man” poster has been posted. On the scrolling screen in the store, the image of a professional barista and introduction of coffee beans from famous producing areas still tell the story of Luckin’s products.

Behind the tidy reception desk, there are usually two staff members as standard equipment, one is responsible for preparing drinks, and the other is for receiving, packing and issuing orders. On the takeout stage next to me, a few have already hit