In the design of hardware and software, the glory and wisdom screen has a lot to offer, but at present its application ecology has just started.

On August 10th, the glory wisdom screen was officially released. The glory wisdom screen is Huawei’s first TV product and the first product equipped with Hongmeng system.

This product uses a 55-inch full screen, 94% of the screen ratio, the thinnest part is only 6.9 mm, three-sided curved design, full metal frame, diamond texture back. Simple UI design and dynamic screensavers. This time it was released with the nature of the test water, so only one size option was offered. Zhao Ming, president of Glory, said that more size options will be introduced in the future.

As a TV product, its core highlight is Huawei’s self-developed chips and systems. Glory Smart Screen is equipped with Hongjun 818 smart chip. Hongjun 818 has two A73 CPUs, two A53 CPUs and four Mail-G51 GPUs. It has eight cores, integrates Histen sound quality optimization technology, and has 64 million pixel image decoding capability. And 8K@30fps, 4K@120fps video decoding capabilities. The algorithm’s blessing increases the upper limit of its screen resolution. This product supports 4K resolution, 87% wide color gamut, wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, and high brightness of 400nit.

The application of Hongmeng System allows glory smart screen to be linked with other smart devices. Hongmeng system can virtualize hardware and connect smart screens with mobile phones and drones. Smart Screen can be used as a touch screen, speaker, keyboard and remote control.

The front line|Glory wisdom screen release, support Hongmeng's big screen ecology has just started

There was also a demonstration of the linkage between the drone and the smart screen. The staff virtualized the DUA into a peripheral camera for the mobile phone. The captured content is synced to the smart screen almost in real time, allowing family members to enjoy the scenery with you traveling outside.

At the same time, the content on the mobile phone can also be screened on the smart screen, support one touch screen, no need to download the APP, the delay is 100ms. Also supports the game’s 60-frame projection (currently most mobile games are also designed according to 60 frames), allowing family and friends to watch the game simultaneously.

In terms of content, according to Zhao Ming, glory wisdom screen built-in Huawei video, cool TV (Youku TV version), Mango TV, Aurora TV (Tencent video TV version) and other four video applications, and the exclusive music channel and lossless music zone supported by Huawei music, you can wake up in one second, start up in 2 seconds, and promise to turn off the phone without advertising.

In addition to being a TV, the smart screen also has the function of home control, which can control the smart screen and other devices in the home through voice. The smart screen supports remote control screens to facilitate parents to supervise children. When controlling other devices, can define different modes. For example, when you go home, say “Hello, YOYO, I am back”, the smart screen will automatically turn on the lights at home. Turn on the TV, air conditioner, etc. When you say “Hello, YOYO, switch to rest mode” at rest, do the opposite. These features are very similar to those of a smart speaker.

It is worth mentioning that the glory smart screen Pro (high version) is equipped with an AI camera and an AI camera application, so that the central control of the smart screen can obtain a wider application and a better experience. For example, when taking the courier, you can let the courier avatar outside the door be displayed on the smart screen, and then confirm the security and then take the courier.

Glory wisdom screen two versions are 2G running memory, Rro version storage memory 32G, with AI camera, price 4799 yuan; standard version storage memory 16G, no AI camera, price 3799 yuan.

The front line|Glory wisdom screen release, support Hongmeng's big screen ecology has just started

In terms of hardware and software design, the glory and wisdom screen has a lot to offer, but at present its application ecology has just started. There are only more than 100 apps in the app store. In addition to the major video software, there are only TV Taobao and Keep. In this regard, Zhao Ming explained that most of the current Android applications are adapted to mobile phone applications, and there are still relatively few large screens.

Zhao Ming said that in the future, it will talk about cooperation with entertainment applications, and then travel applications. Currently, smart screens must be from their app storeDownload the software, Zhao Ming said in an interview that he does not want to repeat the mistakes of the Android system in the early years, and maintain the purity of the wisdom and wisdom of the screen.