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Would you like to buy this milk in the picture?

“MILK” milk, picture source: Hongkiat

This packaging is very creative, with the “MILK” font as the packaging, which bluntly indicates that the product is milk, which is eye-catching.

But unfortunately, this packaging stops at a concept. Despite the strong sense of design, the manufacturing process is complicated and the production cost is high. Even if it is produced at a high price, it is difficult for consumers to pour out the milk in actual use, and the product experience is not good.

The view that “packaging is beauty, beauty is justice” is popular today, and high beauty has become the goal pursued by food brands. However, in the market, there are still many foods with well-designed packaging that are not popular, and sales are not high. Xiao Ma Song, a well-known strategic marketing expert, said: “If you design packaging but only pay attention to whether it looks good or not, then you are not a qualified commercial designer.” [1]

What is needed for a successful commercial product packaging besides good looks?

Mr. Kang Weijie, general manager of Jiaguwen Creative Center, said that it is not enough to have high-quality packaging.I have purchased a product, but after the experience, the function and selling point of the product are not up to the expected value, but it will hurt the brand value and sales.

It is not enough to “attract the eyes”. Being able to “absorb gold” to bring goods is the ultimate mission of a commercial packaging.

Baicaowei packaging upgrade after the new and old packaging comparison, picture source: Marking Awards

How to make the packaging “attract eye” and “attract gold”? After investigating a large number of cases, we have provided you with three common ideas.

How to use styling packaging to bring differentiated highlights to the brand?

How does the packaging catch people’s attention through physical photography?

How did “earth-flavor” become people’s favorite packaging style?

I hope you have a clearer understanding of the above three ideas after reading the following.

Styling packaging creates differentiated highlights and enhances consumers’ desire to buy

When you walk to the shelf below, there are dozens of kinds of bread in front of you, how long will it take you to choose?

The bread in the supermarket is dazzling, picture source: Insider

The bread on these shelves is basically in plastic transparent packaging, printed with the brand’s Logo and bread name, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between different brands. The homogeneity of packaging is serious.

But if you have one more choice: there is such a high-protein bun on the shelf, and you are working out recently, would you buy it?

FIT BUNS high protein bread, picture source: First We Feast

This Ukrainian FIT BUNS high protein bread is made by the fitness center fitness academy in cooperation with its nearby bakery. In a semi-transparent box shape to show the real bread, a pattern of a fitness hunk showing six-pack abs is cleverly designed, making it difficult for customers to even notice!

FIT BUNS’s abdominal muscle styling is very intuitive to highlight the product’s high-protein, suitable for fitness people, and interested customers can be attracted to buy quickly. According to statistics, in the first month of FIT BUNS, the number of customers who rely on bread to attract fitness centers has increased by 25%. [2]

This “abdominal muscle bread” adopts the “styling packaging” method, allowing consumers to feel the main selling point of the product at a glance. It’s important to note that packaging design with a sense of shape must not only be “eyeball”. For commercial applications, brands also need to reflect the product’s selling point in packaging design, to ensure a good consumer experience and promote One time purchase.

Sandunban launched premium instant coffee powder, and the product sales are booming. According to official statistics from Sanban, the transaction volume of Sanban during Double Eleven in 2020 will exceed 100 million, becoming the TOP1 in Tmall’s adjustment category.And coffee category TOP1. [3]

Picture source: Sandun Bantianmao flagship store

The high sales volume of three and a half meals is inseparable from the innovative packaging. Different from traditional coffee bars or cans, Santon and a half are designed for the advantages and functions of the product, with a small and cute take-out coffee cup shape package. Not only is it easy to carry, it can also reflect different flavors through a variety of cup colors and numbers. The high-value packaging comes with social attributes, and many users can’t help but pose for three and a half photos and post them on social platforms. [4]

Except for three and a half meals, Yongpu’s freeze-dried coffee is different from other freeze-dried brands. Using a saucer as the shape, it reflects the selling point of freeze-dried coffee “aviation freeze-drying black technology”. Sought after by consumers. Compared with the same period in 2019, Yongpu’s sales in 2020 have increased by about 5 times, of which freeze-dried coffee is the largest increase. [5]