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Li Nan talked about Huawei Mate30/Pro: loyalty and use evaluation in the 30~49 year olds; Apple Airpods 3 protective shell appeared in Amazon: Built-in dust plug to ensure that the charging port is clean… In the evening, look back at the technology news and netizens’ replies that should not be missed.

Li Nan talks about Huawei Mate30/Pro: Loyalty and use among people aged 30-49 Very high evaluation

On September 19th, Huawei officially released the latest flagship mobile phones of Mate30 and Mate30 Pro in Munich, Germany, and then held the Mate30 series of national bank conferences in China on the 26th. In the face of this latest Huawei flagship model, Li Nan also gave his own opinion, and briefly analyzed the advantages of Huawei mobile phones in the market.

Technology God Reply | Nut New Machine Spy Photo 4 Exposure, Luo Yonghao:???

@leo_liu04: However, when I was 19, I used the mate series of mobile phones.

@aLiez丶lie: The key point of Li Nan’s passage is that only the poor can compare the configuration, and the local tyrant wakes up and buys.

@clin4: People who like Meizu in the past few years are now 30 years old.

Luo Yonghao said that he would not buy a new hammer

Someone broke the nut new machine spy photos on Weibo today, @罗永浩 said that as a former colleague, I can persuade me to persuade. I won’t buy it, so there is nothing to vomit. The advertisements and bugs of my spit system in the previous two days were mainly because I was still a user. What’s more, because the copy of the popular Yuba… From the exposure picture, the new nut machine is equipped with 4 cameras, but the arrangement is somewhat independent.

Technology God Reply | Nut new machine spy photos four exposure, Luo Yonghao:???

@万能胶囊: I don’t know if Luo Yonghao will vomit this mobile phone plagiarism.

@半日闲:老罗:? ? ? ?

@fan婧tastic: This is not Yuba, it is Pai Gow.

@小休休哇: One day, Lao Luo will make a comeback and buy a nut phone.

The HKEx abandoned the Stock Exchange, Li Xiaojia: failed to convince They agree with the vision of marriage

On the 8th, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced in the morning that the board of directors of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was disappointed that it failed to persuade the management of the London Stock Exchange Group to agree with this vision. For the best interests of the shareholders of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the board of directors of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Decided not to continue this offer process. Previously, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange had issued a proposal to the London Stock Exchange, intending to merge with the Exchange, and plans to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Technology God Reply | Nut New Machine Spy Photo 4 Exposure, Luo Yonghao:???

@Peachland: It is obvious that people refused your proposal.

@方克明_16254: Is the joke a little bigger?

@刘昱成lyc: Isn’t the exchange of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange not the same?

Apple Airpods 3 protective case appeared on Amazon: built-in dust plug to ensure clean charging port

Amazon product information shows that this case is limited to use on AirPods 3 to ensure that the cover is fully closed. In terms of material, this case is made of high-quality silicone, and the upgraded hinge design allows the case to be fully opened. In addition, the protective case is also equipped with a keychain to prevent AirPods from being lost; in addition to the precision of the opening, the protective case also has a built-in dust plug to ensure that the AirPods charging port is clean.

Technology God Reply | Nuts new machine spy photos four-shot exposure, Luo Yonghao:???

@封兄小朋友: Is Huawei not there? There is also Sony.

@开小号自嗨: Amazon also sold se2 film.

@lexon_: The most anticipated technology product of the year.

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