Guizi has booked a pro, and the woman will come to see the portal today, and your daughter will get up early in the morning and be busy with Zhang Luo. Don’t want to be just past 10 o’clock in the morning, the neighbor’s fat aunt suddenly scolded people. Her family lost a chicken last night and didn’t notice when she got up in the morning. In the past, when the chicken was about to lay eggs, the fat aunt didn’t hear the announcement of the chicken, and then she realized that the chicken was lost.
  Kizi knew that the fat aunt would rarely end in half a day. In order not to affect the woman’s blind date, she asked Ergui to persuade the fat aunt not to scold. Ergui ran to the fat aunt and said, “Auntie, my family has a guest today, don’t yell at you.”
Fat aunt roundly glared and said, “It’s not that your family lost something, of course you don’t know how distressed! I am today The thieves will be scolded to death.” Then he opened his throat and scolded.
   Ergui was helpless, so she had to come back and tell her. Gui Zi Niang said: “Curse it, I see how much energy she has scolded.”
After a while, Gui Zi Niang couldn’t bear it, and said to your father: “His father, why don’t you persuade you, today It’s the day when the woman came to see our portal, and you can’t let people know that we have a shrew here.”
  The father of your son said in the past: “Brothers and sisters, do you scold enough? Today, your son is serious.”< br>  Aunt Fatty stared with both eyes: “I scolded me, it’s your fart thing! Or would you try to throw a chicken?”
  Your son only smiled bitterly and shook his head back. Guizi Niang complained about your father’s ineffectiveness, but she didn’t make any mistakes. She had quarreled with others a few days ago. Maybe they were worried. Can’t they go to quarrel with others today? But after a long time, the fat aunt continued to scold. Finally, your son-in-law couldn’t help it anymore, and ran to find the oldest Deshun in this room. Lao Deshun advised the fat aunt not to scold. Fat aunt said: “I will not be reconciled if I don’t scold thousands of thieves. I scolded him to see if he would dare to steal things in the future.”
  Old Deshun had no choice but to persuade him. At this time the woman Fang Xiaoli and her mother, plus seven aunts and eight aunts, came. Gui Zi Niang said a little embarrassedly: “She was unreasonable on the team. Alas, the old ancestor’s face left her alone.”
   Didn’t think Xiaoli volunteered and said: “I’m going to persuade She.”
  Guizi looked at Xiaoli incredulously. Xiaoli really persuaded her when she finished. After a few words with her aunt Fatty, Aunt Fatty ended her fight and returned home. Guizi Niang was a little strange, and asked Xiaoli: “What did you tell her?”
   Xiaoli said: “I said that my family is more unfortunate than hers. I lost three chickens last night. She saw me even I didn’t scold three chickens, so I didn’t want to scold.”
   was talking, her phone rang. It turned out that her father called and said that he had just discovered that most of the watermelon in his home had been picked. After hearing this, Xiao Liniang was very anxious and said to Xiao Li’s seven aunts and eight aunts, “You will stay here and talk with your son’s family. I have to rush back immediately. Scolding quickly, it’s really hard to solve the hate in my heart.”