A defendant was involved in a large amount of litigation. One day, he said to his lawyer: “If I lose this lawsuit, I will be completely bankrupt.”
   “Right now, your destiny is in the hands of the judge.” The lawyer said helplessly.
   “If I give the judge a box of cigars, do you think it will help?”
   “No! The judge is very upright in moral conduct and does not eat this set at all. You do this Instead, he will have a prejudice against you, and he may think that you despise the court.”
  After a few weeks, the judge made a judgment in favor of the defendant.
  After stepping out of the court, the defendant quietly said to his lawyer: “Thank you for pointing me to the cigar issue. It really did a great job.”
  The lawyer replied confidently: “I believe, If you really gave him a box of cigars, our case would be lost.”
   “But I did give him a box of cigars.” The defendant said.
   “What?!” The lawyer exclaimed.
   “I really gave it to him. It is because of this that we won the case. It was just that I attached the plaintiff’s business card to the box of cigars.”