The “Kyoto Ghost Talk” written by Kong Jiakuan was published in the “Beijing Social Life News” one after another, which caused a great sensation. Although it can not be said that Luoyang paper is expensive, many readers in Beijing regard it as a topic after tea. Among the readers in Beijing, Kong Jiakuan’s name is almost the same as that of Pu Songling, who was strange in Liao Zhai. Therefore, readers often call to find Kong Jiakuan and want to tell him stories of Beijing ghosts he has heard and heard.

On this day, a beautiful female voice came from the phone: “Is this reporter Kong? I am a reporter from Nanfang XX and a loyal fan of you. I have something to see. See you. If you have time, let’s meet at the Red May Cafe next to Yonghegong.”

As a horror novelist, Kong Jiakuan certainly knows the one near Yonghegong The coffee shop called Red May is actually a meeting place for horror novel lovers. He secretly thought that this Ringer was really a careful woman, and I had to choose a place carefully for the interview. Walking into the Red May coffee shop, there was a wonderful woman waiting at the 12th position. After introducing themselves, the two met.

Lin Gefei said: “I am also a reporter. The media I work for is not in Beijing but in the South. We are also considered to be peers. I have seen you All the stories in the Kyoto Ghost Talk column have a strong interest in you. I hope to be an interview with you.”

Kong Jiakuan did not expect that the person who interviewed others has now become interviewed. The subject, who saw the pretty and pretty woman in front of her, smiled and said: “The characters who can go to Nanfang XX are all celebrities, or popular economists, or popular actors, and billionaires. I am just an ordinary writer, I’m really flattered to drive you.”

Lin Gefei: “Reporter Kong is really humorous. Compared to the regularity of news, you also know that we only interview those who have news value. Of course. Some people can go to our newspapers, not because of his great news value, but because he took out the money.”

The Kong family shrugs: “I have no money, where is it at night?” I am still worrying about eating.”

Lin Gefei smiled: “Reporter Kong is a kind of newsworthy person for us. I know you are not a Beijinger, but a The north drift of the Tao. First of all, I would like to ask why did you choose Beijing?”

Kong Jiakuan thought about it seriously and said, “When I was a kid, I lived in a remote small village in the Central Plains. At that time, looking at the trees, people, and dogs in the village, and looking at the crops in the ground, I would think that this place does not belong to me, and I should not live here all my life; then I went to work and live in a state-owned enterprise, looking at the workshop The roaring machine, looking at the high and low office buildings, I still think that this place does not belong to me, I should not live here all my life; then later I came to Beijing, I suddenly felt that I should belong here. As for why Think like this, I really can’t say a sentence or two. Some human emotions cannot be expressed in language. Maybe in time I will write an article “Why I Love Beijing” to sort out my confused thoughts and write down my feelings about Beijing’s various details. “

Lin Gefei: “Why are you so interested in horror novels or ghost stories?” ”