I traveled from Hangzhou to Hangzhou for a month and a half.

I specially picked up a rainy day and went to the West Lake to see the broken bridge.

The broken bridge is still there, and the residual stone is bare. I don’t know for thousands of years.

Looking at the West Lake in the rain and the broken bridge in the rain, I faintly saw the legendary White Lady and her Xu Lang meet, know each other, and know each other here. Asked what is love in the world, from ancient times to now, how many women can win Bai Suzhen’s infatuation?

In this era of money swell and material flow, I know that some women are not as good as beasts, but as good as a white snake!

At this time, under the broken stone of the broken bridge, something suddenly flickered. I looked down, but it was a small white snake with thick fingers.

Is the white lady reincarnated?

Isn’t she suppressed by the old Fahai under the Leifeng Tower?

Why? I come and it also appears! Do I have some chance with this little white snake?

I seemed to see the fairy-like white lady rising from under the broken bridge, her skirt fluttering and her eyes bright. I involuntarily extended my hand.

A burst of heartache swept along my arm to my chest. I shook my hand instinctively, and the little white snake was thrown into the lake not far away. There is a creepy snake teeth mark on my index finger.

Blood burst out suddenly!

I felt dizzy and my body collapsed. There are five-step snakes in the legend. After being bitten by them, future generations can’t walk out of five steps and will die! I fell down in one step.


When I woke up, I had been lying in the Leifeng Tower Hospital in Hangzhou for three days. The doctor standing in my bed said, “You are the 101st person who was sent because of a bite of a poisonous snake on the broken bridge. Haven’t you guys heard of it, and there is often a giant poisonous white snake in the broken bridge recently. “!”

The doctor is a female doctor, dressed in white, with curly eyebrows, phoenix eyes, and haunted wrists.

At that moment, I suddenly felt that she was like the legendary white lady.