At the end of last year, in the old town of our county. There are old houses. The old houses I mentioned are all over a few decades. Private houses have been renovated. Some houses belonged to the former landlord’s house and were given to confiscated houses. One of the houses is private, and now it has been converted into 4 floors.

The thing I said happened on the fourth floor of the house. The house on the 4th floor was formerly a Soviet-style house. The staircase is inside the house, on the 4th floor. From the outside, it is magnificent. Walking into it, there is no sky. The stairs and the room are very dark. Black and white all year round. The house is rectangular. The staircase is in the middle of the house. The room is on all sides. Halo, do not know how there is such a design. There are many story versions around this house. But what I want to say is the house next to it. The private house, temporarily borrowed, creates 4 floors, just for rent. Four houses were rented to eight. It was a very cold winter. On the fourth floor, a spark suddenly burst into a room. Thick smoke billowed. Everyone ran to the stairs in panic. And when everyone ran down, another girl on the 4th floor suddenly jumped down. She jumped directly out of the window. The jumping girl struggled for about an hour on the ground and died. The fire on the 4th floor, after burning something nearby, went out when the fire truck came. There should be no hour. The strange thing is this.

First, the fire is not very big. Did not cover up the stairs.

Second, when everyone started to fire, she didn’t get up when she ran down.

Third, the woman didn’t wear clothes when she jumped down.

Fourth, when everyone ran away, she jumped last.

This is a legend after the tragedy. In the building next to where they lived, there was once a female hanged. It is also bare. That was many years ago. After the girl jumped, no one dared to step forward. It seems that something very strange has happened. That day we also heard the sound of the fire truck going. I heard that a few days ago, we heard strange sounds every day. It seems that someone is crying, listening to the people around, hearing the cry.

But the warmth and coldness are also true. It is also chilling for an unattended child to encounter an unattended incident. That huge house is almost collapsed now. Unoccupied, sold to merchants last year. This year it was transformed into a commercial house.