Mr. Zhang, who makes tofu in Maple Tree Village, loves to bet and raise bars. He is a famous dog. This morning, as soon as he entered the village, the business came. When he saw that he was in a hurry, he said, “I’m in a hurry, please, don’t give it away.” Zhang Laohan was not happy when he heard this: ” I have sold tofu all my life, and I know how much it weighs without a scale.” After I finished, I cut a piece of tofu and handed it to the man: “This is your half a catty.”
   The man didn’t believe it, and the two made a bet. : If it happens to be half a catty, that person will give double the money. If it is not enough, in addition to not wanting tofu money, Mr. Zhang will give another pound of tofu. As a result, the scale was over, half a catty tall. The man blushed and took out a double amount of money, Zhang Laohan didn’t want to, saying that you just have to lose. The man didn’t speak, so he laid down the money and left.
  Old man Zhang came out of the village and went to the neighboring village. Someone called him halfway down, the man who bet in the morning, standing next to a little boy in his tens.
   “Call me?” Zhang Laohan asked. “The child said that your tofu is delicious, so I yelled to buy it again,” the man said. After listening, Zhang Hanhan was very proud and asked how much he wanted. “Four catties! My grandfather and my son are at home.” The man pointed at the little boy and said with a smile: “What’s the matter, he finished his meal.” “
   This little boy is nothing short of short and thin. Obedient, four pounds of tofu! Even an adult can’t finish a meal. Old man Zhang shook his head.
   Seeing that he didn’t believe it, that People said, “How about we make another bet? Let’s tell him to eat in front of everyone. After eating, you will give me ten yuan. If you can’t eat, I will give you ten yuan besides tofu. “Old Zhang Zhang nodded and said yes.
   I saw that the little boy ate quickly at first, and then slowed down. Old Han Zhang smirked, it seems that he won the game. Someone knows that half of the time, the little boy Say to the man: “Dad, I’ll go to the urine to urinate. “After I finished speaking, I got into the corn field.
   came out of the corn field, and the little boy went on eating it, and actually ate up all four pounds of tofu. Zhang Laohan had to take out the money and walked away with surprise.
Looking at the back of old man Zhang’s descent, the man smiled and raised the money in his hand: “I beg you to bet, you come out of the ground with the second, and use the money to buy sugar with the third. ”