Wife’s life is fine, a penny can spend two and a half, someone gave her an old mobile phone, but no mobile phone card.
   On this day, we saved the motorcycle and traveled to all the mobile phone stores on the street, and finally found the most affordable mobile phone card. It is free within 200 text messages.
   came out from the mobile phone store, I asked my wife to wait at the door of the store, and I went to pick up the car.
   was really unlucky. After riding back halfway, a rash guy collided with me. Not only did this man not apologize, he also scolded. Finally, the man took out his mobile phone and made a call, which was even more arrogant. I hurriedly took out my cell phone and wanted to move the rescuer, but a dozen times, I ran out of power.
  In a little while, three young people came, and I rolled up my arms and pulled my sleeves forward. My heart is broken, I need to suffer! I am in a hurry, my wife is running away from the distance. I hurriedly shouted, “Call your cousin!” The cousin is the policeman of the police station. Only this time he came forward.
   Watching my wife pull out her mobile phone and dial her head down, I have the bottom of my heart. The top priority is to stabilize these people and don’t get beaten first. I kept talking softly in my mouth, but these people became more and more crazy, and their fists kept shaking before my eyes.
   I looked at my wife with Yu Guang, she was still playing with her mobile phone. I’m so anxious in my heart, could she still make it? Finally, my fist waved, and I shouted loudly while covering my face with my hand: “Wife! Don’t go to the phone booth!”
  The wife pressed hard The phone button gave a long breath and said, “Okay, the text message is sent!”